How It Works?


How it works?​

Equinox Cleaning makes hiring a house cleaning team as easy as picking up the phone and telling us what kind of cleaning help you need. We understand that you may have some questions about the actual process, so read more to learn all about what Equinox Cleaning can do for you!

Start with giving us a call, we’ll start with your location so we know where we’ll be cleaning. We’ll ask for your email address and phone number, so we can get in touch with you if we have questions. Don’t worry, we will never share your personal information with anyone and we won’t spam you.

The sales professional you will speak with will ask you to explain exactly what your cleaning needs are. This is a quick chat so we know all the details to help us craft the perfect cleaning plan for you. We’ll discuss topics like:

  • Square footage of your house
  • Number of rooms (bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, basements, etc.), along with stairwells and dens
  • Which rooms will need cleaning (will we be tackling the entire house, or only the most used areas?)
  • Type of flooring in your house (laminate, carpet, tile, wood)
  • Special surfaces that require unique attention (travertine, marble)
  • Overall condition of your home (how much dust is on surfaces, and is there soap scum, mold or mildew in your bathrooms?)
  • Number of people and furry pets living in your house

Lastly, Equinox Cleaning will tell you what you can expect from your upcoming house cleaning process, including:

  • The customized cleaning rate for your home
  • What to expect when the cleaning team from Equinox arrives
  • The cost of an ongoing cleaning relationship to help your home shine all the time—whether you want that service weekly, every other week, or monthly (choose the schedule that is right for you and your home)

The appointment date & time for your first cleaning, will then be secured with a credit card

Need Cleaning? Contact us today at (844) 846-8566

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services and have occasional inspections by our field operations manager