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Pressure Washing Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Professional Pressure Washing Cleaning NJ - Equinox CleaningAre you finding it hard to maintain your building’s exterior surfaces spotlessly clean? Well, struggle no more, because, at Equinox Cleaning, we’ve got pro pressure washing technicians to help you out. Pressure washing is an effective pressure washing cleaning technique when it comes to dirt and buildups on buildings’ exterior surfaces.

But even so, this cleaning strategy works best with the help of experts. That said, any attempt to employ unprofessional help could end as a disaster. For instance, the pressurized water can punch great holes on a wood surface, windows, or vinyl siding.  Also, it can erode cement from your wall or driveway.

But when used wisely by experts, the results are worth celebrating. For instance, Equinox Cleaning technicians in pressure washing can help your restore the original look of your driveway. They can help you clean wooden surfaces, vinyl siding, and windows without damaging them. And most importantly, they can help you revamp your home and give it the stunning appeal it deserves.

When it comes to business premises, the exterior appeal of a building plays a crucial role. It can determine whether clients will stop by your shop or consider other options. And this is because it dictates the first impression your clients will have about your business. While repainting the entire building could have a positive impact it’s too costly and takes time.

But with pressure washing by Equinox Cleaning technicians, you have a cost-effective and fast solution at hand. Within a short while, your building will reclaim its former striking appeal without costing you on painting and maintenances.

Equinox Cleaning has been providing this service for a long time, assuring you that they’ve enough experience. Providing commercial cleaning services, New Jersey, they are the best pick for local partnership.

Equinox Cleanings Difference in Pressure Washing

On matters of cleanliness and welfare of your building, Equinox Cleaning knows what’s best for your building. While our rivals entice clients with promises, our quality services speak for us. And thanks to our team of dedicated technicians, we remain ahead of them.

They’re not only experienced but also have unique expertise they employ to design a strategic cleaning approach with detailed attention. As an outcome, pressure washing cleaning by Equinox Cleaning provides an unrivaled superior result.

As a top-tier cleaning solution in New Jersey, we are aware of all the cleaning challenges one has to face. And thanks to such experiences, we always deliver remarkable results on time from pressure washing services. In addition, the state-of-art pressure washing equipment also plays a part in all our cleaning success. They enable us to revamp your building with ease and on time. 

Professional Pressure Washing Cleaning NJ - Equinox Cleaning

Pressure Washing Surfaces

Equinox Professional Pressure Washing Cleaning NJ - Equinox Cleaning

At Equinox Cleaning, no surfaces are impossible for us to clean. If the material can handle pressurized water, it’s something we clean. Besides our understanding of various building materials is what makes us an excellent choice.

By analyzing your building surface, our technician can determine the amount of pressure it can handle. As such, they can clean it without causing any damage. With that said, here are examples of surfaces we clean through pressure washing:

  • Aluminum, wood, cement, fiber, and vinyl siding and roofing
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios and Decks
  • Among Others

Benefits of Pressure Washing Services

Still, wondering if pressure washing is the ultimate cleaning solution for revamping and sanitizing your building exterior surface? Well, here are interesting benefits that will assure you that this is the right cleaning technique for your building:

Enhance General Appeal

Pressure washing by Equinox Cleaning focuses on restoring your building appeal besides cleanliness. Therefore, if your business has been struggling due to fewer clients, here is an indispensable benefit of pressure washing. By giving your building a newer look, clients will be more eager to explore what’s within it. In this case, your business will reap the benefits as it will also stand out.


Let’s face it, building repairs are very expensive, especially if they involve a large surface area. But that’s not the case with pressure washing. It provides similar results as building maintenance, but at an economical rate.

Therefore, if you want to refurbish your building’s external surfaces and its surroundings inexpensively, consider pressure washing by Equinox Cleaning. In addition, Equinox Cleaning offers custom services to those with specific budgets. Such a plan covers major services like deep cleaning without costing you so much.

Prevents Repair

“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” This is a quote that perfectly describes the habits of most building managers and owners. Unfortunately, it always ends up in costly repairs and cost of maintenance. Luckily, pressure washing rules out the need to worry about repair and maintenance fees. When your building receives a deep wash, things like dirt, grime, and mold that could cause damages are washed off.

Power Washing vs Pressure Washing

It’s no surprise when you see people confused which is which when it comes to these two cleaning techniques. For instance, both cleaning methods use pressurized water to get the job done. However, the difference comes in on the additional element, heat. During pressure washing, you only need pressurized water to clean surfaces.

On the other hand power washing also utilizes pressurized water but with something extra. And that’s heat. The power washing machine heats the water making this technique more aggressive. As a result, you’ll always find this strategy as the best option for eradicating mold and mildew.


With all the amazing details about pressure washing cleaning services, are you willing to try it out? Well, contact us for the best commercial cleaning services near me. Situated in New Jersey, come around, and let’s build a long-lasting partnership.

Remember, the external appeal of your building can influence the number of clients you can get. Also, it can dictate the value of your property if you decide to sell it. Therefore, don’t wait until the situation worsens yet you can avoid repair and maintenance through pressure washing.

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