How to simply Get Silly Putty Out of Fabric

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simply Get Silly Putty Out of Fabric

How to simply Get Silly Putty Out of Fabric

Silly Putty is an extremely annoying greasy material made out of synthetic rubber patented as a Children’s toy by General Electric. Getting Silly Putty out of clothes is extremely challenging as it sticks to cloth like glue and does not let go. Even if it does, there is a high chance that Silly Putty Stains will remain.
This article will talk about simple ways you can remove Silly Putty Stains and the material itself out of any piece of fabric, which is usually shirts and jeans.

Use White Vinegar:

White Vinegar is available in most homes. It is used to remove different kinds of stains from cloth and carpet. This time, we will use it to remove Silly Putty Stains from Clothes. The process is quite straightforward. You need to have white vinegar and water mixed in a 2: 1 consistency. You can use a simple cloth and dampen the affected area lightly with the solution. You should be able to scrape the synthetic goo away until all of it goes away. If you are worried about the silly putty odor, you can use perfume or any baking soda to remove the stench.

Use WD-40:

WD-40 is generally the best decomposer you can find on a supermarket or hardware store shelf. It is an excellent abrasive and can remove even the toughest stains. It is not so different for Putty Stains on Clothes as well. Remember to use WD-40 in an open area as it has quite a strong smell and is flammable. When you’ve understood the precautions, lightly spray the WD-40 on the affected area and then scrape the goo off with a knife. It should peel off quite easily.

Use Hand-Sanitizer:

Hand-Sanitizers are surprisingly the strongest concentrates when it comes to removing Putty Stains on Clothes. They are extremely strong and, thankfully, do not leave an odor. Their strong nature is mainly due to the fact that they have 65% ethanol mixed in them. This gives them the strong abrasive nature that is perfect for removing the goo off. Do remember that hand-sanitizers are not purely ethanol. So, they might end up staining your fabric. You should not let them sit for too long and should always be very vigilant in putting them on fabric as they might leave a permanent stain in some extreme cases.

Use Vodka:

Vodka is, of course, pure alcohol, and it does not leave a stain on your fabric no matter how long the silly putty stayed onto the fabric. You might probably face an issue because Vodka is generally more expensive, and you can probably manage to remove the Putty stain from your clothes with the cheaper options mentioned above.
However, whatever method you choose, always scrape the remaining goo off with a knife, or else the stain might become permanent if you do not cater to it properly.


Putty Stains are one of the harder stains to remove from clothes. However, with the methods mentioned above, it should be a bit easier. For normal putty stains on clothes, we recommend that you start with WD-40 as it should do the trick most of the time. However, whatever method you choose, always scrape the remaining goo off with a knife, or else the stain might become permanent if you do not cater to it properly.


What dissolves Silly Putty?
If you’re still having trouble removing the silly putty from the blanket/fabric, try dissolving it with lipstick, brake fluid, etc. You can also use brake fluid because Silly Putty dissolves in petroleum-based products. Rubbing alcohol can also dissolve the silly putty.
Will vinegar remove Silly Putty?
Yes, vinegar can remove Silly Putty. You can use vinegar to remove some of the Silly Putty from the couch. Pour some white vinegar onto a dry and clean rag and rub it onto the stain to remove it completely.
How do you remove dried slime from fabric?
Use ice cubes and freeze the slime on the fabric. Then, scrape the frozen slime away from the fabric. It will not remove all the slime, but it will reduce the amount of slime as much as possible. Take any liquid detergent and massage it gently onto the stains to remove it completely.
How do you remove Silly Putty from hair?
You can try using baby oil or a hair conditioner along with warm water to remove the putty from the hair. Make sure to massage the product around the affected area and comb it thoroughly. Wash hair with water after you have removed the silly putty.

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    Scrape off as much putty as possible. Use ice cubes to chill the putty making it easier to scrape away. Saturate a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and blot the stained area. If stain persists, rub liquid dish soap into the stain and wash as normal.

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      Silly Putty is stretchy and sticky and fun to play with, but it can make a mess when it gets stuck on clothes. Thankfully, there are a few different methods you can use to remove Silly Putty from fabric. By applying rubbing alcohol or WD-40 or even freezing the fabric, you can remove stains and stop worrying about having a permanent Silly Putty reminder on your clothes.

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