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How to keep your House Clean and avoid Nasty Flu 

How to keep your House Clean and avoid Nasty Flu

There’s comfort in living in a clean and fresh-smelling home. And that’s why regular home cleaning is important. However, when flu season comes around, cleaning isn’t just important, it’s vital for your household. By keeping the surfaces clean and disinfected, you can reduce the spread of the flu virus and other germs.  

Further, if you’ve had an experience with the flu, then you’re aware of the frustrations that people go through. And that’s why curbing its spread in your home is crucial. As always, you can be 100% that you won’t catch the virus. While you may not get it from, your household, it’s easy to get it from outside. Even with the flu vaccine, you can still catch the flu.  

Luckily, you can increase the probability of you not catching the virus by maintaining your house clean always. But how do you deploy this strategy and protect your household from flue? Well, at the moment, you must be having an established cleaning routine. With a few tweaks to that cleaning routine, your home should be safe and flu-free. That said, here are ways to keep your house clean and avoid nasty flu. 

How to keep your House Clean and avoid Nasty Flu

Gather the Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies 

Chances are you might be having most of the supplies you need for cleaning and disinfection. But even so, there are important things to note before you begin the cleaning process. Let’s start:

Disinfectants vs. Cleaners 

For starters, you need to know the difference between disinfectants and cleaners. While most household cleaners can eliminate germs from surfaces, they are not as effective as disinfectants. And that’s why if you want to eliminate surface bacteria and viruses properly, you need a disinfectant.  

Using disinfecting wipes and sprays to clean surfaces guarantees the complete annihilation of germs, viruses, and bacteria.  That means the flu virus has no chance of spreading and wreaking havoc in your household. Therefore, when you’re buying the cleaning and disinfecting products, read the label first. It will help you know whether you’re getting a cleaner or disinfectant. 

Paper Towel vs. Cleaning Sponges 

Oftentimes, we use microfiber cloths, sponges, or any reusable material to clean our homes. Of course, there’s no problem with that if you are doing regular cleaning. But even so, you still need to clean these materials thoroughly once you’re done cleaning. Unless you do so, they will become the new breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  

When it comes to deep cleaning or regular cleaning during the flu season, you need to use Paper Towel. While it’s a personal decision to choose either of them, paper towels are more practical. And that’s because they’re disposable, therefore, there’s no chance of contaminating other surfaces with them. Also, they reduce the number of tasks in your least. When using a paper towel, you won’t have to clean them after use.

How to Use Disinfectants 

 To annihilate bacteria and viruses, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Oftentimes, this instruction is specific to the brand. Therefore don’t use your experience from one brand on another. 

A common mistake during cleaning is the use of disinfectant before cleaning the surface. And that’s not all; there is a recommended time that a disinfectant must remain on the surface before wiping it off.  

When clearing the disinfectant from the surface, use a moist cloth or towel. It will help eliminate chemical residue from the surface. And pay more attention to the countertops where you prepare or serve food on. 

Target the Hot Spots  

Let’s face it; disinfecting every surface at home is an impossible task, especially if you’re doing it alone. And if you are ever busy, even covering 50% of the surfaces at home will be a miracle. Therefore, if you are in a similar position, it’s better to target the germs hot spots in your home. Such areas include: 

  • Tables 
  • Remote controls 
  • bathroom surfaces 
    • Faucets 
    • Sinks 
    • Toilets 
    • Floors  
  • Touchpads 
  • computer keyboards  

While you focus on these hotspots, don’t leave out your phone. Phone screens are major hotspots for viruses and germs. Therefore, spare a few minutes to disinfect them. And since you touch your phone frequently every time you are in the public, ensure you disinfect it regularly. 

Clean Re-Usable supplies 

If you were using re-usable like sponges, microfiber cloths, and mops, you need to clean them afterward. You can clean the microfiber along with the laundry. However, when it comes to mops and sponges, you should soak them in hot water with soap. Cleaning these re-usable prevents the spread of germs in the following cleaning session.  

What if someone has flu? 

If a member in your household has flu, stay come and avoid panicking. There are steps you can leverage to keep the rest of the household safe from the flu. They include: 


Find one room in the house where you can quarantine the sick person. Ensure it has a bathroom or have an access to it. This will help reduce the spread of the flue through air and surfaces.  

Use Disposable  

All kinds of disposable will be resourceful in this case. Therefore, you can start with utensils, cups, and other items they may need. Also, provide them with a new toothbrush to prevent them from catching the flu again after recovering.  

You’ll need Laundry Sanitizers   

Washing bedding is not enough to contain the spread of the flu virus. Therefore, to eliminate this virus among other germs completely, use laundry sanitizers.  Bleach will be a great option in this case. And when you’re taking the clothes to the laundry, avoid direct contact. Keep the secure to prevent them from touching surfaces on your way to the laundry room.

Getting Started  

Feeling overwhelmed with the cleaning and disinfection you have to tackle? Well, let professionals assist you with the cleaning, especially the disinfection part. At Equinox Cleaning, your home will get a custom cleaning and disinfection plan.  We provide this because every household is unique and has different cleaning needs.  

Also, we want all our clients to be fully satisfied with our services. And since Flu season is not something to joke around with, our focus is on providing perfect services. Therefore, contact Equinox Cleaning today for professional commercial cleaning services in New Jersey.  

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