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What is Green Cleaning and Why Should you Care

What is Green Cleaning and Why Should you Care

Green cleaning has been used for a while and consumers are starting to use it more. It can provide a better look at the health of our environment, and provide comfort to consumers, especially those with concerns over hazardous chemicals. You should care about green products because they are easy to find, affordable and environmentally friendly. They’re a great option for your home cleaning needs as well as for commercial use.. To understand what’s green cleaning and why should care, read on:

What’s Green Cleaning?

Well, it refers to all the above meanings we’ve looked at. As a reminder, green cleaning refers to an eco-friendly cleaning approach. That means, there’s less waste disposal, use of biodegradable supplies, and avoiding toxic cleaning products.  You can also say it’s a cleaning method that’s safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

To some people, green cleaning refers to the use of natural cleaning products like lemons, vinegar, and baking soda. Some people would invest time in searching and buying green cleaning products. And if you do your search well, you’ll identify green brands in your region. But, what are green cleaning products? Well, they are typically cleaning products with the following traits:-

  • Organic Ingredients from sustainable sources such as farming
  • Recyclable or biodegradable packaging
  • Lacks artificial colors
  • Lacks artificial fragrance
  • Lacks chlorine
  • Lacks phosphates

Also, some brands classify their products as green due to fair trade. What this is mean is that their manufacturing process meets the labor and environmental standards. Some green products may contain chemical additives. And what makes them green is their donations to environmental causes.

What is Green Cleaning and Why Should you Care

How to Identify Green Cleaning Products

There are green cleaning products in the market in abundance. Likewise, you’ll also find the standard cleaning products in plenty as well. Therefore, knowing to differentiate between the two is very important. And the best place to start is by reading the labels.

Look for “no or low VOC”, which is also referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds. Also, eco-friendly products are clearly described as DfE (Design for Environment) on the label. Therefore, invest more time in this part of your search for eco-friendly cleaning products.

Why Should your Care?

  1. Healthier

When you buy a standard cleaner, most of them contain toxic ingredients that contribute to their effectiveness. Also, some of them come with synthetic fragrances. But why should care about toxicity and synthetic fragrance? For starters, synthetic fragrances are not comparable to the side effects of ingesting a toxic substance. But even so, they can also lead to devastating impacts.

And that’s because synthetic fragrances are often derived from synthetic compounds like Petroleum. According to science, chemicals derived from petroleum can alter the body’s hormones. And depending on the level of impact, it can evoke serious illnesses like neurological disorders and cancers. Further, it can weaken your immune leaving you susceptible to diseases, causing allergies, inducing infertility, and learning inabilities.

Green cleaning on the other hand reduces your exposure to these toxic chemicals. It protects you from getting the above diseases, especially neurological diseases, and cancer. And if you love fragrance, they provide a healthy kind.

  1. Non-Pollutant

When using non-green products, you are not just affecting your health but the environment as well. These products release toxins that pollute the air, soil, and water bodies. Some of these chemicals even make their way into our bodies. We end up consuming some, we breathe some, and other penetrates our skin.

Green products on the other hand are designed to care for the environment. They also care about our well-being since they are non-toxic. While that’s so, there are various categories when it comes to green products. Therefore, you must read the label carefully to ensure you are picking the best option. Most importantly, choose that is completely non-toxic.

  1. Less Expensive

The cost of using standard cleaning products can weigh on you in the long run. And not just you, it also affects the environment and its organisms. When using, it’s still expensive since you need multiple products for the same purposes. And that’s to clean your environment and eliminate germs. From a financial standpoint, you can save a lot with a multipurpose green cleaning product.

In some cases, you can even make your green cleaning products from the available supplies. Vinegar and baking soda for instance are potent cleaning solutions in the house. If you want a refreshing scent, lemon will come in handy.

  1. Improve your Community

To sponsor environmental protection programs, funds are necessary. Thanks to some green products, you can contribute to this funding, but how? Well, when you buy cleaning products from certain brands, a share of their profits sponsors these programs.

  1. Sanitation or Medical Building

Hospitals and clinics are prone to all types of disease-causing germs, viruses, and bacteria. As such, they require stringent measures when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation. Through proper and effective cleaning, the spread of diseases can be contained. It also ensures that the patients admitted including those visiting are in a safe environment.

While killing germs is important, it’s also important to consider side effects. Some cleaning products may be potent for cleaning medical facilities, however, they leave behind toxic residues. Therefore, to contain diseases while preventing pollution, green cleaning is the best choice.

Getting Started

Lastly, going green when it comes to cleaning is important to both your health and the environment. At home, you’ll be protecting your household and at the office, you’ll ensure your task force remains healthy and competitive. In the environment, you’ll be minimizing your carbon footprint. You’ll be protecting the welfare of the living organisms. Not to mention, you’ll be improving the air quality.

If you are considering green cleaning, let Equinox Cleaning help you. They’ve got a green cleaning program that will fulfill all your wishes. With their help, your surroundings will be healthy and comfortable to occupy.

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