The cost of cleaning your home at Equinox Cleanings, New Jersey relies on two major factors. Your house size and the type of cleaning you desire. Speaking of the size of your house, we factor in the number of rooms available, and that includes, bathrooms and bedrooms available. Our service runs on a flat rate, however, if you need hourly rates, we offer that too. Go to our pricing page to know the rates.


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Do you offer hourly rates?

Yes, we do offer hourly rates. Of course, the duration of house cleaning services varies widely depending on the size of the home, the type of services requested, and the location of the home. However, if you need our services by the hour, it will cost you $75 per hour. Additionally, the minimum time you can book a cleaning appointment is 2 hours.

Should I offer a tip?

We understand that tipping the house cleaning technicians is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. Not to mention, it is a common practice among many homeowners. However, however, tipping is not a requirement when you hire our services. But even so, the decision to tip is completely up to you as the homeowner.

Just to mention it again, we don’t ask for tips at Equinox Cleanings Company, New Jersey. Tipping is your personal decision. If you find the work of our technicians to be extraordinary feel free to tip them. That being said, our personnel are not allowed to ask or request a tip in any way.

What options for payment do you have?

As of now, we accept credit cards from all banks. But even so, we don’t take cash or personal checks anymore. Also, you don’t have to worry about payment issues popping up. We use Stripe, which is reliable and secured with encryption 256-bit SSL. That being said, booking our service is safe, all your personal details will be in great hands. Not to mention, we’ve got a complete extended validation certificate.

Why does my credit card have a pending charge before the cleaning day?

Well, the charge remains pending until we complete cleaning your home. We do not charge our clients before providing our service. That’s why during booking we require your credit card details.

After cleaning, we will send you an invoice through your email. For authorization reasons, a hold will be activated on your current account balance. But this only takes place on the day before your cleaning appointment. Oftentimes, it’s put in place in the evening. In case you cancel before 5 pm that evening, then the hold will end after three to five working days. But please note, the hold doesn’t mean you’ve been charged.

Can I change my billing details?

th 3230980710Yes, if you want to update your billing details, you can manage this through our digital portal. Simply sign in with your details and update your information freely. But as you do so, note that your password and username are strictly yours. That means you shouldn’t share with another party. Once you receive the confirmation email, you will find these login details at the bottom.

Is there a rescheduling or cancellation policy?

Yes, if you want to cancel your appointment, there’s a policy for that. And the same goes for rescheduling the cleaning service. However, if you don’t want to incur any penalty, you have up to 48 hours before the appointment day. When you reschedule or cancel within this time frame, you won’t incur any penalty.

However, if the rescheduling or cancelation is below 48 hours to the date of the appointment, there’s a penalty. You’ll get charged $90 for canceling the service. The same penalty applies if your reschedule under 48 hours to the date of the appointment.

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If you want to understand how we come up with our rates. We give you a glimpse into that. It’s simple, and the steps are as follows:

Determine Your Rates

The first step to charging for your house cleaning service is to decide how much to charge. Consider the size and condition of the home, the number of rooms, and the amount of time it will take to complete the job. Establish an hourly rate and a flat rate. At this point, you can choose whether to work with our flat rate or hourly rate. It’s up to you to decide how you will get charged.

Payment System

As for payment, we only accept credit cards at the moment. That means we don’t take cash and personal checks. To make it user-friendly, we take credit cards from all banks. Alternatively, if you want a digital payment method, we can organize that for you. Just contact our customer service department and they will work on that.

Signing Contract

We’ll provide you with a contract highlighting the type of services we will provide to your home. Also, it includes expectations, among other important details. The contract also outlines the terms of service, important and important details like rescheduling and cancellation policy. The policy exists to protect you as the client and also Equinox Cleanings as the service provider.


When you sign the contract, it means we’ve agreed on the cleaning date as well. We will organize our cleaning team when the time comes, and they will show up on time. Cleaning will take exactly the time indicated in the contract. And the payment of service will be complete or accepted once our team is done and they are out of your place.

Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey

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Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey