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Property management can be overwhelming at times. With too much work weighing on your shoulder, let Equinox Cleaning take care of cleaning for you. Equinox commercial cleaning services New Jersey has a specialty in property management cleaning.

With our help, your property will remain good-looking and in the best state always. Also, perfect cleaning reduces the rate and cost doing of maintenance. Therefore, it’s the right investment with long-term rewards.

Property Management Cleaning NJ - Equinox Cleaning

Why Choose Equinox Property Management Cleaning Services

Leverage Technology

All our cleaning strategies leverage the latest technology to guarantee the best results. Besides the use of state-of-the-art pieces of cleaning equipment, we use top-quality supplies. And it’s all with an effort to improve cleaning efficiency and result. In addition, it also has to do with environmental protection.

Property Management Cleaning NJ - Equinox Cleaning

Equinox Property management cleaners are the best in the region. They are all trained by experts, certified, and have enough work experience. Therefore, they’ll manage all the cleaning needs in your property efficiently and deal with challenges effortlessly if there are any.

By relying on the latest tech, reliable equipment, and best cleaning strategy, they’ll fulfill every cleaning demand. Therefore, with our help, you can let go of one of the greatest property management challenges – keeping it clean.


Our cleaners specifically target the cleaning tasks on their schedule for a perfect outcome. But even so, they would not leave an imperfection because that spot was not on their cleaning list. They will notify you right away, especially if it needs urgent attention. Therefore, aside from cleaning, they’ll help you identify places in the property that needs maintenance.

Improve Quality of Indoor Air

Besides taking care of all the dirt and germs on services, we’ll also work on airborne allergens. Through HEPA filters, we will not only capture dirt but also some of the germs. And the outcome will be quality air for everyone to breathe.

Regular Inspection

For a successful property management cleaning, regular inspection is a vital activity to undertake. That means we have onsite inspectors to assess and determine whether the job is well done. By doing so, we can provide the best cleaning services.

Also note, the inspector relies on a comprehensive checklist that leaves nothing to chance. Therefore, if their findings show a perfect result, then rest assured your property is in the best state ever. With that said, choose Equinox Cleaning for high-quality and consistent property management cleaning.

Smart Cleaning

It’s not just about wiping the dust and dirt off at Equinox Cleaning. We clean smarter through the use of microfiber with color codes. As a result, there’s no possibility of cross-contamination. Well, this means if a cleaning cloth is set aside for the bathroom, that‘s it. Our technicians will not use it to clean other surfaces beyond the bathroom.

Work Greener

Equinox Cleaning entirely relies on cleaning methods and products with the least chemicals. Also, our products are effective and require less application during cleaning. Thanks to this, we maximize coverage while minimizing environmental impact. Further, non-of our products come with toxins that could harm the environment.

Great Communication

We’ve got an effective communication system set in our facility that ensures all our clients get rapid responses. Therefore, if you want to book an appointment or state your concern, we’re at your disposal.

Operate Securely

Security is vital. And that’s why all our technicians are trained to wear work uniforms throughout while cleaning your building. Further, each one of them comes with an ID badge for quick and easy identification.

OSHA Experts

It’s cost a lot when you’re fined for violating OSHA regulations. To ensure you don’t suffer such a fate, our cleaning strategy is strictly compliant with OSHA regulations. All cleaning technicians at Equinox Cleaning, New Jersey knows these cleaning requirements. Therefore, they strive to ensure they meet each one of them.

Best Training

Skills are essential for one to provide quality cleaning service. And Equinox Cleaning technicians and supervisors have all gone through rigorous training to acquire skills in property management cleaning. Further, they’re certified and have acquired experience from their earlier cleaning jobs. Thus, you’ll not only work with certified technicians but also those who know what they’re doing.

Want to learn more?

Equinox Philosophy

Equinox Cleaning places paramount importance on the safety of our valued clients. Thus, we diligently perform thorough property cleaning to ensure the well-being and safety of all occupants. Moreover, we adhere to internationally recognized standards by employing advanced cleaning methods and products.


When you opt for Equinox Cleaning services, there's no necessity to purchase your own cleaning equipment. As a company, we possess all the required cleaning supplies and tools. Consequently, upon enlisting our services, we will arrive equipped with our own cleaning materials.

Eliminate Pollutants

While clean surfaces prevent cross-contamination via contact, air allergens or pollutants are still lingering. To take of these, we rely on air filtration tech like HEPA to sieve out these pollutants.

Deep Cleaning

There are two main types of cleaning, regular cleaning, and deep cleaning. Through regular cleaning, you can eliminate within reach dirt and pollutants. However, this strategy leaves behind dirt that is beyond reach. But with our services, we’ll provide your building with deep cleaning. Therefore, we will eliminate all the dirt including those beyond the range of our sight. As a company, we believe in perfect cleaning, and that’s what we will offer to your property.

What you should expect on your Property

Expert Crew

To us, cleaning is not just about the passion to satisfy our clients’ needs but also expertise. And we show these through providing specialists cleaning teams. Each team plays a specific cleaning role and does it perfectly.

Impeccable Cleaning

Still on customer satisfaction, we provide impeccable cleaning to all our clients.

Spotless Pledge

With the help of our cleaning techniques and trusted formula, your building will be spotlessly clean by the team we leave.

Property Management Cleaning NJ - Equinox Cleaning

Getting Started

Do you have a property in New Jersey that needs professional cleaning? Well, search for commercial services near me to locate us. Offering professional commercial cleaning services in New Jersey, Equinox Cleaning offers the best quote. In addition, we also provide a free estimate to ensure you’re comfortable with our rates. Therefore, reach out via contacts or email, and let’s work together.

Contact our friendly team to learn how we can keep your Property Management facility clean with our ongoing, affordable, and highly professional service.

Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey

Embarking on an unmatched journey of excellence with Equinox Cleaning® NJ's exceptional Property Management Cleaning Services opens doors to a remarkable experience. When you entrust your space to the Equinox Cleaning® team, you can rest assured that your home is in capable hands. You deserve the confidence that you'll consistently receive pristine results from our friendly and reliable professionals specializing in our Property Management Cleaning Services. Equinox Cleaning® brings the peace of mind you seek. Our Peace of Mind Guarantee embodies our eagerness to exceed expectations and ensure your home, now elevated to new standards through our Property Management Cleaning Services, remains your sanctuary. Should any dissatisfaction arise from our recent visit, inform us within 48 hours, and we'll swiftly return to rectify it. Your contentment is our utmost priority. Reach out to us at (844) 846-8566 to unveil the astonishing transformation awaiting you.

Placing your trust in the Equinox Cleaning® team for your Property Management Cleaning Services guarantees that your living space is under expert care. Your confidence is well-founded, as we consistently deliver impeccable results through the skillful hands of friendly and reliable professionals. Equinox Cleaning® goes the extra mile to provide the tranquility you seek. Our Peace of Mind Guarantee stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensuring your home remains your sanctuary. Should any reason arise for discontent following our recent visit for Property Management Cleaning Services, please inform us within 48 hours, and we will promptly return to rectify the situation. Your satisfaction remains at the forefront of our priorities.

Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey