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How to make your own Hand Sanitizer

How to make your own Hand Sanitizer

Living in an environment free from microorganisms has always been a prime practice of healthy living. Since the onset of Covid-19,
sanitization has become an essential aspect of our daily lives. With a wide array of commercial hand sanitizers to choose from, you can get almost any type of hand sanitizer. 

Hand sanitizers can also be prepared from home. This is essential when you have run out of commercial ones. Also, this is ideal when you are looking into preparing a custom hand sanitizer with a personal taste to it.   

If prepared right, the homemade hand sanitizer can be as effective as one that has been produced commercially. Here are some of the easy-to-follow methods that you can follow to make a homemade hand sanitizer. If interested to make your hand sanitizer let’s get to work.
How to make your own Hand Sanitizer

Method one: 

Cleaning hands is a sure way to kill germs, let me guide you on how to make your own quality sanitizer. 

The requirement to make the process a success 

This first method requires you to have four cups of isopropyl alcohol 99%, hydroperoxide3%, and a quarter cup of water. Make sure you have a clean container. You may also need some extra small containers to help you divide the product. 

You can still do half the ingredients or even double depending on the size of sanitizer you need. 

Steps to follow when making the sanitizer  

Clean hands are the way to go, make sure all the products you are using should be clean and dry. Start the process by pouring the isopropyl alcohol into the container, and then add hydroperoxide. This provides the power to fight the bacteria that may be found on the hands. 

When you’re handling the hydroperoxide, ensure it does not come into contact with your skin. Because it may lead to discomfort, that is not the feeling you would like to encounter. You then add in the glycerin to help provide a good smooth hand texture and also provide moisturizing power. Add in water and stir the whole mixture to make it blend well. Then store in quality clean containers and away from sunlight. 

 To get good results live it to continue blending in for seventy-two hours and more before using. This will allow the hydroperoxide to take the action of destroying the germs present. After the duration, you will be in a good position to use it. 

Your product should have 60% alcohol content needed to fight the germs, to prove how effective it is, you can also use an alcoholmeter to test how active it is in fighting germs. 


Method two:

The ingredients you need are: 

In our second method, we will need a two-third cup of rubbing alcohol, a third cup of aloe Vera, and five drops of essential oil to give good-smelling power. Also, we’ll need a clean dry container. It is important to have all ingredients since this will make it easy to follow instructions. 

Guideline on how to make the sanitizer 

Every product needs a procedure to make, ensure you pour the rubbing alcohol into a clean container, then add the Aloe Vera into the container and stir till they mix. The Aloe Vera plays a role in providing a moisturizing effect on your hands. On the other hand, Alcohol provides you with the power of disinfecting by fighting germs. Then pour drop by a drop of the essential oil and allow it to blend keep stirring. 

Sanitizers tend to have that strong scent that irritates your nose, this is due to a large amount of alcohol. Well, get a good essential oil that will help balance and cover the strong smell of alcohol. Use your preferred flavor to give your product more confidence, we all have our preferences it may be oranges or lavender to give you the perfect sanitizer you need at home. 

Ensure you label all the containers.

Method three: 

Things you need to make a sanitizer.  

In this method, there will be the use of isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, and bottle spray. To make our sanitizer from these items, we need to combine twelve fluids of rubbing alcohol, which is used to help in the killing of germs. Also, you will require two teaspoons of glycerol to live your hands smooth and prevent them from drying. 

How to make a hand sanitizer 

Let’s start the preparation by putting the isopropyl alcohol into a clean container. Thereafter, place one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you boil water and let it cool. Do not use hot water else you will not get results. Add the water and ensure you stir till it blends in. 

For better results, the alcohol content should always be higher than the water content this helps the energy of alcohol to kill germs. And this makes your sanitizer good. In addition, make sure that you will give it time before you get to use it for the mixture to be effective. To store it, place the final product into a spray bottle and give it time to settle and become effective. Now you can freely use it to sanitize your hands. Make sure you follow the instruction for better and good results.


WHO has cautioned against making a homemade hand sanitizer. However, it can be an ideal choice when you are out of options. The best practice is frequent hand-washing with soap and water. And if you need sanitizers, then struggle no more. You should use the above methods and steps above to provide a safe environment. Good sanitizers should have a friendly smell and they should have the ability to kill the germs. Hand sanitation can prevent a lot of damage. 

Talking of a safe environment, the surfaces and various objects are major hotspots for both viruses and bacteria. While sanitizers can help in some cases, there’re times when cleaning comes before disinfection. And that’s where Equinox Cleaning from New Jersey comes in. Contact them for deep cleaning services, which include surface disinfection.  

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