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Difference Between Regular Home Cleaning And Deep House Cleaning

Difference Between Regular Home Cleaning And Deep House Cleaning

Keeping your area clean is not just a choice but essential as it helps maintain a fresh environment and good health. However, while cleaning a house, a few things must be kept in mind whether your house requires regular cleaning or does it need home deep cleaning services. Following are the basic differences and steps explained that you need to know about these two cleaning services:

Regular Home Cleaning:

Regular home cleaning services keep your house fresh and free from dust and germs. It’s not a one-time cleaning service. We need to get our home cleaned every week. This keeps dirt away and does not let germs and dirt build-up that is difficult to remove later. Weekly or regular cleaning services have many benefits. By doing this practice, a person is never burdened for one day to clean thoroughly and keeps the environment healthy and clean.

When you plan to go for regular cleaning services or hire maids for cleaning, you should know all the necessary steps and procedures involved in regular home cleaning. For example, how to clean grease off the stove, clean grease from the stovetop, how to mope a floor properly, how to dust off the furniture, etc.

Regular cleaning is basically the cleaning that you need to do every week or two times a week, depending upon the house’s condition. You can even hire a professional for regular cleaning service, and it involves the services you normally do every week.

Following are the things involved in regular home cleaning:

  • To mope and vacuum the floor
  • to gather all the mess and tide up the house
  • to How to clean grease from the stovetop
  • to How to clean grease off stove
  • to clean the washroom that includes, toilet, mirror, sink, bathtub, etc.
  • How to clean the kitchen thoroughly? i.e., stove, shelves, sink, etc.

These tasks normally do not take much time to get completed. Regular cleaning aims to keep the house clean and free from dust regularly and dispose of debris.

Difference Between Regular Home Cleaning And Deep House Cleaning

Home deep cleaning services:

Deep house cleaning is a lot different from regular house cleaning and is also time taking. Deep house cleaning is a one-time cleaning service, and it isn’t easy to do by yourself, and it is suggested to hire professionals to gain house deep cleaning services.

These home deep cleaning services provide maids for cleaning for deep cleaning of the house from places that are not cleaned daily. Home deep cleaning services are required to be done every six months to ensure that unreached parts of the house are cleaned as it covers the areas that are not normally reached during normal or regular cleaning.

Services included in deep cleaning include:

  • To remove soap and watermarks from places like showerheads, washrooms, kitchen tiles, etc.
  • Cleaning stainless steel with vinegar
  • To clean appliances from behind, such as oven, television, computer, washing machines and clean the stains.
  • Complete area dusting.
  • Washing interior and exterior home windows
  • Deep cleaning of door and window frames
  • Deep cleaning of Glass doors of appliances and kitchen cupboards.
  • Under the washbasin or sink
  • Cleaning oven from inside
  • Washing and cleaning all the blinds in the house


We here conclude that both regular and deep house cleaning is essential depending upon the need of time. Regular cleaning must be done every week, and deep house cleaning services must be taken once every six months to avoid any built-up dirt for ages that may later cause many harmful diseases, especially when you have kids in your house.


How often do we need to get our home cleaned?

Most people get their house cleaned every week, and some get their house cleaned even twice a week depending upon their house and their perceptions regarding cleanliness. But in general, you should get your house cleaned once a week as regular cleaning and get home deep cleaning services once every six months.

What is included in regular cleaning services?

Regular cleaning services involve the services that need to be done regularly, such as removing dust and debris from the house, disposing of off regular waste, dusting furniture, cleaning shelves of kitchen and washrooms, cleaning appliances, moping, and cleaning the floor, etc.

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