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How to Clean Suede Shoes The Easy Way

How to clean sued shoes the easy way

There’s something about sued shoes that makes you love them. And with the various range of colors, they come in, you can find one for every style you desire. However, to enjoy the nice look of these shoes, you’ve got to maintain them. And this is where it gets tricky for some people. These shoes require special maintenance.

However, if you know the right steps to caring for them, it’s not hard to protect them. Here, we’ll look at how to clean suede shoes the easy way. Through proper cleaning, you can enjoy the service of these shoes longer. Let’s start:

Is cleaning Suede Shoes the same as other Shoe Materials?


Cleaning suede shoes requires a special approach. You’ll not use water as you would with other types of shoe materials. If anything, water has the potential to stain your suede shoes. Thus, to clean these shoes effectively, you’ll need sued cleaning kit.

They’re available online at an inexpensive rate. In the kit, you will find an eraser and cleaning brush among other items. With the help of the brush, you can eliminate dirt from the material. Also, it will restore the fluffy and goof-looking appearance of your suede shoes.

That being said, here are the steps to cleaning your sued shoes:

How to Clean Sued Shoes

Light stains

Use the suede brush to remove light stains by brushing firmly. Back and forth motion should help here. Alternatively, you can use the sued eraser.

Heavier Stains

To handle tough stains, you will need rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Dampen a cloth and use it to clean the stain in a circular pattern. Thereafter, allow the spot to dry. After drying, get your sued brush and fluff the material in that spot. Also, brushing will help loosen and eliminate the remaining dirt in the material.

Well, this is a brief explanation of what you should do. To get a complete insight, read on:

  1. Use Sued Brush to Vigorously Brush the Stain

To remove the layer of dirt on the surface of the shoes, you need to brush that area vigorously. In this case, your motion when brushing should be in one direction to dislodge the dirt from the material. When the dirt is off, you can use the back and forth motion to brush that particular spot. Increase the intensity of brushing depending on the depth of dirt in the material.

  1. Set-In Stains: You will need a sued eraser

If your shoes are slightly dirty, you don’t need to get to this step. The first step should eliminate the dirt and restore its look. However, if the stain is intense and has set in, then the eraser will be handy. It usually comes with the kit.

Simply use the eraser where the stain is. Also, apply more pressure if necessary to eliminate as much stain as you can. The entire process may take minutes, therefore, patience is necessary. Meanwhile, this process can be messy. Therefore, you may have to do it outside or over a towel.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol and White Vinegar for Treatment

When the stains persist, it’s time to unleash the powerful arsenals. You will need rubbing alcohol and white vinegar to tear down the stain. Unlike using water, these two will not damage your sued. Dampen a white cloth with any of them and use it to rub off the stain. When the stain is off, allow the shoe to dry up before using the brush to fluff it. It’s also a chance to loosen the remaining dirt.

  1. Shaving the sued to restore the smooth texture

After a while, the fabric may become stringy. When that happens, use a razor blade to shave it. Only target the strings causing an unsightly appearance. After removing every last of them, use the brush to smoothen the texture even further. It will also remove the loose strings.

  1. Using The Brush to make the shoe fluffy

After all the war with the stains and debris in the material, your sued shoes can look messy. It may appear dull in some cases depending on the level of dirt you were tackling. But that look cannot outdo the power of alcohol and vinegar. Just rub it with either of them and then allow the shoe to dry. And for the last time, use the suede brush to fluff up the material. It will restore the lustrous and clean original look of your shoes.

  1. Use Protectant Spray

Finally, you need to protect your shoes and prevent them from absorbing more dirt and stains henceforth. You can get this protective spray from an eCommerce site at a cheaper rate. Use the instructions on the package to apply this product to your shoes. This step will help maintain your sued clean longer. In addition, it makes it easy to clean your shoes thereafter when they get dirty.

With the help of this cleaning process, you should handle all types of stains on sued shoes. However, you may encounter tougher stains at one point. And an example of such stains and their solutions is as follows:

Ink Stain: you will need a paper towel to eliminate the excess ink. Thereafter, apply the rubbing alcohol to remove the stain, and you may need the sued eraser to finalize the process.

Blood Stain: dampen a cotton ball or paper towel with hydrogen peroxide and use it to eliminate the stain.

Gum or Wax: harden the gum by putting the shoe in a freezer. Thereafter, break it off until you remove it completely.

Mud: First, allow the mud to dry. Thereafter, break it into small pieces to dislodge it.

How to Clean Suede Shoes The Easy Way

Getting Started

These steps should help you restore the beauty of your suede shoes. However, you don’t have to cover every step. It just depends on how dirty your shoes are. If there are mildly dirty, then a few steps should make them clean. Just give these steps a try and you will love the outcome.

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