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One of the easiest means of killing the hotel business is uncleanness. Being an industry that has a lot to do with health and safety, cleanliness is crucial. For most hotels management, in-house cleaners happen to be their first and only choice. While they can be reliable, oftentimes it can be overwhelming to manage their hotel cleaning services.

With so much on their plate, leaving someplace untouched during cleaning is very likely. Therefore, to keep up with the minimum cleaning standards for your hotel, hiring professionals is best. This will enable you to avoid detrimental consequences that could bring down your business. On that note, Equinox Hotel Cleaning Services happens to be a reliable pick in New Jersey. Offering commercial cleaning services, New Jersey, they are the best local partner.

Professional Hotel Cleaning Services in New Jersey - Equinox Cleaning Company

Why it's Important to Choose Hotel Cleaning Services?

No matter the size of your hotel, whether it’s a 5-star facility or a small restaurant, we’ll handle you professionally. By offering you cleaning services through trained personnel, you’ll meet the minimum cleaning standards set by the authority. But that’s not all, we will restore the charm and sparkle in your hotel that draws clients to your business. Further, in Equinox Cleaning, the hygiene of your facility is our top priority. We will help you to not only restore it but also improve on it. Therefore, if your target is improving your clients’ overall satisfaction, give us a chance.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services?

With many years of experience serving the hospitality sector, specifically hotel cleaning services we are the best in the region. Our main goal is offering quality cleaning services, and so far, we’ve done it perfectly. To learn more about why should hire us, read on:

Valuable Workforce

Cleaning is not just about getting the supplies, equipment, and manpower. At Equinox Cleaning, we provide our clients with a valuable workforce. In this case, we’re talking about fully trained hotel cleaners, specialist cleaners, and supervisors. When they complete cleaning your facility, you’ll hardly spot a flaw.

Through a well-orchestrated recruitment plan, we selectively recruit the most passionate, self-motivated, and hardworking staff. As a result, we ensure you get a valuable and attentive workforce ready to clean your facility perfectly. To guarantee our services, each team of cleaners is accompanied by a supervisor.

Thus after cleaning, the supervisor carefully examines the surfaces to ensure there’s perfection. Not to mention, each of our recruits undergoes mandatory training to ensure they can meet our set cleaning standards.

Service Guarantee

While hiring cleaners is the best way to maintain your hotel cleaning, hiring the wrong one isn’t. But that’s not a matter to worry about with Equinox Cleaning. ‘Cause all our services include a guarantee in case of an unsatisfactory result. Therefore, if you need a place redone after cleaning, use your service guarantee to schedule another cleaning within 24 hours.


In addition to running and maintenance of these machines, it’s very expensive for a hotel to purchase cleaning equipment. On the other hand, hiring a cleaning service will deliver the same but better results at an inexpensive rate. And if you’re working with Equinox Cleaning, your hotel will save even more on cleaning.

Better Air Quality

According to expert observation, vacuuming, and mopping the floors only eliminates dirt and dust on the surface. As such, a significant amount of dirt and germs is left in the air. Depending on their concentration, you may begin to perceive a strange scent in your facility.

Luckily, Equinox Cleaning has a solution for that. We don’t just leave the surfaces clean and refreshing, but also indoor air. Through our air purification tech, we will eliminate all the dust and germs in the air causing a strange scent.

Exceed the Reach of In-house Cleaners

As a hotel owner or manager, it’s upon you to exceed your clients’ expectations when it comes to cleanliness. At this point, you must be having a team of housekeepers to maintain the facility clean. But even so, there are cleaning jobs that are greater for them to handle. And as hard as they may try, they may not provide the standard of cleaning that’s needed.

That’s why hiring Equinox Cleaning is essential for your hotel business. They’ll address the cleaning challenges that are beyond the effort of your housekeepers. If possible, your housekeepers’ duties should be to clean within-reach surfaces that guests see, touch, or interact with. And they include bathrooms, countertops, lobbies, door handles, the reception and pool areas.

They are the best option for maintenance cleaning. On the other hand, Equinox Cleaning will help you with the tough cleaning tasks. Such jobs include:

  • Power washing the entire parking area
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system in the hotel
  • Expert cleaning of your carpets, all the floors types including marble, linoleum, and hardwood.
  • Cleaning of the fabrics and upholstery. Also, this includes stain removals on furniture.
  • Deep cleaning the entire hotel
  • Among other cleanings that need detailing

Customer Satisfaction

Being a hospitality industry, we’re not just targeting owners’ satisfaction, but also their clients. We will help you restore the cleanliness and striking beauty of your facility. And at that moment when these are no longer your primary concerns, you can focus on your customers throughout. Hotels that employ professional cleaners often perform better generally. And this is because, they can shift their focus from cleanliness to what matters most, and that’s customer satisfaction.

At Equinox Cleaning service, we understand the benefit of returning customers. Therefore, all our cleaning strategy is designed to create a lasting impression that makes your clients come back. Through our janitorial services among other commercial cleanings, your hotel will be in the best condition.

Getting Started

Professional Hotel Cleaning Services in New Jersey - Equinox Cleaning Company

Are you ready to restore the magnificence of your hotel through professional cleaning? Well, give us a call. Offering our services around the clock, the cleaning time won’t be a problem. What’s more, you can also schedule to get a free estimate if you’re preparing your budget first before hiring.

Contact our friendly team to learn how we can keep your hotel clean with
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Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey

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Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey