Break the green barrier in your life

Break the green barrier in your life

With the growing threat of climate crisis, we are seeing more people joining the fight to mitigate it. From citizen science to activism, individuals are employing various ways to curb this crisis. At the personal level, some are following environmentally conscious lifestyles. And we’re seeing the same at the career and business level.

There’s an adaption of a sustainable lifestyle. But even with all these efforts, there’s still the green barrier that’s countering individual efforts. And in this text, we’ll look at five different ways you can break the green barrier in your life. Let’s start:

  1. Stepping away from the Old Habits

Ever wonder why it’s tough for an alcoholic or a chain-smoker to quit drinking and smoking respectively? Well, there’s more to it than addiction. Over time, they’ve developed a habit of abusing these substances. And the power of habit is greater than you can imagine.

And it’s the same factor that’s affecting the transition to an Eco-life style. Breaking the old habit is quite hard for many. But what’s the reason for that? Well, habits are what define us individually. It contributes to your personality, the real image of you.

According to experts, it takes three weeks to forge a new habit. However, the challenge is breaking the old habits as you transition to the new ones.


Let’s face it, breaking the old habit and starting a new one instantly is a far-fetched idea. If anything, it’s impossible. However, with the right strategy, you can manage to abandon your bad old ways and transition to the new and good ones. In this case, you need to employ the new habit gradually as you break the old one bit by bit. With time, you will get used to the new habits and feel at ease abandoning the other.

With an eco-lifestyle, you can start by listing down the new lifestyle you want to adapt to. Further, you also need to demonstrate commitment because the transition will not be that easy. In this course, you need all the assistance you could access. For instance, you should join the green lifestyle groups on social media. You can also read logs with tips to transition to it.

  1. Accessibility, pricing, and costs

Cost ranks among the major drawbacks to a green lifestyle. From buying simple things like a thermos flask to major household investments like an electric car, it’s expensive to adopt the eco-lifestyle. And the same trend can be seen in the fashion industry. Sustainable clothes are unaffordable to an average person.


When it comes to fashion or buying clothes, there’s always an alternative means that’s less harmful. And that’s the thrift shops. Second-hand clothes have a lower carbon footprint compared to new ones. As such, you will exert less impact on the environment in your quest for a sustainable lifestyle.

And the same can apply to other items. For example, buying second-hand unsustainable products means you have less impact on the environment. You are simply using what’s already available. Therefore, there’s no carbon footprint from processing a new one.

  1. Lack of courage and self-esteem to be different

This is a major barrier that many people seem to be ignoring. While some people may be willing to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, they feel ashamed because it makes them different. Truth be told, who wants to be a guest who turns down a steak during dinner?

Or perhaps a buzzkill who complains why people are using disposable plastic utensils at a party. No one, right. And that’s because there’s hardly a good reputation for being an eco-warrior. People will find you weird, especially those who know nothing about eco-lifestyle.


So, how do you overcome all this peer pressure? Well, it’s simple, always remember the big picture. But that’s not all, you must be confident and don’t allow people to push you around because of your new lifestyle. Embracing this approach makes it easy to block criticism and feel less awkward in various venues.

  1. Convenience

The greatest setback in the green approach is convenience. Plastic products among others from non-renewable sources offer convenience, one thing that everyone needs. On the other hand, green products fall behind on this. For example, buying a takeaway coffee is very convenient. After using the cup, you simply toss it. You don’t have to carry it around or even worry about how to clean it.


Luckily, there’s a way around this barrier. You simply need to tailor your green lifestyle and make it convenient. For example, if you love takeaway coffee, but still want to avoid disposable cups, simply carry a reusable coffee cup. You can have one at home, at the office, and in your car.

  1. Herd Mentality

As far as the work policies go, there’s no single rule that bans employees from employing a sustainable working habit. But the major challenge is people assuming a personality that doesn’t exist in the name of work. You will find some people wasting resources just because it’s a trend in the workplace. And this is what we call herd mentality. It’s one of the barriers to a sustainable lifestyle.


While maintaining your reputation and connection with your colleagues may be important, you can still exercise the green initiative. You only need to employ this lifestyle at your desk. In your cubicle, you can uphold the green lifestyle starting from the company resources to the disposal of waste.

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Getting Started

Finally, the transition to a sustainable lifestyle is not an easy course. It requires total commitment. Most importantly, the decision to take this route must be personal. Cause, that’s the only way to succeed in this. Further, you should connect with people following the green initiative. And they will help you transition to it smoothly without falling behind due to old habits.

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