Getting kids often outweighs the mother’s concern when it comes to the environment. Fortunately, there’s always a solution for any challenge. And in this case, we’ve got eco-friendly tips mothers can leverage for parenting. Let’s start:

Eco-Mothering Tips

  • Reusable Nappies

When it comes to parenting, the top environmental concern is the use of disposable nappies. Roughly, every household disposes of thousands of disposable nappies annually. In the UK alone, over 2.8 billion disposable nappies end up in landfills annually. And that accounts for 2 to 3% of waste from households.

As an eco-mother, you have a chance to save the planet by shifting to reusable nappies. Of course, the transition will feel expensive at first. Even worse, it will inconvenience you. But when you use them after a while, they become cost-saving, especially for those with more kids.

In other words, reusable nappies require a higher upfront fee to get them. However, you will start to experience their financial benefits after using them for a while. Most importantly, they’re kind to the planet compared to their nonreusable counterparts.

Choosing reusable over disposable means you are lowering the demand for the material. And this helps minimize your carbon footprint. On average, the raw material you’ll need for reusable is about 2.7 kg. On the other hand, when you buy disposable, it requires about 120kg of raw material.

  • DIY Baby food

Is it time for your baby to have solid food? Well, this is another chance to exercise eco-mothering. Instead of getting baby formulas, you can make one at home. But still remember, the baby will still need to get breastfed. In the first year, the mother’s milk is the major source of energy for the baby. But afterward, they can rely on solid food.

That means shifting to solid food means introducing the baby to food with texture. It doesn’t mean a complete substitution for mother’s milk. Getting baby formula often feels like the right choice, but it’s not.

They’re sugar-rich and often have low nutrient content when you compare them to homemade food. As such, your baby may suffer from dental issues because of consuming processed foods. But then you prepare it for them, they’ll eat healthily and gain more nutrients.

That being said, the baby will eat whatever you’re having unless it’s spicy. Therefore, if it’s salty or sugary, avoid offering them that food. And since they don’t have teeth to chew, mash up the food to form a smooth and consistent paste.

Making the baby food at home means you’re saving on the cost of fuel. And it also means you’re not contributing to the carbon emission as a result of food processing in the factory.

  • Ditch Driving

There’s a more crucial reason as to why you should ditch driving than saving the planet. Research shows that mothers who inhale the toxic fumes from the vehicle give birth to babies with low birthweight. Therefore, when you ditch driving, you’re saving the planet and expectant mothers. If you’re expectant, you’ll be saving the health of your baby in the womb.

So, what’s the better solution? Well, you can choose a healthier means which is cycling to wherever you’re going. If you’re bringing the kid along, use a stroller and take the walking route. With the help of Google Maps, you can easily find the shortest walking route to your destination.

Alternatively, you can buy or hire an electric car. This type of car has zero emission and is noiseless. Therefore, your baby will enjoy the ride. If that’s not an option, you can board a public bus to wherever you’re going. Public means have lower carbon footprints since they’re transporting many people at once.

  • Visit Thrift Shop

When you get the baby, there’s so much pressure on you as a mother. For starters, you’ve got to worry about nursery school even before the baby starts walking. And if you’re a young mother, it means you’re still concerned with how your baby looks on social channels like Instagram.

But as an eco-mother, you know how to handle all these without breaking your bank. And that’s getting baby clothes at the thrift shop. You will find some striking baby clothes at this shop at an affordable rate. It’s also a chance for your baby to access plastic toys without you worrying about damaging the planet.

Having kids means frequent cleaning for mothers. As a result, it requires a constant search for cleaning products that won’t affect their health. It’s even worse when they begin eating. Oftentimes, they would want to feed themselves only to end up smearing surfaces with food.

The best idea, in this case, is to choose green products. They’re safe and often lack allergens. Also, they don’t leave behind residues that could affect your kid. If you want to make homemade cleaning agents, consider using baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar.


  • Get Creative

Plastic is one of the major environmental pollutants. Unfortunately, most toys are crafted from plastic. To avoid purchasing them excessively, you can get creative. Use available materials in the house to make toys for them. For instance, a serial box can make a good car.

  • Get Indoor Plants

Baby is very sensitive to smell, especially scents. Therefore, if you’re using air fresheners, it’s about time you stop. Not to mention that air fresheners sometimes contain chemicals that pollute the environment. Instead, get indoor plants. If you love adorable scents, look for indoor plants with scents. They are healthier for your kids.

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Getting Started

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