Home Staging Tips and Tricks – Every Seller should Know

Staging your house is an intricate part of the selling process. You put in furniture that makes your Property feel livable alongside giving the buyer a sense of the general living space. Knowing home staging tips goes a long way when you come up with home staging ideas for your particular Property.

Keep your Space Clean!

While this top might seem obvious to some, you would be surprised to see the number of open-houses currently happening worldwide that still have residue left from renovations or constructions that happened in the house months ago.

If you are worried about bad odors or smells, a very textbook home staging tip is to use a deodorizer, dehumidifier for more pungent odors, or just use a simple perfume spray if the smell seems manageable.

Before you start using any of your home staging ideas, you should invest in getting the place cleaned and pest controlled by professionals with bug-inspection certificates available if someone asks for them.

Do not Over-Furnish:

Over-furnishing is one of the biggest mistakes’ realtors make when setting up a house for a sale. You generally want your house to look extremely spacious and comfortable while also feeling livable.

A home staging tip we recommend is to use compact but still gets the job done to achieve the perfect balance. So, instead of the three-seater sofa in your bucket list of furniture you wanted to buy, go for the smaller alternative.

Having an open area with less cluttered furniture makes your house feel extremely spacious while also feeling cozy due to compact and minimal furniture. You’ll also be saving by going for more compact things as they are generally cheaper.

Draft your Plan:

Drafting your home staging ideas is a very important part of the process. You generally want to have a map planned for space with every item you want to be placed inside it with proper dimensions indicating size.

Planning will lead you to discover flaws in your draft that you would regret if you just went ahead and bought furniture without proper planning. Another home staging tip realtors use is shopping for all the furniture you need at once.

Shopping in bulk allows you to save up as most furniture showrooms have discounts for larger purchases. Moreover, you might end up spending less than your budget as you might find better alternatives for a particular item as you are shopping.

Try to keep your Property Neutral:

Your head might be flooding with home spacing ideas as you move around your Property. While this is a good sign, there is a big chance you might be over-doing it.

A general rule of thumb is knowing that buyers generally want extremely neutral rooms with no real personalization. A home spacing tip we can vouch for is not hanging up a lot of art on the walls and using seasonal flowers in vases rather than exquisite ones. This gives the house a much more neutral feel.


Home Staging is one of those things which require creativity. Yes, you can spend a lot of money and make your home look ravishing, but what’s the fun in it. When you spend as little as possible and decorate your house with the items you already own or are relatively cheap, the fun is when you spend as little as possible.

Give your home the personal touch it requires by following the above-given guide. Think of ultimate DIY ideas and comb it before applying it to the home.


What should you not do when staging a house?

The things you should not do when staging a house are as follows:

  • Seller staging choices.
  • Too little furniture.
  • Bad paint jobs.
  • Flat color palette.
  • Minimal or modern decor.
  • Old or stained wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Do not add too much fabulous art and collectibles.
Is house staging worth it?

According to a survey, approximately 77% of buyer’s agents said home staging makes it quite easy to visualize the house as a future home. According to the agents, staged homes sell faster and for a little bit more money.

How do I stage my house while living in it?

Follow the given-instructions to stage your house while living in it:

  • Move Out Physically and Mentally and think like the buyer and do what you would want in a home.
  • Clean your house often and Keep It Clean.
  • Don’t Stage Your Home Alone.
  • Make A Last-Minute List (In case of modification).