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Life The Green Way

Life The Green Way

Many people still find it hard to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle. But through making small changes bit by bit, life the green way with “Life The Green Way” is achievable. And it’s the small contributions, such as “Life The Green Way,” that make a great impact on the environment. What we need to do is step away from our comfort zone. Because it’s one of the major setbacks to this lifestyle.

If anything, we need to adopt small changes in our routine, such as “Life The Green Way,” that help with environmental sustainability. And these changes, including “Life The Green Way,” will do more than improve your well-being and that of the environment. It will also leave you with more cash in your pocket. That being said, here are some ideas on how to live the green way:

Life The Green Way

  1. Cleaning the Green Way

Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your home or even place of work. It helps to not only clear clutter and waste but also eliminate germs from surfaces. Traditional cleaning techniques undoubtedly are effective at delivering spotless results. Unfortunately, they leave behind toxic residues.

This is not only bad for your wellbeing, but also for the environment. To avoid these chemicals, consider cleaning the green way. This technique involves the use of natural cleaning supplies. On the other hand, you will be avoiding the traditional alternatives with harmful chemicals.

And the same goes for the use of air fresheners. Instead of using these aerosols that contaminate your air with chemicals, embrace “Life The Green Way” by using plants with natural fragrances. Alternatively, you can look for natural air fresheners.

  1. Less Waste or No Waste

Most of our waste ends up in landfills where they’ve got no chance of decomposing. As a result, they end up affecting the environment. Regardless of whether they’re biodegradable or non-biodegradable, these wastes stay as they’re for decades. But when you live the green way, it means you are limiting the amount of waste coming from your home or business. It also means you’re attempting to leave behind no waste.

To manage this, simply purchase what you need. When it comes to your kitchen, use reusable items. For instance, avoid buying non-reusable plates, cups, and paper towels. Also, buy reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic bags. If you have trash, set aside the biodegradable options. Recycle those that can be used again, and create a compost hole for the biodegradable waste.

  1. Get a reusable water bottle

Disposable water bottles just help creates more trash on top of what’s ailing the planet. While re-using it is an option, studies show that they become toxic after a while. As a result, you’ve got no option but to dispose of it after use. However, you can avoid creating plastic waste by using a reusable water bottle.

And the safe options are the steel bottle. Once you empty it, you can refill it. If you don’t trust tap water, consider visiting water refilling stations near you. Or you can buy a water filter and use it to purify water coming from your tap.

  1. Donating your Trash

Like the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, your waste could be useful to somebody else. Therefore, don’t be quick to toss everything in the trash cans. If some items are still in good condition, you can donate them to somebody else. Look for donation centers in your area and leave this trash there.

Also, you may donate it to friends and family who may need it but can’t afford it. And when you’re buying something, ensure it has green packaging. It makes your purchase worthwhile, especially with your chase for green life.

  1. Buy Efficient Appliances

Another opportunity to embrace the green lifestyle is when buying new appliances. As opposed to the traditional makes, the new appliances are more energy-efficient. They consume less energy but still perform optimally. With these types of appliances, your household will consume less energy.

To the environment, this is a gain, because your household carbon footprint is significantly reduced. Not to mention your utility bills will be lower as a result. To identify energy-efficient appliances, ask for those with a star rating. The more stars an appliance has the higher its efficiency when it comes to energy consumption.

  1. Use Water Efficiently

It’s vital to consume water efficiently. That’s because it’s a precious commodity that’s gradually becoming scarce with time. For example, Lake Mead, the largest water reserve in the US is experiencing the lowest water level. And that’s because of the droughts affecting the western side of the US.

Besides using water efficiently, you can also harvest rainwater to reduce the overreliance on tapped water. Using roof gutters, you can channel rainwater into storage tanks for household consumption.

  1. Reduce Meat Consumption

How often does your household consume meat? Well, if you’re planning to live green, it’s time you reduce the rate of meat consumption in your home. From research studies, livestock contributes to 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Out of 14.5%, two-thirds of it is from livestock. But when you reduce meat consumption, you’re helping to lower this percentage. You see, when the demand for meat reduces, its production also reduces.

Thus, instead of consuming meat over five times weekly, you should reduce it to two. Alternatively, you can shift to plant proteins because they’ve got no impact on the planet. Plant proteins like beans, soya, and jackfruits are healthy for your body.


Getting Started

Finally, if your heart lies in saving the planet, then adapting to “Life The Green Way” will be easy. Of course, you will lose some of your comforts, but some benefits come with it. And following “Life The Green Way” is not something to worry about. If anything, you’ll gain from long-term benefits. Among the adjustments, you should make in your life is your cleaning strategy.

It’s important to avoid chemical cleaning agents and adopt clean and more natural alternatives, embracing “Life The Green Way.” However, if you hire professionals to do cleaning for you, simply call Equinox Cleaning Company. They’re at the forefront of the campaign for a green lifestyle, and part of their cleaning solutions is the green cleaning package. Call Equinox Cleaning Company to learn about their green solution and how it can help you live “Life The Green Way.”