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How to Clean Hair Brushes

Hair Brushes

How to Clean Hair Brushes

With your hairbrush, you can detangle hair and smooth strands. And in some instances, you can use it to perfect your hairstyle. But due to frequent use of a hairbrush, it can get gross pretty quick. Unfortunately, we never realize or we simply choose to ignore it. It can retain dandruff, hair products, dust, dirt, and oil over time.

When you use it once again without cleaning, all these messes end up on your hair. Therefore, if you want to comb your hair and smooth it perfectly, cleaning your hairbrush isn’t an option. It will ensure unwanted residues don’t mess up your hair or beauty in general. With that said, here’s how to clean hair brushes:

Why should you clean your hairbrushes?

Daily, we lose between 50 and 100 hairs according to research at the American Academy of Dermatology. Therefore, every time you comb your hair, they stick to the bristle. Also, the scalp loses dead skin daily.  When you combine these two, environment dust and hair products, your hairbrushes can get filthy. Without cleaning it, all these residues and build-up will end up on your hair every time you comb it.

How to Clean Hair Brushes

How frequently should you clean hairbrushes?

There’re no written policies on how often you should clean your hairbrushes. It depends on how quickly they get dirty. Also, it has to do with the type of hair products you are using. That said, here are instructions to assist you to set a cleaning routine for your hair brushes:

  • Weekly

Do you often use gels, styling cream, or hairspray? Then you need to clean your brush weekly.

  • After two to three weeks

Well, this cleaning pattern applies to those who don’t use hair products. That means their brushes take time to get dirty.

  • Make cleaning simple

After every few days, remove hairs from the brushes. You can follow the hair removal technique explained above.

Steps on how to clean hair brushes

  1. Hair Removal

There are two major types of hairbrushes we frequently use, the round brush and the flat brush. Let’s look at how to remove hair from both:

  • Round Brush

Use the pointy end of a rat tail comb to loosen the hair at the bottom of the brush. You can target one place at a time until you completely clean the entire brush. Where the hair is too entangled to remove, you can use scissors to cut for easy removal. However, use the scissor carefully to avoid shaving the bristles. If you don’t have a rat tail comb, then you can use any other pointy object. Try pencils, pens, screwdrivers, or ice picks.

  • Flat brushes

When cleaning a flat brush, the normal comb is quite resourceful. You can use it to comb the hair out of the bristles. As you would normally use it on your head, start from the bottom going up. This action will help you remove all the hair at the bottom, mid, and on top of the bristles. Also, you can use pointed items like a toothpick to loosen tough hairs on the bristles.

  1. Submerge and Shake
  • Put warm water in a bowl

Take a bowl and fill it with warm water. It can also be your sink. Thereafter, add a small amount of gentle shampoo and mix it to create froth. To enhance the cleaning potential of this solution, add baking soda, two teaspoons are enough. And then mix it again.

  • Submerge the brush

If you’re cleaning a plastic brush, submerge it entirely. Leave in the solution for three to five minutes. However, if it comes with soft padding, then you should only deep the bristles. Allow the padding to stay on top of the solution dry.

  • Wooden brushes

Wooden brushes are very sensitive to solutions, especially water, therefore don’t submerge them. Only Sink the bristles in the solution and leave the other sections out. In the solution, the wooden part can lose its finish.

  • Submerge and shake

Once the dipping time is over, remove the brush and shake it hard in the air. This act will dislodge product build-up, dead skin, dead skin, and oil from the bristles. And if your brush was mildly dirty, then most of the dirt will be out after this part.

  1. Scrub with a Toothbrush

This step is essential if your brush is very dirty. The toothbrush will reach the base and scrub off tough dirt plus remaining hairs. This technique is also great for removing build-ups that are greasy due to oil, dirt, and hair product residues.

But before you begin scrubbing the dirt, dip your toothbrush in soapy water. And when you’re scrubbing the brush, target each bristle for a satisfying outcome. Also, start from the base going up. And don’t forget the edges where there might be buildups.

  1. Rinse

After cleaning your brush and the outcome is perfect, you can now rinse it. Using tap water with pressure will do. And if the base bristle has a large space, you can use a cloth to wipe it clean.

  1. Dry

Lastly, place your brush somewhere clean and allow it to dry. On top of a paper towel or clean clothe will be great.

Getting Started

Undoubtedly, forgetting to clean your comb is very easy. However, if you want to have perfectly good-looking hair, cleaning the brush is a must. However, it doesn’t have to be a frustrating task every time. Regularly cleaning your hairbrush prevents the build-up of dirt making it simple to clean every time.

That aside, how clean is your bathroom? Well, an unkempt bathroom sometimes is the reason why your beauty accessories are not clean. When you have a sparkly place to shower and dress up, it compels you to maintain everything around there clean. But this being a more strenuous job than hairbrush cleaning, professional assistance can reduce your burden.

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