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Banks and Financial Institution Cleaning

Banks and financial institutions cleaning services are a critical component of any financial institution. With the increased need for hygiene, safety and security, banks and other financial institutions are looking for reliable cleaning service providers.

By providing high-quality services, these cleaning companies can help improve customer experience in banks and other financial institutions. They can also ensure that the banking environment is clean, safe and secure for all customers and staff. Furthermore, by using the latest technologies they can ensure that the cleaning process is cost effective while still delivering excellent results.

And it’s all thanks to Equinox Cleaning, financial institution cleaning services, New Jersey. We’ll not only provide your facility with the top of the class cleaning but also a personalized approach if needed. And most importantly, we’ll ensure the entire place is left spotlessly clean and crisp. Thus your facility will enhance its professional look that instills trust, confidence, and loyalty in your clients.

Professional Banks and Financial Institutions Cleaning in NJ

Why Choose Equinox Banks and Financial Institution Cleaning Services?

Professional Banks and Financial Institutions Cleaning in NJ

Each financial institution has unique needs when it comes to cleaning. Striving to meet their clients’ expectations while maintaining a conducive working environment for their employees, they expect nothing short of impeccable.  And here is where Equinox Cleaning Services comes in resourceful. We have well-trained cleaning professionals plus state of art cleaning equipment and supplies.

As a result, we’ll not only meet your expectations when it comes to professional cleaning but exceed them. Further, we have a well-trained team who are experts in cleaning financial facilities. Therefore, rest assured your business premise and everything in it will be in safe hands.

Your Security Comes First

The financial institution holds the most crucial clients' information and most importantly, clients’ assets. As a result, we provide professional cleaning services that adhere to the security and safety of your facility. For starters, during the cleaning time, all our cleaning staff we’ll remain in direct contact with your management team. Therefore, they’ll always know their whereabouts throughout the cleaning period.

Further, each of our cleaning staff we’ll be in full uniform, and most importantly, they’ll wear work ID tags. Therefore, it will be easy for your security experts to identify them in your facility. Lastly, the cleaning pattern we’ll be well-orchestrated between our team and your management team. That means, we will agree on places to start, where to end, and places that need critical care.

Guarantee Spotless Floors

The floor of a premise or facility plays an essential role when it comes to creating a first impression. And being a financial institution, a spotless and shiny floor should do the trick. And that’s what you should expect after our cleaning service.

Through our intensive cleaning package, we can restore the vibrancy of your tiles, carpets, or marble. Further, we’re also experienced to work on a range of other types of floors. Thereafter, we can offer the regular floor cleaning service that entails day-to-day cleaning of the floor.

Thorough Cleaning and Disinfection of Your Facility

With the ongoing pandemic and flu season always around the corner, we understand the need to disinfect surfaces thoroughly. And thanks to our top cleaning experts, reliable cleaning supplies, and equipment we will leave your facility germ-free.

Our innovative cleaning and disinfection system will ensure all the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. That means we will treat every surface whether they are smooth like countertops or fibrous. Remember, we also have the right cleaning pieces of equipment for sensitive surfaces like ATM, the mouse, and the keyboard.

We Use Top Cleaning Equipment

To deliver a world-class cleaning service, we employ top-quality cleaning equipment, supplies, and materials. For instance, we use a microfiber cloth to wipe surfaces that need a delicate touch. And with the help of our HEPA-filter vacuum, no dirt or foreign particle will be left on your premises.

Further, our flat mops and microfiber cloths not only trap dirt and dust during cleaning, but also surface bacteria. That means they’re more effective than typical cleaning materials. And thanks to our HEPA vacuum filters, your air will be free from airborne particles and bacteria.

Equinox Cleaning Service is OSHA Compliant

At Equinox Cleaning, we’ve got the best cleaning plan that guarantees your clients and staff safety. What’s more, our cleaning plan is OSHA compliant. Therefore, it will ensure you don’t get into trouble with the authority.

We Practice Green Cleaning

Looking at the saddest state of our planet due to pollution, we employ green cleaning plans for environmental conservation. Unlike some of our rivals, we believe in a better tomorrow for the future generation. And as a result, all our cleaning supplies are degradable and environmentally friendly.

Further, our team of cleaners is trained on employing strategies that limit reliance on harsh cleaning chemicals. And after emptying every bottle or package of cleaning supply we recycle or reuse to reduce waste disposal in the environment.

We Guarantee our Cleaning

It takes a significant amount to invest in professional cleaners. Therefore, if anything goes wrong, it will be a huge loss for the company. But that can never be the case with us. At Equinox Cleaning, our cleaning services are all guaranteed. Targeting 100% customer satisfaction, we can re-do places you’re not satisfied with when it comes to cleaning.

By reaching out or calling us within 24 hours, we’ll come in to fix the issue. Alternatively, you can get a free standard cleaning on your next appointment.

We’re Certified, Insured & Bonded

We have insurance coverage for one primary reason; anything could go wrong at any moment. And since our cleaning services involve reaching over top places, our staffs are insured. Therefore, you’re not liable for any damage they may incur during working hours in your facility.

Further, each member has a certificate to prove they’ve undergone sufficient training on cleaning financial institutions among other facilities. And lastly, we’re bonded, therefore, rest assured your facility safety is guaranteed.

Want to Learn More about Equinox Cleaning Services?

For more info on our services, you can reach out via our contact info. Whether it’s through emailing or calling us directly, we’re at your disposal 24/7. With that said, contact us and book a cleaning appointment either online or offline.

Professional Banks and Financial Institutions Cleaning in NJ


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