Recurring Cleaning

Equinox Recurring Cleaning: Flexible Plan

With Equinox Recurring home cleaning services, the unexpected will never be a problem for you. When your guests stop by unexpectedly, your home will be in a great state to receive them. And if you are having a crazy week, you can simply rest during your free time without worrying about cleanliness.

Picture the great things you could be doing on weekends with your family and friends. And that’s what you’ll get for investing in recurring home cleaning services near Montclair, NJ  with Equinox. And you’ve heard that right, this is an investment.

Oftentimes, hiring professional cleaning services may seem like a guilty pleasure, but it’s not. It’s a necessity with benefits beyond your imagination. And it serves other roles besides restoring the cleanliness and beauty in your home.


Equinox Cleaning Recurring
Equinox Cleaning Recurring

Flexible Recurring Cleaning Plan

With our recurring cleaning plan, you can pick the days you are comfortable with. And that’s not all, you have three main packages to choose from. They include a weekly plan, two weeks plan, or a monthly plan. Booking any of these appointments improves the living conditions in your home. Also, it’s an opportunity to maximize your living space without worrying about creating a mess.

With our recurring cleaning service, you can enjoy sparkly floors, clean baseboards, shiny appliances, and a nice smelling bathroom. In addition, there’s also an affordable ready-for-anything package.

Enjoy the Comfort of a Clean Home

We have a complex cleaning plan that delivers a thorough and healthy cleaning to your facility. Therefore, after every visit, expect a remarkable result. Our plan tackles mildew, mold, hair, pet dander, and dust. To ensure you maximally enjoy the comfort of your home, we employ safe and environmentally friendly products. Thus, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and toxins getting into your living space.

We Go to Great Lengths

More often, people think that house cleaning is all about wiping and vacuuming the counters and other surfaces. But there’s more to it if you want satisfying results. At Equinox, exceeding your expectation when it comes to recurring maid service is our goal. To achieve it, we go to great lengths to ensure there’s a significant difference when we finish cleaning your home.

Even so, we still employ the safest cleaning methods that guarantee the health and safety of your home. Our cleaning services target every part of your home and leave no spot untouched. What’s more, we use toxin-free products that are friendly both to people and household pets. Therefore, you can trust our services when it comes to the safety of your household.

Our Services

The cleaning services that we provide are specific to each room in your house. In general, they are as follows:

Equinox Signature Cleaning Services comprises:

Bathroom and Kitchen Cleanings:

Why Equinox Cleaning Company

Do you feel anxious when you invite strangers to your home to provide various services? Well, as Equinox Cleaning, we understand your concern. And choosing us to provide best kept  cleaning services  in your home is a great deal. To help you deal with the anxiety, we only provide trained and certified cleaning technicians. They are pros in residential cleaning and also very trustworthy even when you are not around.

Save your Time

As we take care of your housework, you’ll gain more time to spend on other things. It’s an opportunity to try out things you love doing. Equinox recurring cleaning  of Nutley as well as its surrounding areas in New Jersey,  is available in several plans. And they include monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly.

Equinox Cleaning is more than Average

Our services also include:

Reliable Services

With the help of our tracker system (Equinox Cleaning Tracker), we always complete every cleaning task. As such, we can attain our goal and fulfill your expectations. This tracker also helps us to stain in line with the goals of our company. Once we are done, there’s a follow-up through surveying to ensure the cleanliness meets your satisfaction.

Professional Cleaning supplies

To achieve perfect cleanliness, you need the best cleaning products. And at our company, we only stock quality cleaning supplies. And the same applies to the cleaning technologies that we use. They include MR Shield System, microfiber materials, and HEPA-filter vacuums. With these among other products and technologies, we can effectively fight odor, tough stains, and germs.

Personalized Cleaning Plans

Besides our top-notch cleaning checklist, we will also engage you in creating a custom cleaning plan for your home. And by doing so, we can fulfill your cleaning needs according to your expectation.

Same Cleaner Throughout

Leaving your home in the hands of strangers is not that easy. We understand this, and the need to build a trustworthy partnership. As such, we send to your house a certified and insured cleaning expert. To build on trust, we send the same cleaning pro every time. Our cleaning technicians are fully committed to providing the best results. Additionally, they also work on engaging and building a trusting relationship with the client.

Service Guarantee

We are totally confident when it comes to the quality of our services. As such, we are the best cleaning company in New Jersey. We have the best cleaning team handpicked according to their expertise. And even so, they still take part in the company training program to sharpen their skills.

Every cleaning plan we offer whether it’s recurring or one-time cleaning comes with a service guarantee. Thus, if you are unsatisfied, just give us a call within 48 hours after cleaning your place. And we will rectify the flaw within 48 hours. And if the follow-up wasn’t fully satisfactory, then the next session will be free.

Our service also includes a free estimate to help you understand our service and offer. You can take advantage of this and have all your pressing questions answered.

Getting Started

Lastly, give us a call at (844) 846-8566  and you’ll love our remarkable Recurring home cleaning services.

Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey

When your home needs a heavy duty cleaning, get in touch with Equinox cleaning® NJ. We are experts in deep cleaning and housekeeping for your home. We offer the best maid services in New Jersey. Touch base with us at (844) 846-8566

When you trust your space to the Equinox cleaning® team, you can rest assured knowing your home is in great hands. You merit the assurance that you’ll receive frequently immaculate results from friendly, trustworthy professionals. Equinox cleaning® provides the peace of mind you’re looking for. Our Peace of Mind Guarantee reflects our enthusiasm to go the extra mile to ensure your home always feels like your sanctuary. If for any reason you are unhappy with our recent visit, let us know within 48-hours and we’ll come back and make it right

Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey