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Home Items You Should Be Cleaning Every Month

Home Items You Should Be Cleaning Every Month

Some household chores are best left for monthly cleaning. They tend to be labor-intensive and require more time to get the job done. Unlike daily chores, monthly cleaning includes light fixtures and ceiling fans among other areas we often forget. That being said, here are home items you should be cleaning every month:

Dusting Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are often beyond reach, especially if you’ve got a high ceiling. As such, including them in your daily chores is impossible. After several weeks or a month, you’re more likely to discover a pile of dust. Therefore, it’s important to dust it monthly to maintain its striking appeal. Also, a clean fan will function efficiently enabling it to serve its purposes effectively. Also, it prevents the dispersal of dust among other allergens in the air when it’s rotating.

Air Vents

Air vents are often unnoticeable, especially if their color blends with the rest of the house. But this happens to be a hot spot for the buildup of allergens and grime. Dusting them monthly is one way to maintain them clean. When you have clean vents, even the air that gets into your living area remains clean. Also, wipe the walls nearby to remove the dust build-up, especially those from the air vent.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures complement a home besides serving its lighting purpose. Therefore, monthly cleaning prevents them from getting dull. You’ll be eliminating the buildup of dust and restoring their shine. While it’s a quick task, their location in the house makes it impossible to include them in the daily chores.

You simply need a dry cloth to wipe them clean. If there are bugs that remain, then you may need a dump to clothe to address that. After cleaning, you’ll get surprised by how bright the fixture will look and work.

Drapes, Blinds, and Curtains

These items accumulate dust from outside and from within. In addition, they may get finger marks from opening and closing them. You can hand wash or machine wash curtains and drapes. But when it comes to blinds, you’ll need to wipe them clean. Confirm manufacturers’ instructions before you clean these items to avoid damaging them.

Cleaning Walls

Whether you’ve got children or not in your household, wall marks are hard to avoid. They can be from greasy fingertips, dust, splatters, or furniture marks. The kitchen wall is another spot where marks are hardly absent. They are even more common in the food preparation area. Also, the trash area is another place known for having wall marks. Through monthly spot cleaning, you can eliminate the dirt spot on your wall.

Intensively Dust

In your daily chores, you might be dusting some of the surfaces in your home. However, that’s not enough to eliminate the dust on all surfaces. And this is where monthly dusting comes in. At the end of the month, you can treat your house with a thorough dusting to eliminate all traces of dust.

Also, it’s an opportunity to reach the hidden spaces like behind appliances and furniture. Also, you can target baseboards, ceilings, and window sills, among others. Meanwhile, don’t forget about moldings, doors, and corners. You may even encounter cobwebs in some hidden corners.

Clean Windows

Cleaning your window monthly helps target windowsills, inside surfaces, and external surfaces. With the help of a glass cleaner, you can leave your windows spotless. And if you want to prevent streaks from forming on your windows, you can clean them on a cloudy day.

Home Items You Should Be Cleaning Every Month

Vacuuming Furniture Intensively

It’s fascinating how much mess, especially dust, particles, and even food debris gets into the furniture. Some penetrate deep beyond the reach of our site, as a result, we often neglect them during our daily chores.

Thanks to monthly cleaning, you can reach such messes and remove them. Intensively vacuuming your furniture means reaching the inside and hidden corners with dirt. You may even discover some change and lost items on your sofa.

But before vacuuming, remove large items hidden within the furniture. Don’t forget to check in the crevices. Thereafter, use the vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust.

Spot Treatment

Things like upholstery and carpet are known to catch stains. Therefore, you must inspect them monthly and look for spots with stains. Bet before you use your cleaning product, ensure you test it first. Instead of cleaning the spot, you may end up creating a conspicuous stain.

Also, when last did you deep clean your upholstery and carpet last? If it’s been a while, spot cleaning may generate a bigger mark instead of eliminating the existing one. Shampoo cleaning should do in this case.

Inspect Smoke Alarms

The smoke alarm works efficiently when they are clean. With the absence of dust around them, they detect the mildest smoke and send a warning. In addition to cleaning them, you can swap the old batteries with new ones. Also, you can test their performance just to make sure they’re effective.

Deep-cleaning appliances

Household appliances take the most beating. Oftentimes, they work around the clock without receiving proper care. As such, it’s important to deep clean them monthly. Doing this will eliminate dirt build-up and restore their full performance. In some cases, it will improve their appearance.

You’ll need an oven cleaner to eliminate overflows and spills on the inside. When cleaning the freezer and refrigerator, you should remove everything first. Thereafter clean the inside with an appropriate cleaner. Meanwhile, dispose of stale food. In both cases, include baking soda in a box to help fight the odor.

Getting Started

Equinox cleaning-NJ-Poster

There’s hardly any difference between deep cleaning and monthly cleaning of various items in your household. Both cleaning tasks are taxing when it comes to labor and time. While it’s essential to undertake this cleaning, you don’t have to do it alone. Simply hire professional commercial cleaning companies.

Equinox Cleaning Service in New Jersey is one of those companies. They’ll help you with deep cleaning chores in your home. In addition, you can lighten your cleaning burden further. Simply hire them for regular home cleaning services. Your job will be simply to enjoy a refreshing and sparkly clean house without lifting a finger.

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