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Be a Green Parent for kids

Be a green parent for kids

We don’t really feel like we need to catch up on Netflix with you guys because there is so much content with all kinds of eco-friendly information for kids these days, and we’re so nice about it! Everything is green around here all year round. We’ve got the perfect partner – Green Talk! Here are some tips on how to be a green parent for kids!

In these modern times, every parent is striving to attain the go green goal when it comes to parenting. It’s a noble course of course. Unfortunately, the reality says something different. It’s a challenging approach that requires careful consideration. It starts with major sacrifices like giving up disposable items. But there’s also the commitment aspect of it.

Are you ready to stick to Green Parenting? If you are unsure, then you’ll be happy to know that a sustainable lifestyle is flexible. You don’t have to sacrifice all the convenience at once. It’s a one-step at a time journey that accommodates everyone. That being said, here are ways to be a green parent:

Be a green parent for kids

Avoid Disposable Nappies

On average, parents would use about 5 to 6 disposable nappies daily for their kids. And as the name indicates, they get dumped after use. Unfortunately, these diapers take years to disintegrate. And because of that, piles of used diapers accumulate in the dumpsites every year.

But when you use re-usable alternatives, you’ll cut down on waste significantly. To nature, this is a life-saving approach. On your part, it’s a sacrifice for convenience but there are financial benefits.

Find alternatives to car transport

Did you know car pollution affects the baby’s birth weight? Well, there’s a close link between these two. To safeguard your unborn child, choose an eco-friendly transport system. For starters, use your GPS to locate the shortest distances that you can walk. Taking this option allows you to appreciate fresh air from nature. Also, there’s cycling, but only if you’re in a position to manage this.

When the baby is born, you can still exercise this strategy. Instead of a car, use a stroller. Doing this will benefit you both. When traveling a long distance, use a bus or train. They’re more spacious than riding in a car. And if you need to bring along the baby stroller, these transport systems support that.

Planting Trees

Now, this is an important step when the kid grows up. You can take part in tree plant events together. And even at home, you can contribute to the environment by growing household plants together. It’s a life lesson and an opportunity to bond with the kid.

Homemade baby formula

Company baby formulas are very popular when the baby is ready for textured food. Unfortunately, they are not safe for them. If anything, they’re highly processed and contain high sugar concentrations. Furthermore, their nutrient concentration is very low. On the other hand, if you prepare the baby food, they’ll consume more nutrients and less sugar. Also, the food will be fresh and lacking preservatives.

To a child, giving them processed food is introducing them to an unhealthy diet. This could lead to overweight and dental diseases as they develop. In the environment, the processing of baby formulas contributes to carbon emissions. For starters, the industry is probably connected to a grid power system that uses fossil fuels. The processing itself may exude CO2. And lastly, the packages contribute to waste in the landfills.

Water over-processed juice

Unless it’s a freshly prepared juice from home, drink water and provide the same for your child. Most processed juices come with chemicals, especially additives. Therefore, they’re not green. Some are even packaged in disposable bottles to make it worse.

Sustainable Cleaning

Baby develops well in a clean and healthy environment. While cleaning can sort this out, we forget to consider the ingredients in the cleaning products. Some of them contain toxic chemicals that can poison or evoke allergies in your baby.

As such, being a green parent requires you to shift to green cleaning solutions. They’re efficient dirt and microbe eliminators. And they serve the same purpose as none green products. To reinforce this cleaning approach, hire a professional commercial cleaning company.

They’ll not only clean your environment but can also help with the disinfection of baby items like toys and car seats. Equinox Cleaning will provide these services and much more with ease. Experts in green cleaning, it’s a chance to raise your baby in a clean and safe environment.

Second-hand baby items over new

Every parent feels pressured to provide their child with everything they need. And with the influence of social media, many are struggling to keep up with the trend. But, did you know your baby can get anything they need without you breaking your account? Yes, second-hand items are cheaper and offer the same service as new ones.

Also, it’s an opportunity to lower your carbon footprint as a parent. Buying second conditioned toys helps reduce the number of plastics around the world. It also reduces the demand for new toys. Most importantly, used clothes for instance lack the chemicals found in new varieties. Also, they are smooth and less scratchy on the skin.

Second condition maternity Clothes

Besides the baby, there’re second-hand maternity clothes for parents. Alternatively, you can borrow these from your friends. And that’s because many people end up tossing their maternity clothes after giving birth. To reduce waste from your household, you can buy or lease second condition options. This approach is greener than getting new ones.

If leasing one from your friend isn’t an option, then use loose dresses and other clothing in your closet. The bigger the clothe the more comfortable they will feel. When you’re done with parenting, you can donate these clothes to charity. It can help someone else and help reduce carbon emissions due to the dumping of these items.

Getting Started

On the path to being a green parent, it pays to be patient. Remember, this is not a goal you can achieve overnight. You will have to get out of your comfort zone in some instances. And there are occasions where you’ve got to sacrifice convenience. But through persistence, you can achieve this goal and pass the life lesson to your kids when they grow up.

Lastly, cleanliness is essential for your health, and especially that of your kid. Let Equinox Cleaning help you with that. A professional residential and commercial cleaning service from New Jersey, they’ll use the green approach that’s safe for your household.

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