Equinox Cleaning Franchise

Equinox Cleaning ranks at the top as the best residential and commercial cleaning franchise. It has a remarkable brand reputation, effective cleaning processes, customer service, and support system standards. Thanks to these exceptional qualities, you can boost your business performance and satisfy your clients. 

Being a premier franchise, Equinox provides you with clients, a support system, certification, and the freedom to run your business. Take note, you don’t need the experience to join and become part of this franchise.

Sharp Competitive Edge

Do you want to create and run your own cleaning company for residential services? Well, Equinox Franchise offers you the best platform to invest in. It has a sharp competitive edge enabling you to create and run a successful business. As the rival company struggles to outcompete each other with weak models, this franchise remains ahead of them. 

And it’s all thanks to the cutting-edge tech and fully optimized business model. Again, with Equinox Cleaning, you have a short at being successful in this business. This franchise is situated in Nutley, New Jersey. And over the years, it has satisfied countless clients through impeccable cleaning services. 

Within a year, the demand for Equinox Cleaning services was more than they could handle. As a result, expanding the company through franchise opportunities was the best course. This would enable them to meet the client’s demands. Also, it provides individuals with an opportunity to start and run their cleaning companies. 

Equinox Cleaning Franchise

Streamlined and Affordable Business Model

With Equinox Franchise, you don’t just get access to a potential market, but also effective tools. With access to the platform application, both you and your clients can appreciate a flawless transaction. It enables clients to book appointments, while you on the other side can fulfill them.
Thanks to this, you don’t need a storefront to run your business. With a well-equipped company van and a computer, you can run your business swiftly. Most importantly, starting your business is more affordable.

Cutting-Edge Tech 

The “Click and Gleam” application is the reason behind the success of Equinox Cleaning. It gives clients total control over the cleaning services they desire. Courtesy of this app, clients can get an instant quote on the cleaning service they desire. They only have to log in and provide the required details.

Also, customer can settle their payments through this application, view invoices, and book cleaning appointments. Also, they can use it to share their ideas or thoughts with service providers in real-time.

Employee Community Portal 

There’s also an employee community portal if you choose Equinox Franchise. With the help of this portal, franchisees can run various services. For instance:

Take part in the in-house training program

Business scheduling

Analyse logistics

Monitor or track their cleaning vans

Access to informative presentations

Leverage marketing tools

By automating the monotonous aspect of the business, you can invest more time in growing clients. Most importantly, you can improve your services and meet the reputable standards of Equinox Cleaning. 


In-house Marketing Suite

You will get access to an in-house marketing suite when you join Equinox Franchise. It’s run by in-house experts to help you generate traffic, leads, and clients effortlessly. Also, you get a dedicated web page that’s personalized to fit your business location. Through integration with our application, you can still gain leads and clients continuously. Our objective is to create a bustling market for you. 

Dedicated Customer Care

Customer support plays a critical in the running of a business. And at Equinox Franchise, you get the best-in-class support system. Situated in the US, they are available 24/7. Therefore, all your clients’ inquiries will be handled promptly. 

Through the personal dashboard, customers can reach out via live chat. Also, there’re FAQs to help them with some of their inquiries. And through our automated follow-up system, you can reach non-responsive clients who requested a quote.  

Full-scale Connection

With our comprehensive communication system, we can reach target clients on various media. And through our application, we keep clients updated on their cleaning appointments. Further, we update clients on upcoming development through monthly newsletters and maintain a 24/7 support service. Also, we keep them engaged on various social media platforms. 


Cleaning franchise

To join the Equinox Cleaning franchise, you’ll need an upfront investment. With this, you can access resources that will help you develop and establish your cleaning business fast. And with your business up and running, you can begin generating your ROI (return of investment). The investment is ad follows:


One-time fee for franchise

Company Van and Wrapping

Supplies and equipment

Initial Investment (total): $27,650 to $34,900

Within the investment fee, there are:

Legal fees

Capital reserve for three months

Personalized consultant


Support and Training

Once you join, you’ll begin with 36 hours of training on how to run a cleaning company based on Equinox Franchise standards. Also, you’ll learn and access the support system that will help you with establishing your business. End of it, you’ll acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to run your business.

Equinox Cleaning

Cleaning Opportunity

In the last half a decade, the cleaning industry, especially residential services in the US, has grown by over 2.5%. And the anticipated total revenue from this is close to one billion dollars ($943 million). With the help of Equinox and your startup fee, you can tap into this growing market and become a boss. It’s a profitable opportunity that doesn’t cost much and requires no prior experience. 

Getting Started 

If you are looking for challenging yet rewarding business investment in a flourishing industry, Equinox Cleaning will do. It also guarantees a sustainable cash flow and an opportunity to be a business owner. To join this franchise, here is a breakdown of the process:

Intro Call: Reach out and enjoy a free consultation with the company’s dedicated experts

Pick Location: With the help of consultant experts, you’ll find a potential market in the U.S.

Undergo Training: Complete training about Equinox Franchise including our systems and applications.

Grand Opening: You can now launch your cleaning business.

For more info on Equinox Franchise, reach out at [email protected] 

NOTE: Take note, this article is purely informative and not a selling offers for any of the Equinox Cleaning Franchises. Also, the information is not specific to residents of any jurisdiction. Especially if they want to register for it before the offer is available in their area. Also, the legal requirement must be met before the franchise is available for sale in any jurisdiction. For more details on this, Contact Us. 

Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey

As the leading residential and commercial cleaning franchise, Equinox Cleaning franchise stands out with its remarkable brand reputation, effective cleaning processes, top-notch customer service, and comprehensive support system standards. By joining our franchise, you can elevate your business performance and exceed your clients' expectations. Don't miss out on this opportunity for success - get in touch with us at (844) 846-8566 and explore the possibilities of becoming a part of the Equinox Cleaning franchise family.

When you entrust your space to the Equinox Cleaning® team, you can breathe easy knowing that your home is in the most capable hands. We take great pride in delivering frequently immaculate results through our team of friendly and trustworthy professionals. Equinox Cleaning® is dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind you deserve, making your home feel like an oasis of serenity. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our Peace of Mind Guarantee, where we gladly go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. In the rare event that you are dissatisfied with our recent visit, simply notify us within 48 hours, and we'll promptly return to make it right. Experience the unparalleled care and service of Equinox Cleaning® – your home deserves nothing but the best.

Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey