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Good Motives To Go Green To Save Our Mother Earth

Good motives to go green to save our mother earth

Ever wonder why it’s crucial to go green and save our mother Earth? Well, it happens to be the only habitable planet in our solar system. But that’s not all, it’s the only one with the existence of life. Therefore, it’s more than enough reason to conserve and protect it from all harm causing human activities.

Most critically, the survival of the human race depends on a thriving planet. From water to food, it provides us with some of the basic items that you can’t find anywhere else. Thus, it’s everyone’s responsibility to promote awareness and the need to go green.

That being said, here are good motives to go green to save our mother earth:

Good motives to go green to save our mother earth

Source of Water and Food

Even as in-house farming is quickly gaining global attention, farming on lands remains the major source of food. Therefore, we cannot run away from the fact that we still need a healthy and thriving planet for food. Besides, our main source of drinking water across the world is underground and large water bodies.

Therefore, if we let pollution and depletion of natural resources go on, we are all doomed. Whether it’s garbage or chemicals finding their way into the environment, they are a major threat to human existence. Polluting water bodies, for instance, reduces the availability of freshwater that’s in short supply already.

Therefore, it’s about time we all take the go green course and save mother earth. Most importantly, we must work together in raising awareness and discouraging pollution-causing processes. When you have the right ecological balance, the planet becomes the safest place to inhabit.


Biodiversity plays an integral role in the survival of all life forms on the planet. And it’s all thanks to it that we co-exist. Both animals’ and plants’ co-existence depends on diversity. Unfortunately, due to the human appetite for wealth and resources, biodiversity is at risk. The destruction of the environment is causing the extinction of some species creating an imbalance gradually.

Therefore, we need to restore it through the go green campaign. By championing a healthy planet, we’re promoting biodiversity as well. Thus, it’s important to start now and not wait until it’s too late.

It’s the only habitable planet

We can’t run away from the fact that earth is the only planet that supports life. And that’s why we should treat the green initiative as an urgent matter. It’s the only home that can support the human race among other life forms. As such, everyone should depart from activities, services, and products that are negatively affecting it.

Environmental Preservation

The major idea or objective of going green is environmental preservation. For years, we’ve been battling our environment for no good reason. While the focus is on the importance of resources within it, we forget that it’s still our home. From dumping toxic waste on the environment, we’ve been waging a war against ourselves. And that’s because when the planet succumbs to the pressure, we are the ones to suffer.

In the worst-case scenario, we might bring an end to our existence. To protect and preserve the environment, we need to take the sustainable route. Undoubtedly, it’s not an easy course, but there’s more at stake. We need to avoid a lifestyle that keeps on harming the environment. Starting with the products, services, and activities, we need eco-friendly alternatives.

Instead of clearing forests for more land, why can’t we maximize the available space. We need the trees to stabilize environmental temperature and cleanse the air we breathe. They are also potent solutions to global warming due to their capacity to absorb CO2 from the air. As such, they help maintain a balance. But when we cut these trees, we’re destroying the balance allowing toxic acid to take over the atmosphere. On the other hand, oxygen get’s depleted.

Resources Conservation

Unfortunately, most natural resources are limited. Therefore, conserving them is an important part of greening campaigning. This concept support use of recyclable materials instead of taping on resources to create more. As a result, we end up with less waste and conserve our resources consequently. Further, the production of a product for the raw material is energy taxing compared to creating it from recycled products.

Low Production of Waste

Waste is a top challenge that the environment is facing today. Poor disposal of waste not only pollutes the soil but the water and air as well. And it’s unfortunate, that our population can generate more waste than its capacity to manage it. Because of these, there’s room for poor disposal. And at the end, it haunts us through poor air quality, polluted water sources, and poor soils.

With the green approach, we have a chance to save our planet. It means reducing waste through recycling, and proper disposal. Also, it requires the use of biodegradable products that can easily disintegrate and become soil. At your home, you can also help with the disposal of organic wastes like food. Just dig a pit deep enough and bury this waste.

Energy Conservation

Go green strategy isn’t complete until it addresses energy conservation. Around the world, a significant number of power companies rely on fossil fuels to produce and supply power. As such, they emit a significant quality of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. But when you conserve energy in your home or business, you’re reducing the demand. As a household, you’re simply reducing your carbon footprint.

Final Take

Earth is a source of vital resources that sustains life and inanimate things. Unfortunately, due to human activities, we’re causing irreversible damage. As a result, the health of the planet keeps on degrading as time passes by. But through the go green campaign, we can enlighten everyone on the need to protect it.

Also, deploying this notion helps create a healthy environment that’s vital for our wellbeing. Occupying a healthy and thriving environment improves our quality of life. Additionally, it’s a collective responsibility to promote awareness and the need to go green.

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    There’s a growing buzz among buyers about eco-friendly homes. And what’s not to like: Green homes use sustainable materials that are better for the environment, and have lower utility bills and healthful air.

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      Green Homes are Environmentally Responsible
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