Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies

Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies

Eco-friendly cleaning, sustainable cleaning, and green cleaning, this cleaning product has a lot of names. But pay close attention; many companies are adapting these products in their cleaning routines. And the same goes for consumers who need the help of commercial cleaning services. They’re environmentally conscious and care about the welfare of surrounding living things.

Annually, we use cleaning products in billions of liters. And from this, over 130,000 different chemicals end up in wastewater. There’s also global concern about the negative impacts of our lifestyle on the planet. To help with this in addition to climate change concerns, businesses are adapting eco-friendly cleaning products. They are striving to help in making a difference.

All industries and institutions such as warehouses, hospitals, and corporate offices are adopting green cleaning. And this helps them reduce their carbon footprint. Besides, the sustainable approach, there’s the monetary advantage of going green. Talking of advantages, here are the benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products:

Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies

  1. Safe to Everyone

Products for cleaning industrial workplaces, windows, carpets, and floors can be very toxic. They contain harmful chemicals like methyl chloride, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds among others. Therefore, besides being harmful to the environment, they pose a health risk to you. And sometimes they lead to sickness due to overexposure.

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies on the other hand are natural and safe to use around people. They are the best alternative to chemical cleaning products. Some of them even contain essential oils and aromatic substances. As such, you end up enjoying the cleaning experience instead of getting chocked by toxic fumes.

Further, these cleaning supplies are safe on your skin. They don’t irritate or evoke any form of allergy. Most importantly, you are free from eye irritation and respiratory allergies.

  1. Safe to the Environment

The environment also receives a fair share of impact from standard cleaning chemicals. Since most of them are non-biodegradable, they end up accumulating in soils and water bodies. While we suffer the consequences indirectly, plants and wildlife suffer the impact immediately.

That said, chemicals in standard cleaning products account for a significant level of pollution in water bodies in the world. Further, they also contaminate the soil and pollute the air. Green products are biodegradable on the other hand. They can break down and fuse with the environment harmlessly. Therefore, they’re not a threat to the ecosystem.

  1. Cost-effective

Besides their health benefits to people and the environment, there are monetary benefits of green cleaning. For starters, they come with competitive prices. Industrial-grade cleaning chemicals on the other hand are very costly, especially in the long run. Due to their abrasiveness, they can damage the surface texture and paintwork on walls. Additionally, they can make employees sick reducing the manpower and overall efficiency of the company.

In contrast, environmentally sustainable cleaning approaches are safe for everything and everyone. They’re gentle on surfaces and don’t cause significant damage. As a result, you can reduce the maintenance cost of your premise. Also, they are friendly to people, therefore, your employees will experience no sickness due to fumes. If anything, they’ll love the new working place due to the essential oils and aromatic elements in these products.

  1. Fewer Risks when Handling them

There’re significant risks involved when you are handling the standard cleaning supplies. And it’s all because of the harsh chemicals they contain. Due to their toxicity, the cleaners will be the first to suffer the consequence. Also, you’ve got to invest a lot to prevent direct interaction with these chemicals.

For instance, the cleaners need protective clothing when cleaning an industrial space using these products. Also, they’ll need protective gear like goggles and sometimes a respirator. That’s because these chemicals can harm their eyes and lungs. Eco-friendly supplies on the other hand are gentle and harmless to your body.

  1. Improves durability of your items

Green products employ sustainable solutions to eliminate stains and odor from surfaces. Further, they have a lasting impact on surfaces. Having no harsh chemicals, they’re safe on various surfaces. Therefore, if you are cleaning a surface prone to abrasion, choose green cleaning supplies. They will work on the dirt and stain effectively and still protect your items.

  1. Efficiency

From the FDA perspective, natural soaps are as effective as antibacterial soaps. And there’s no solid evidence that supports the potency of antibacterial soaps over natural soaps. As such, you can still disinfect items using natural soaps, which have fewer chemicals than antibacterial soap.

Further, eco-friendly products are gentle on people with allergies. They don’t evoke respiratory illnesses, and they’re safe on healthy bacteria. Chemical products on the other hand eliminate bacteria indiscriminately. Lastly, some experts suggest that antibacterial soap can lead to bacterial resistance. As such, whichever antibiotics you use to fight the bacteria, they’ll resist.

  1. Smell Nice

Whether it’s your home or place of work, the kind of smell coming from these places is important. For instance, at home, smell determines the level of comfort you can experience. At work, smell determines the level of concentration of employees. As such, it’s important to choose a cleaning product that leaves behind a nice smell. While that’s the case with eco-friendly products, it doesn’t always happen with standard cleaning supplies.

And that’s because the ammonia and bleach in these products produce a stinking smell. Also, they contain other chemicals with a strong stench. And after cleaning, the odor doesn’t subside fast. It persists for a while disturbing your comfort. Therefore, if you want an appealing after smell, use sustainable cleaning products. They’ve got a sweet aromatic scent that remains in your space after cleaning.


Are you thinking of adopting sustainable cleaning on your business premise or at home? At Equinox Cleaning, we can help you with that. We are proud to offer sustainable cleaning services.

To guarantee this, we use eco-friendly cleaning supplies in all our projects. Besides, helping the clients to adopt green cleaning, we also fulfill our part by reducing our company’s carbon footprint. Simply get in touch and let’s work together in developing a healthier planet.

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  1. Avatar for Moira

    Dear Adam, This is a very nicely written article, but what is the actual name of the products you use? I am a big fan of white vinegar and baking soda in my home. but what do you and your staff use?
    Also, not to be a nag, but I will need an email with your quote to present for budget approval. Over 500 must be approved by the congregation, so hopefully we will have a quorum at our next Sunday service.
    Thanks so much for visiting1

    1. Avatar for Equinox

      Hi Moira, I hope you are having a productive day. We use Equinox homemade go green product; is a sustainable product designed to minimize its environmental impacts during its whole life-cycle and even after it’s of no use. Green products are usually identified by having two basic goals – reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

      You may already have many ingredients. A basic natural cleaning toolkit includes white vinegar, baking soda, borax, citrus fruit, and empty spray bottles. You may also want hydrogen peroxide, cornstarch, castile soap, tea tree oil, and other essential oils for scent.
      Thank you for considering us to be your partner.
      Equinox cleaning family.

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