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Things you should not do when cleaning your fridge 

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Things you should not do when cleaning your fridge

When it comes to the refrigerator, it is important to follow the instructions carefully. Learn more about things you should not do when cleaning your fridge.

Cleaning home appliances is just as important as ensuring that they work properly. Whichever home appliance is being used, it must be cleaned on a regular or frequent basis to guarantee that it is functioning efficiently. The cleaning instructions are specific to each piece of equipment.  

And your fridge is no different. For many people in most kitchens, the refrigerator is a secure haven. Whether you’re looking for a piece of fruit or a quick dinner to reheat, the fridge has you covered. Here are some don’ts that you should avoid when cleaning to achieve long-lasting results.

  • Never put hot shelves back in 

Ever had that experience of cracking utensils because of keeping them in hot water? Well, never wish for that to happen to you. Therefore, carefully remove the shelves and crispers drawers from your fridge. And make sure you keep them in the dishwasher with water at room temperature.  

After cleaning them, ensure the shelves are not warm when you return them to the fridge. And that’s because temperature fluctuation can damage them. If that happens, it will cost you new shelves and crispers.

  • Avoid expired foods in the fridge 

Checking the items expiring date can save your fridge. Whether it’s monthly or weekly cleaning, ensure you check each pack’s expiring date. It will help you know exactly how long your food staff will last, and also the period remaining before expiration. Ensure your cleaning is done from the lid of the containers to the outer part. This helps to ensure no stain is left. Also, this prevents foods stored previously from remaining in them. Before storing back food in the same container give it time to air.

  • Do not use harsh cleaners 

It is okay to have food staffs pour on your fridge. However not cleaning the spills is not a good idea. It can lead to bad smells and can ruin the safety of your fridge. There are so many products you can be advised to use while cleaning your fridge. Well, some of them can be harsh and can ruin your precious fridge.  


Also, never use a sponge that you clean with the utensil. It is not healthy to use the same sponge on your fridge. Soaps with a strong scent are not good for the foods you store in. It is advisable to take caution on what to use while handling the inner surfaces of the fridge. New clean soap and sponge are decent and safe. In case you meet tough stains, you can use a soft kitchen brush.

  • Never live the fridge on when cleaning the coil 

Keep the fridge and you safe by unplugging before cleaning. Having an encounter with power shock is not an experience you would like to have. Make sure when you handling the coil, the plug is off. Vacuum cleaners are good for dusting, use them to dust your coil, it gets access to both the inner and outer parts perfectly. Cleaning is very important to your refrigerator since it enhances its lifespan. Dusting the coil also helps it to be well ventilated and improves efficiency.

  • Avoid soap and water on stainless steel 

Having a clean surface that has no fingerprints and smudges is good for your home. On most occasions when you clean, avoid soaps and water to get a good job done. Steel reacts first with water and corrodes.  When soapy water dries, on the other hand, it will form stains that are not appalling to your eyes.  

Spraying steel helps it shine more, and reduces the stain. Therefore, choosing a spray also is important. To ensure it has a good odor, the smell must be friendly to foods. Strong sprays are not good for food. And they may lead to food poisoning.

  • Do not postpone cleaning your fridge 

Postponing cleaning your fridge is the worse move, you will bring more harm and more stain when cleaning. Make sure when you pour food, you clean it immediately this will make it much easy to clean it. When you delay taking the cleaning action, you have to encounter bad smells and tuff stains. And that is not what you want to happen to you. This in return makes it old. So never postponed cleaning your fridge it will not end up good.

  • Never use bleach to clean your fridge. 

Avoid any products that have any bleaching detergent inside your fridge. ‘Cause this will affect both your fridge and the products in the fridge. “What worse can happen when your fridge is bleached “can’t imagine that too. Taking caution on the products you use to get rid of tough stains is important. When you get stubborn stains, the best way to go about is using white vinegar. It will help make your work easy without getting any damage to your products.

  • Do not skip deep cleaning your fridge 

Cleaning helps keep everything fresh, having a thorough cleaning will help you know your product better. In addition, paying attention to the rules in the manufacturer’s list helps. You should remove all the food, shelves, and drawers while cleaning. When cleaning, you need to start from the freezer to the bottom. This ensures that there are no spills on surfaces you’ve cleaned. Also, consider cleaning the knobs and handles. Make sure your schedule for cleaning the fridge is followed.

  • Do not use the wrong disinfectant 

Always be aware of the right disinfectant to use on your fridge knobs and handles. Picking the wrong choice is the worse experience, imagine having purchased something you cannot use, this is a waste of your money, and time. Always consider checking the ingredients before buying, and ensure the smell is good.

Getting Started  

Whether you’re deep cleaning or just cleaning regularly, it’s best to get the best outcomes possible, which is why it’s best to do it right the first time. Appliances serve us well if we care for and maintain them. Nevertheless, if they are not maintained, they can become a hazard. This saves you money on maintenance because a refrigerator ensures that your food is bacteria-free and as fresh as ever. 

There’s also a helping hand if you need it. Equinox cleaning services for example can help you with fridge cleaning among other cleaning chores. Contact them for more details on commercial, professional cleaning services in New Jersey.  

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