Government Building
Cleaning Services

Building Cleaning Services

Government Building Cleaning Services

Efficient and economical operations are crucial when it comes to all government facilities. And this includes daily cleaning of the place. Equinox Cleaning provides professional building cleaning services tailored to government premises that include municipal, state, and federal facilities. Further, our services are the best in this industry with cost effective rates. With that said, maintain your facility strikingly clean and hygienic for communities it serves by contacting us.

At Equinox Cleaning, we recognize that delivering remarkable Government Building Cleaning Services is achievable when our cleaners understand the unique demands they face. In this scenario, our dedicated cleaning staff has honed their expertise to meet the challenges and specific requirements of maintaining a government facility.

Through their thorough training and getting certified, your facility will be cleaned by the best cleaners in this industry. And that’s not all; all of them have gone through our comprehensive recruitment system that includes background checks.

To provide a satisfactory cleaning, our services include personalized cleaning. This means your facility will enjoy a cleaning plan tailored made for it. And when it comes to keeping up with quality, time and efficiency, we’ve remained competitive over the years.

Our Services

  • Seasonal Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Recurring cleaning
  • Disinfecting Surfaces
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Last Minute Cleaning
Government Building Cleaning Services

Why Equinox Services for Government Building
Cleaning Services?

Service Guarantee

All the cleaning services on your government premise come with service guarantee. Therefore, if there’re imperfections you need to be addressed, calls us within 24 hours. We’ll send you an individual or team of cleaners depending on the issue. Also note, resolving the imperfection won’t take more than a business day.

Experts in Meeting OSHA Standards

Each facility has a specific standard to meet on the level of cleanliness, and we know that. Therefore, to ensure you are compliant to all these regulations, we will dispatch cleaning experts to you. With their awareness of these regulations and experience in this job, your facility will pass all the cleanliness assessment tests. Also, they’ll ensure all OSHA requirements are adhered to.

Leaves your Bathrooms Spotless

Time and again you’ve been urged to clean your hands after coming from the bathroom. And it’s all for a full proof reason, that place harbors the most germs. Since the govern premise bathrooms are all public, more germs are expected there. With Equinox Cleaning as your trusted partner, you can reduce the rate of contamination in these places.
They’ll pay more attention to areas with higher concentration of bacteria and provide a general satisfying result. Speaking of special areas, they include paper towel dispensers, door knobs and faucets.

Experts in Public Space Cleaning

Equinox Cleaning New Jersey will help you to provide clean and conducive public spaces for your community. In addition, cleaning your facility will maintain it in a great and appealing state. Cleaning spaces like waiting rooms, lobbies and restrooms keeps these public spaces looking great.

Measure degree of Cleanliness

Tired of second guessing whether your facility is perfectly clean or not? Well, we’ve got a handy solution for you. Through Equinox Tracker System, we will measure the levels of cleanliness in your facility through quantifiable data. This system is reliable and ensures the standard of cleanliness in your facility is upheld. Therefore, if you desire a measurable result, then don’t hesitate contacting us.

Enhance Air Quality

We have a state of the art HEPA filter machines to clean up the air in your facility. It eliminates dusts and airborne particles that could lead to allergies or flu like symptoms. Considering we’re still dealing with the pandemic, this piece of machine will cleanse the air thoroughly and enhance safety.

Cleaning Experts of Offices

An office is another area of concern when it comes to cleanliness. While you maybe the owner, those places are open to the public, especially in the government facility. Therefore, surface contamination is higher, especially around the desk, seats and waiting areas. But that shouldn’t worry you because our office cleaners will give your office a professional cleaning. They’ll work on every surface including the waiting area to ensure the entire space is germ free. With their help, you can improve the hygienic state of the offices and foster higher productivity.

Safe & Thorough Surface Disinfection

We have the best products disinfection products in the market to make your facility healthy and safe to occupy. And thanks to some of these supplies, all the surfaces in the facility are disinfected completely. And that’s not all, all these cleanliness relies on non-toxic cleaning supplies. Therefore, there’s no room for irritating fumes or allergens.

Need to Know More About Equinox Cleaning?

Equinox Cleaning is the best option for a remarkable commercial cleaning service New Jersey. While there’s more to learn about them, reading the FAQs will provide some answers you may need. Also, you can visit our facility or contact us for more details on our services and booking of cleaning appointments.

Apart from hygiene, there’s a presentation aspect of your business that has a significant impact on the client’s preference. Therefore, cleaning your company or business professionally is essential. It determines the sort of impressions your business impacts on the clients.

With a call or online booking of Equinox Cleaning, you can uphold a good reputation for your business. Also, you’ll improve its hygienic state. With that said, reach out online or contact us directly.

Discover Excellence with Government Building Cleaning Services: Connect with our Amiable Team to Explore How We Maintain Impeccable Cleanliness in Government Facilities. Unveil the power of ongoing, affordable, and highly professional service by reaching out to our friendly experts.

Does Equinox Cleaning offer their services after or during the working hours?

We develop our cleaning schedules based on yours. That means, you can enjoy personalized cleaning package. Therefore, if you feel cleaning during the working hours is best for your place, let us know. However, if the working hours are too busy for a cleaning routine, then you can book night time cleaning services. Alternatively, you can determine the moments when traffic is least and book your cleaning appointment at that time.

What size of Facilities do you clean?

When it comes to Equinox cleaning, there’s no cleaning task too big or too small to handle. We’re offering an all round cleaning services that covers small, medium size and large facilities. Please note, our services on larger premises also include daily cleaning.

Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey

Embark on a Journey of Excellence with Unparalleled Government Building Cleaning Services: Discover Equinox Cleaning® NJ. When your business or government establishment requires a heavy-duty cleaning touch, our expertise shines. Renowned for our deep cleaning mastery and comprehensive housekeeping prowess, we are your partner in elevating your enterprise or government space. Proudly offering the pinnacle of industrial and government building cleaning services across New Jersey, we invite you to reach out at (844) 846-8566. Unleash the transformation that awaits, redefining the standards of your business or government environment.

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Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey