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Healthy Holiday Desserts Your Family Will Love


Healthy Holiday Desserts Your Family Will Love

Holiday desserts are a staple of the season, but they can also be some of the most time-consuming to prepare. This article will give you a few ideas for healthier holiday desserts that your family will love.

Most of our holiday celebrations are based on the festive fare. From mouth-watering options at the local bakery to grandma’s secret recipe, there’re tons of desserts to indulge in. Treats play an integral part in all the holidays. They make these celebrations special and memorable.

It feels great to sample various treats throughout the celebration season. However, the major drawback is getting in your jeans afterward. Fortunately, this is a season when you don’t have to separate the delicious from the healthy. These two can coexist if your strike a balance on how to indulge in both. If you are strictly following your diet, there are healthy desserts to try out.

That being said, here are healthy holiday desserts your family will love:

Molten Chocolate Cake

From the name, the last thing you would expect from a molten chocolate cake is healthy. However, there are recipes with remarkably lower calorie content. As a result, you will not feel bad indulging in this treat, especially if you’re following a healthy diet plan. And since it’s for the holiday celebration, it’s a chance to commemorate the occasion without sacrifices.

Molten Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes the classic treats are what we need. Chocolate chip cookies for instance are very healthy. They have less butter than the normal chocolate chip. On the brighter side, the flavor remains intact. Therefore, nobody will notice the difference. Therefore check out its recipe if you want to make it at home instead of ordering it.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are the best treats, especially if you are enjoying them with friends and family. With a healthy recipe, you can still appreciate it in various forms or shapes. They have healthy sugar content and don’t crumble before or after baking. In addition, they are vegan cookies, which are more assuring to those following a healthy diet.

Blueberry Crisp

Just by mentioning their sound, you can picture the sweet and savory taste these treat harbors. And the best part is that the recipe doesn’t include added sugar. Thus, if you’re on diet, you can still enjoy a handful of this dessert. It leverages the berries to provide natural sweetness. And the crust is baked from whole wheat and oat flour.

Baked Pears

Do you want to enjoy a sweet and healthy treat without breaking your back? Well, you should try baked pears. This is a treat you can make from your kitchen whether you’re a master baker or not. It’s a classic treat with a unique flavor. As a result, they can be more than a dessert. It’s among the healthy collection of foods you can have for breakfast. You only need yogurt as your topping and your yummy treat will be ready to get devoured.

Banana Pudding

Comfort treats are a must during the holiday celebration season. And banana pudding makes an excellent choice of such treats. It’s healthy and still gives you a taste of sweet treats. Therefore, if you want a healthy dessert to appeal to your sweet tooth, here it is. Also, it doesn’t contain a crazy amount of calories

Grilled Apricots

Well, the major component of grilled apricots is fruits. Therefore, it’s a healthy dessert without a doubt. They are delicious and sweet. With only 170 calories, it’s an opportunity to worry less about your weight and just enjoy the treat. This treat is best served after dinners. However, you can still eat them for breakfast.

Apple Turnover

With roughly 200 calories a piece, apple turnover fit in the healthy dessert category. However, do not overconsume it. They’re like mini-size pies to indulge yourself with. Therefore, share this treat with your family this season.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

If you want a treat that will create an exciting moment, snickerdoodles will do. It’s another great option if you are looking for healthy cookies. The moment you pop them from the oven, none will remain after a few minutes. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love cookies with cinnamon sugar as a topping?

Sticky Toffee Date Cake

This is a multipurpose treat. You can have it as your dessert in the evening or have it with your coffee in the morning. As you would expect, they have less calorie content making them healthy. And they’re baked using popular holiday spices making them suitable for such days.

Thumbprint Cookie

A holiday celebration is not complete when you miss having a thumbprint cookie. Also, let us address the elephant in the room. What pops into your mind when you look at thumbprint cookies? Your guess is right; they are a depiction of Rudolph’s nose. These cookies are essential treats during the holidays and a favorite of many households.

Chocolate-dipped bananas pop

Now, this is a customizable treat for the holiday. They make good desserts due to their rich flavors. When it comes to customization, you can make them look colorful and interesting using toppings. Alternatively, you can use almonds or sea salt flakes as the topping.


If you are looking for something to warm up your friends and family during the winter holidays, this will do. It’s the best dessert if you have many people coming over to your place. Also, if you’re tired of having chocolate treats, cranberry-apple crisp will quench your desire for a sweet treat.

Almond Clusters dipped in chocolate

This is a great upgrade from chocolate turtles. As such, you should include almond clusters dipped in chocolate among your holiday desserts. They’re amazing treats with remarkable tastes. So, if you need a treat for dinner or a holiday party, this will do.

Healthy Holiday Desserts Your Family Will Love

Getting Started

Lastly, delicious and healthy desserts can co-exist. And from the above list of desserts, you’ve got a chance to enjoy a taste of both worlds. Whether you’re baking or sourcing them from the local bakery, these treats can create a mess in your kitchen. If you’re experiencing that, don’t stress yourself. Call Equinox Cleaning Company, New Jersey.

They will help you restore cleanliness in your kitchen. In addition, you can leverage their services to create an impression when the guests arrive. Reach out to them if you need professional commercial; cleaning services.

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