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Simple and Easy Ways to Go Green Now

Simple and Easy Ways to Go Green Now

At this point, we cannot deny the facts and ignore reality. Climate change is here and multiple regions across the world are experiencing it. As such, this calls for the need to take action and mitigate the impact. That said, going green is one of the simple yet effective means of minimizing climate change.

But not everyone has huge resources to invest in this. Fortunately, there are simple and easy ways to go green now. With these strategies, everyone has the opportunity to contribute to a better tomorrow. Without further ado, here they are:

  • Less Laundry

Don’t freak out over this. When we say less laundry, it doesn’t mean you should wear dirty and unsightly clothes to work or any other place. It simply means reducing the rate of doing laundry. Instead of wearing clothes and then tossing them into the washer, you should wear them twice or thrice. Thereafter, you can clean them. Doing this will save water and also reduce the number of cleaning products getting into the environment.

  • Precycle

Do you know about recycling? Well, precycle is a more sophisticated approach. With this concept, you don’t just buy products and then recycle their packages. Instead, you take into account the amount of packaging in given products before buying.

Simply, you can buy items in bulk to reduce the number of packages to recycle. Similarly, you can buy products paired together with alternatives like rubber bands instead of plastic wraps.

To help you with this strategy, consider the lifespan of the product you’re getting. How long will it take to replace it? If you’ll need another after one or two weeks, then it makes sense to buy it in bulk. Doing this reduces your trip to the store cutting down fuel consumption. And it also reduces the number of recycling materials you have to deal with.

  • Avoid or Reduce Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners contribute significantly to the pollution of water bodies around the world. Therefore, if you want to minimize the environmental impact of these products, choose organic or green alternatives. Like their chemical counterparts, green cleaners can handle all types of dirt and grime. For a more sustainable approach, choose green cleaners with recyclable packages.

  • Green Pest Controls for Lawn Care

A well-manicured lawn complements a home. As a result, we often rely on chemicals to keep pests and diseases away. After all, that has been the tradition for a very long time. Unfortunately, some of these chemicals are poisonous to not only pests but to everything around.

Luckily, there are green pest control options if you want the same result without affecting the environment. It’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t leave behind toxic residues. With this approach, you’ll keep the environment, your pet, and your family safe as well.

  • Try Carpooling

How many cars do you have at home? Well, you can reduce your family’s carbon footprint through carpooling. It’s a simple yet effective technique. Simply, share the same car with your kids on their way to school.

Also, if your spouse is working as well, you can all travel together in the morning and evening. You can push the effectiveness of this approach further by getting your neighbors on board. You can share the car with neighbors while going to work or even during shopping.

  • Go Paperless

How many emails do your receive daily, weekly, or monthly? Many, right. But did you know this is not good for the environment? It increases the number of waste you have to dispose of or recycle. On the other hand, it encourages the cutting of trees to meet the demand for paper.

However, if you take a paperless approach such as receiving mail online, it helps minimize paper waste getting into the environment. It also relieves the pressure on natural resources, specifically trees.

  • Avoid Disposable Bottles

Disposable bottles, especially for drinking water are major pollutants to the environment. Since it takes over four centuries to decompose, they are a major menace. But through simple practice like using a reusable water bottle, you can help protect the environment.

  • Hire Green Cleaning Company

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at home or on the business premise is important. These are two areas we spend a significant part of our day interacting with. And with a green cleaning approach, you can make them even healthier. The chemical cleaners often leave behind toxic residues.

Whether they’re in the air or left on the surface, they often end up in our bodies causing health damage. Further, a significant portion of these chemicals ends up in the wastewater. Due to poor purification and disposal of wastewater, these chemicals always end up in the environment.

In the environment, they not only destroy living organisms, but they also find their way back to our households. Just think about it, the chemical in the environment will either end up in water bodies or groundwater systems. To access the drinking water, we often drill the borehole or get it from water bodies.

To avoid this sort of damage, green cleaning solutions are the best way to go. Even better, you can hire a green cleaning company to assist you with professional commercial cleaning services. They have a clear understanding of green cleaning when providing this service to their clients.

They will eliminate dirt on your premise by employing an environmentally friendly approach. With their services, your premise will be free from toxic chemical residues. A good example of such companies is Equinox Commercial Cleaning Company in New Jersey.

Simple and Easy Ways to Go Green Now


Getting Started

 Finally, going green simply means avoiding lifestyle and practices that harm the environment. This approach helps prevent the adverse effects of climate change. However, it doesn’t have to be a drastic change in your lifestyle. Taking this approach may overwhelm you with or without the resources to undertake it.

However, taking small steps like hiring a green cleaning company, precycling, less laundry, avoiding chemical cleaners and others are significant contributions. On the matter of green cleaning, you can trust the services of Equinox Cleaning Company.

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