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Your Microwave Guide

Your Microwave Guide

Your Microwave Guide

A microwave is one of the household appliances that make life easier and more comfortable. Whether you are warming food or preparing a meal, the microwave makes the process simple and convenient. However, it is susceptible to dirt like any other appliance in the kitchen. And its major nemesis is the grease buildup after using it for a while. Luckily, cleaning the grease from this appliance is not a tough job.

If anything, you can include it in your regular cleaning chores. In this case, we’ve got a how-to clean greasy vent guide for your microwave. Read on:

Commercial Degreaser

If you prefer commercial products when it comes to the cleanliness of your household appliances, we’ve got one for you. All-purpose cleaner is the best pick if you are targeting greasy vents. However, when choosing one from the store, confirm the smell. Some of them come with a strong odor that may displease you. More often, the type and strength of the odor depend on its formulation.

Also, cleaning products for stove tops and range hoods, specifically for grease apply to greasy microwaves. Just follow the application direction and you will get a desirable outcome. However, if they are spray cleaning products, take caution. Like grease, they can also get into vents and clog them. For best results, soak a rag in the cleaning product and use it to clean the vents. This is better than spraying the vents directly with the product.

Top Household Degreasers

Well, you don’t have to get a commercial degreaser to clean grease off your microwave vents. There are household products you can combine and create an effective degreaser. Further, these items are all organic allowing you to create a natural degreaser. Even when you don’t have them, you can simply afford them with ease. They don’t cost much in the store. These items include vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.

  • Lemon Juice

For starters, let’s look at how lemon juice is an effective degreaser. First, take two lemons, cut them in half, and squeeze their juices into a bowl. Add three cups of water to the bottle and stir to create a mixture. Thereafter, place that bowl in the microwave and set it to heat for 120 seconds.

Afterward, do not open the microwave; leave the bowl inside with its content for 10 minutes. The steam from the mixture will soften the grease inside the microwave vents and surfaces. As such, you will have an easy time wiping it off with a clean damp cloth.

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar

These are common items in all households due to their multipurpose nature. First, put four cups of water in a bowl. Thereafter, add baking powder. A few tablespoons should be enough. Take a clean towel and dip it in this mixture. Thereafter, use it to wipe inside the oven. In another bowl, mix two equal volumes of vinegar and water.

Place the bowl in the microwave and then heat the mixture for 120 seconds. As it steams, do not open the microwave. Allow the steam to work for 10 minutes. Thereafter, use a damp clean cloth to wipe off the grease and your oven will be clean.

Degreasing Your Microwave

When you have the right cleaning solution to use, removing grease from your microwave isn’t a tough job. It’s something you can manage in less than 15 minutes depending on the approach you’re taking. You may need a few more minutes depending on the level of grease you’re handling.

1st Step: Wiping the Inside Surface

First, eliminate all food debris in the microwave whether they are on the walls or the surface. Doing this should reduce the amount of mess you will deal with handling the greasy vents. To handle this, you will need a paper towel or damp cloth. If you’re using other cleaning methods besides steaming, you should remove the carousel and plate from your microwave. Thoroughly clean them with soapy water and a towel.

2nd Step: Interior Cleaning

Take your cleaning product and prepare a cleaning solution according to the right instructions. Soak a clean towel in it, and then use it to wipe the oven interior. Ensure you target all the events and grease within them in this step. If possible, scrub gently to get all the grease out.

3rd Step: Dry the Appliance

You will need paper towels or dry towels for this step. After cleaning and rinsing your appliance, wipe it with a clean towel. Afterward, leave the door open for several hours. It will allow hidden spaces to air dry. Meanwhile, an open door allows the lingering odor to dissipate.

4th Step: Exterior Cleaning

Once the oven interior is sparkly clean, you can proceed to the exterior surface for a complete look. Cleaning the external surface isn’t complicated. You only need a clean damp cloth. Alternatively, you can use the cleaning product you were using for degreasing to wipe it clean. After cleaning it, use a paper towel or dry towel to dry it.

Stove Filter Cleaning

Sometimes the grease in your microwave vents is a result of unkempt stove filters. This is true if your microwave is above the range. Therefore, you will need to clean the stove filter to improve its performance.

For starters, remove the filter below your microwave. Thereafter, use warm soapy water and a brush to wash it clean. If the filter is too dirty, soak it in a degreasing cleaning solution. After it dries up, put it back to complete your work.

Equinox cleaning New Jersey Microwave

Getting Started

Cleaning the greasy vents in your microwave requires patience. If you rush into getting the job done, the chances of creating a bigger mess are higher. In some instances, you may even block the vents further. If you need help with this chore because of your busy schedule, contact Equinox Cleaning, New Jersey. They have technicians with a specialty in handy household appliances like a microwave.

In addition, you can engage them in cleaning other appliances in your home. The cleaner they ate the more efficient they will be. Further, they have efficient cleaning products that won’t leave behind residues in your microwave. As such, you will not encounter strong scents after they are through with their work.

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