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Welcome Kids into a Safe and Sanitary Space with Equinox Cleaning

Daycare centers can be a hive of germs as kids descend on the space without care for health and safety precautions. This is why expert cleaning companies have to provide superior daycare cleaning services, giving the school and parents peace of mind. As COVID-19 introduces new challenges, our team remains committed to ensuring the environment is sanitary, not only aesthetically clean but also disinfected.

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Ensure Kids are Care-Free with Thorough Preschool Cleaning Services

Keep your focus on learning and not on cleaning with Equinox Cleaning’s daycare cleaning service. We’ve created a unique cleaning protocol that enables us to clean efficiently and restore health and safety to the learning environment. 

We know that in a daycare, every surface is a high-touch surface and that dealing with a diverse group means allergies and weaker immune responses need to be carefully considered. For this reason, we pay extra attention to:

Using Eco-Certified Products

We only use the finest non-toxic products to clean. These products produce zero odor while providing broad-spectrum sanitization.

Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces

Although we are meticulous about cleaning, we especially focus on disinfecting high-touch services where germs and viruses can spread.

Restoring Peace of Mind

Give parents the confidence to send their kids to your daycare with our services. Our team will give you a detailed brief of our cleaning process.

Being Amenable to Your Needs

Our philosophy is to meet the needs of our clients, whatever that is. Our flexibility is based on your feedback and needs, ensuring that we maintain the high standards our clients have come to expect of us.

Developing Cleaning Strategies that Work

Before our team gets to work on their daycare cleaning checklist, they evaluate the environment and develop a cleaning strategy that ensures the space is hygienic.

Committing to Germ-Free Zone

Your daycare doesn’t need to feel sterile to be sterile. Our daycare cleaning service, in particular, focuses on creating a germ-free zone, from the play area to the dining areas. Wherever little hands can touch will be germ-free.

Our Core Philosophy

The daycare cleaning services we provide are based on dedication to maintaining a clean space that parents can be confident in sending their kids to; to do this, we rely on our core philosophy.

Equinox Day Care Cleaning Services


This means we create a cleaning schedule surrounding convenient hours for your daycare.


Our focus as a daycare cleaning service is to eliminate germs.

Using Qualified Professionals

Our team of cleaners are specialists and enjoy the profession, making them just as dedicated to a clean space as you are.

What You Can Expect From Our Team

We do more than cleaning. We are invested in making your space liveable and safe through disinfection and sanitization. We can do this because we:

Take the utmost care to make your space hygienic

Are reliable and maintain our commitments

Use Kid-safe cleaning products

Prioritize health and safety

Develop customized plans

Be confident in daycare being a safe space with an efficient and effective pre-school cleaning service.

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Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey