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The Eco-Friendly Family

Simple and Easy Ways to Go Green Now Equinox Cleaning NJ

The Eco-Friendly Family

The pursuit of an eco-friendly lifestyle is challenging on a personal level. It’s even more intricate when you wish to get your entire family on board. Thankfully, it’s not a mission impossible. With the right tips and guidance, you can be an eco-friendly family.

What’s an eco-friendly family?

Well, it refers to a family that is conscious of their carbon footprint. As a result, they’re taking appropriate measures to mitigate this. The environmental footprint has multiple elements within it. For instance, it begins with the size of garbage that your household generates, and the car you drive. Also, it includes the foods you take and the source of energy you are using at home. Not to mention, how you do clean the products you leverage.

Further, there’s also a carbon footprint that’s specific to you. It’s directly tied to your lifestyle. Therefore, as an eco-conscious family, you’re aware of your carbon footprint. But most importantly, you are attempting various solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. Read on for more info on how to become an eco-friendly family.

Is being a sustainable household the same thing?

Well, there’s no significant contrast between an eco-conscious family and a sustainable household. Both families are perusing a lifestyle that’s conscious of their carbon footprint. With sustainability, you are simply utilizing resources with the future generation in mind. s such, you will be employing a conservation approach that protects the environment.

On the other hand, eco-conscious family is following a lifestyle that protects the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. In both cases, the welfare of planet earth is considered.

How to become the Eco-Friendly Family

Eco-Conscious Cleaning

The best way to walk the talk is by employing eco-conscious practices in your immediate environment. In this case, it’s your house or home. You can start limiting the amount of toxic waste coming from your home through cleaning. Through the following ways, you can manage this:

  • Green Cleaning Products

While cleanliness makes our environment healthy for occupation, it can also damage the environment as a whole. Some of the cleaning products contain toxic elements that are hazardous to the environment. If that’s not the case, their manufacturing process generates huge carbon footprints.

But when you use a green cleaning product, you will be limiting the amount of toxic waste from your household. Also, you will contribute to less carbon in the atmosphere by avoiding products from high carbon-emitting factories.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning services

Let’s face it, there’s comfort in outsourcing cleaning services. Whether it’s house cleaning or laundry maid services, they help us avoid these backbreaking chores. Therefore, as a green family, you should hire companies with the same goal as you. Seek out green cleaning companies like Equinox Cleaning Services. They have a green cleaning package for households pursuing a sustainable lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Food Options

There are several ways you can have a sustainable family through food options. And the following can be handy in your situation:

  • Waste Less Food

According to research, nearly 40% of food becomes waste in the US. And this is a significant contribution to greenhouse gasses. For your part, you should only prepare what your family can handle in one sitting.

  • Use Reusable Packages

If you have kids, this is the part where they come in. Oftentimes, we pack them snacks in disposable containers. To reduce the amount of waste they contribute to the environment daily, you can use reusable containers instead.

Eco-friendly Clothing

  • Buy Second hand clothe

When you opt for used over new items, especially clothes, your carbon footprint reduces. That’s because new items create a more carbon footprint during production. However, if you decide to do something new, consider those brands embracing the green initiative. Green companies are exercising a sustainable approach with minimal effect on the environment.

  • Rent Clothes for your kids

Kids tend to grow very fast. Therefore, if you’re not careful, you may end up with a pile of clothing they don’t need. Therefore, if you have a whole load of kids’ clothes in the storage, consider renting them out. It’s a sustainable approach compared to tossing it away. It also helps save money for both parties.

Sustainable Energy Options

  • Go electric

One way to significantly lower greenhouse gasses is by phasing out the reliance on fossil fuels. However, we still need an alternative source to achieve this. And this is where going electric comes in. One way you can phase out fossil fuel in your home is by using renewable energy.

Instead of using gas appliances, you can shift to their electric counterparts. For example, you can use an electric furnace instead of a gas furnace to heat your home. You can shift to an induction cooker instead of a gas cooker.

  • Install Solar Panels

To transition fully to eco-friendly energy sources, you should install solar panels. That’s because some of the grid lines still source their power from an electric engine running on fossil fuels. Therefore, lower your carbon footprint instantly by installing solar panels.

  • Use electric or hybrid cars

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a new car, consider full electric or hybrid cars. While they are very expensive than combustion engine cars, they have a lower carbon footprint. On the positive side, electric or hybrid cars have a lower rate of maintenance compared to their counterpart.

The Eco-Friendly Family

Getting Started

Becoming an eco-friendly family is not as impossible as many people would want to believe. It only takes the senior member of the family to lead by example and the rest will follow. Further, don’t just preach about an eco-conscious lifestyle, when you practice it, the impact is greater. And one way you can lead by example is by hiring eco-friendly cleaning services.

Equinox Cleaning Company, New Jersey offers such services. When your family experiences the benefit of eco-friendly service, they will adopt it without resistance. From regular cleaning to deep cleaning services, our services employ eco-conscious products, tools, and techniques. Therefore, reach out today to learn more about our professional commercial green cleaning services.

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    Fantastic job! reducing food waste by keeping an eye on use-by dates and finding ways to use up produce that’s past its best. Being conscious with water use by timing shower usage, not letting the tap run when it’s not needed, and using cooking water to water plants.

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      Raising and eco-conscious child means leading a lifestyle where they see you being sustainable, too. Are you up for the challenge?

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