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Green Revolution

Green Revolution

Green Revolution advocates for an environmentally conscious way of living. And there’re countless ways we can go green. Most people understand the benefit of go green, especially its positive impact on the planet. But what they don’t understand is the total impact of taking this course. Going green has numerous benefits to both the planet and people. Some of them include reducing the effect of global warming and contributing to clean air. In this text, we’ll dig deeper into Green Revolution and its effects. Let’s start:

What’s Green Revolution?

From the perspective of environmental conservation, well, Green Revolution refers to a complete transition to a green lifestyle. It refers to the complete rollout of environmental sustainability programs. And its impact will be remarkable. That means we will no longer have the talks about going green. We will be living green and enjoying a better future. That being said, here are some of its consequences:

Green Revolution

Impact of Green Revolution

  • No More Pollution

Going green means, we will be channeling no more waste to the soil, air, and water sources. It means the environment will be safe from pollution. In that case, we will be relying on fossil fuels no more. Instead, we will be tapping on renewable sources of energy like hydro power, wind power, and solar power. Further, we will be driving emission-free vehicles, reducing waste production, and recycling our waste.

  • Abundant Resources

As of now, we have more than enough resources to sustain us and future generations. Unfortunately, due to indiscriminate use, these resources are getting depleted. But in a green world, it means we will be using these resources carefully. We will be getting what we need and not what we want to sustain us. As such, there will be abundant resources for coming generations to access as well.

  • No More Greenhouse Gas Emission means no more global warming

Carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gasses is the major contributor to global warming. But with the complete transition to green energy thanks to the green revolution, there will be no more greenhouse gasses. Of course, what will remain is the normal concentration to sustain the ecosystem.

Driving hybrid or completely electric cars means greenhouse gasses will no longer be a threat to the planet. And that means we can forget about the talks on global warming and how to mitigate it.

  • Less Waste

Adopting green means everyone will be conscious when it comes to the waste they’re leaving behind. As such, there will be less to end up in landfills. What’s more, we will be recycling more than we’re tossing out. And when it comes to organic waste, we will be disposing of them appropriately through compost.

Not to mention, when there’s less waste in the landfills, the production of carbon dioxide will be significantly reduced. As such, the planet will be safe from global warming.

  • Wildlife Preservation

One of the major objectives of going green is wildlife preservation through preserving their habitat. And when it comes to wildlife, we’re referring to all of them. It includes those in the sea, on land, in the air, and even plants in the wild. Species diversity is important in the maintenance of ecological balance. In a greener world, there will be no more deforestation, pollution of air, and dumping of waste in the water bodies. Instead, we will be preserving these habitats so that wildlife can thrive as well.

How To Achieve Green Revolution?

The green future is within reach when we begin adapting it now. And the following are some of the ways we can achieve it:

Switch from using traditional and harmful cleaning products to safe green cleaning supplies. Also, you can use energy-efficient cleaning appliances like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and dishwashers.

  • Fewer Plastics

Start by buying a re-usable portable coffee mug. Thereafter, get a reusable water bottle. This will be a great contribution towards less plastic waste. Also, you can buy shopping bags instead of using plastic bags to carry your groceries.

  • Efficient Energy Use

Reducing energy consumption at work and home is itself a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, if you’re doing that, continue with the same spirit. You can get an energy-efficient appliance to boost your impact.

  • Re-using everything

The less waste we let into the environment the better. It also means there will be fewer greenhouse gas emissions from landfills. Therefore, you should recycle almost everything to reduce waste from your home or place of work.

  • Water Conservation

Conserving water is also an eco-lifestyle. Start by using water-efficient faucets and showerheads. Also, do the same with your toilet flush. And at all times, do not allow water to run free when you’re not using it.

  • Drive Green

You don’t necessarily have to buy an electric car or hybrid car to drive green. Simply board a public means and that’s a significant contribution to the environment. Ride sharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road. As a result, there’s less pollution.

  • Own a Kitchen Garden

You don’t need to get everything from the farmer’s market if you have a backyard garden. You can start small by growing some herbs and spices. Thereafter, you can introduce fruits and vegetables. And once it establishes, you will have clean fruits, spices, and vegetables to eat from your garden. This also reduces your trips to the market, which could be contributing to carbon emissions.

Green Revolution

Getting Started

Green Revolution is not a far-fetched idea after all. It’s something we can gradually achieve. But it requires both individual and community effort. Therefore, whether it’s at home or work, it’s important to not only advocate going green but adapt it. When you lead as an example, people around you will want to follow. And that’s what Equinox Cleaning, New Jersey is doing. We offer green cleaning to both industrial and residential premises.

And through using eco-friendly products and practices, other companies in our industry are following suit. And that’s what it takes to achieve a green revolution. If you’re pursuing a green lifestyle as well, let us help you with that through green cleaning. Contact us to learn about our green services.

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