Medical Facilities Cleaning

Medical Facilities Cleaning Services

When it comes to medicine, precision is vital. And at Equinox Cleaning Company, it’s no different. Our Medical Facilities Cleaning Services are undertaken by a highly trained and experienced team of cleaners. Furthermore, we also adhere to AORN, OSHA, and CDC strict guidelines to ensure your facility is compliant with those regulations.

With that said, contact Equinox commercial cleaning services in New Jersey to improve the health and safety of your medical facility.

Best Medical Facilities Cleaning Near Me - Equinox Cleaning

Besides the health of your clients at the facility, the health status of your staff is also vital. Remember, there are the backbones of the facility. And if anything was to happen to them, the operations in your medical facility would collapse.

And that’s why is important to contact Equinox Medical Facilities Cleaning services. Through our special cleaning program designed specifically for medical facilities, your patients will appreciate treatment in the safest space. And when it comes to staff, they’ll be more productive than before due to the refreshing environment they’re working in.

Our cleaning product not only involves a thorough cleaning of the medical facility, but also disinfection. Through cleaning, all the dirt will be expelled from your facility. And thanks to disinfection, invisible germs like viruses and bacteria will have no room on your premises. Please note, our disinfection solution is 99.99% effective.

Further, it’s allergen-free ensuring everyone in the facility will be comfortable. EPA rated, which means we’ve left no margin for error considering lives are at stake here. As such, our solution is non-irritating to the eyes, respiratory system, and skin. Also, it doesn’t leave behind odor or residue that might affect people in the facility. Therefore, you’ll have peace of mind during or after our cleaning services at the facility.

Best Medical Facilities Cleaning Near Me - Equinox Cleaning

Why Choose us for your Hospital Cleaning Services?

Guaranteed Cleanliness

Want to be certain whether your medical facility is thoroughly clean? Well, our team of experts will help you quantify the results through a thorough assessment. If there are unsatisfactory results, we’ll resolve that issue until we’re certain you’re content with our services.

We care about your Image and Security

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. To ensure we don’t jeopardize it in any way, the cleaners will be in full uniform. In addition, each one of them will provide a job ID card when needed. Also, they’ll wear name tags throughout the time they’re working at your facility.

Improve Quality of Indoor Air

Besides taking care of all the dirt and germs on services, we’ll also work on airborne allergens. Through HEPA filters, we will not only capture dirt but also some of the germs. And the outcome will be quality air for everyone to breathe.

We Use Microfiber Cleaning Clothe

Nothing runs across the board when it comes to cleaning in the medical industry like microfiber pieces of cloth. It’s known to have the potential to trap both germs and dirt on surfaces. And that’s exactly what our cleaners will use when cleaning your medical premises. Further, we’re also relying on color codes to ensure each piece of microfiber cleaning clothes serves a specific area. By doing so, we are avoiding cross-contamination.

Bathroom Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning bathrooms is an essential part of medical facility cleanliness. Since everyone uses the restrooms from patients to their caregivers and medical practitioners, those rooms are full of germs. To prevent surface-to-person contamination, we will carefully clean the bathrooms while in the right gear. After cleaning, we will disinfect the entire space to ensure are not cleaning on the surfaces.

What’s more, there will be special cleaning for specific areas with the highest number of touches. These areas are towel dispenser, faucets, flush handle, push plates and door handles

Champions for Safety, Hygiene & Health

Medical facility cleaning services by Equinox Cleaning Company always champion safety, hygiene, and health. Therefore, health and safety are always indispensable when it comes to our services. We rely on the best and most effective anti-germ cleaning products from the market. And even so, our choice of cleaning supplies cares about environmental health. And that means they’re non-toxic and friendly to everyone.

Disinfection Expert

Equinox Cleaning Services remains the leading company in medical facilities cleaning. And it’s all thanks to their expertise in disinfection.

Want to study more About Us?

Are you interested to learn more about Equinox Medical Facility Cleaning services? Well, here are FAQs for more enlightenment. Our expert cleaners use eco-friendly disinfection product that eradicates 99.99% of viruses and germs. With the option of wiping and spraying on surfaces, no germ is left.

Do you have a portal for customer Services?

Well, there’s one on our official site. Using your client’s details, you can access schedule cleanings, view reports, or contact one of the coordinators. Also, this portal allows you to pass any concerns effectively for quick resolutions.

Do you serve the entire nation?

Well, our specific area of focus, for now, is New Jersey and the surrounding region. Just search for commercial cleaning services in New Jersey and you’ll locate us.

When do you offer your cleaning services, after or during working hours?

Now, the times we report to clean your facility rely on your preference. If you feel daytime is best for cleaning, let us know. If you feel you need the place clean every night, we can also do that. However, we would recommend the least busy time of the day if you need cleaning services during working hours.

Which area or region do you cover?

Well, our commercial cleaning services are mostly for clients within New Jersey. Therefore, if you are from this region and you need commercial cleaning services near me, give us a call. Also, if your facility is nearby New Jersey, give us a call for a way forward.

Why should you hire Equinox Cleaning Services?

Well, you’re looking at the top industrial cleaning service in New Jersey. Offering standard cleaning services and custom plans, we’re very reliable. Also, we work with international cleaning supplies to prevent the probability of irritating fumes and scents. But most importantly:

  • We provide impeccable cleaning services
  • Expert crew
  • Service guarantee
  • Spotless pledge
  • eliminate pollutants
  • Offer deep cleaning
  • Prioritize safety

Our Philosophy

As a leading company in hospital cleaning services, we are focused on providing a hygienic space for patient recovery. Speaking of that, our philosophy as a company entails:

Equinox cleaning

Prioritize Safety

Feeling safe in a place you visit as part of your faith is essential. This is one of the reasons why we clean with superior products that are developed to international standards.

Deeper Cleaning

The Equinox Cleaning team appreciates that there’s more to cleaning than high-touch services. This is why we clean every corner, even the hidden areas, to create a germ-free environment.

Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

When you hire our church janitorial services, you don’t have to invest in any equipment. We bring our own supplies and specialist equipment.

Remove Pollutants

Our service also includes removing airborne irritants and dust, which ensures your church or house of worship is an inviting space.

Getting Started

Are you ready to employ professional commercial cleaning services for your medical facility? Well, Equinox Cleaning Services is at your disposal whenever you are ready to book an appointment. Just reach us online or contact us via telephone. To those seeking commercial cleaning services near me, we’re situated in Nutley, New Jersey. Just find Equinox Cleaning Services on your Google map radar and visit us at our offices. Or, you can just call to book our services.

Contact our friendly team to learn how we can keep your medical facility clean with
our ongoing, affordable, and highly professional service.

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