5 Wall Painting Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

5 Wall Painting Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

The introduction to this section includes relevant keywords to the section topic and an introduction on the importance of interior design in today’s society. t’s worth finding out what you love and focusing on that. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious and want something different, these 5 wall painting ideas to spruce up your home will get the job done!


Wallpaper is a decorative covering that is typically hung on the walls of a room. It was originally designed in the 18th century and was primarily used for decoration.
The word wallpaper comes from the Dutch word wapen, meaning “to cover with weapons.” The first recorded use of the word, in this sense, was in 1652.

5 Wall Painting Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

How to paint a wall:

Start by painting one side of your wall white. This will help you see what you’re doing as you’ll be able to see the difference between paint and wallpaper. 2) Paint one side black so that you can see how it will look when it’s done. 3) Once it’s done, flip your painting over and paint the other side black so that it matches up with your first side.
When it comes to transforming and decorating your home, there are several vital elements to consider. From designing furniture style to the selection of carpets to selecting the wall themes are very important. As you surf through the internet, you will find unique wall painting types these days. Hence, you can also renovate your home’s dull walls by adding a pop of color to transform your home style. People who are confused about choosing the perfect color can take help by reading the article below. Here is a list of things you should know before proceeding to amp up your home style with the wall painting.

Types of wall painting:

You must know various types of wall painting as it will help you choose the best for yourself. The type that best fits your interest and taste. Following is a list of different types of wall painting ideas:

Simple wall painting:

This type includes the use of primary colors that are regularly used. It includes shades of white, pink, orange and blue. People that like to stay classic should go for this type.

Geometric accent wall:

You can add interest to a boring, dull wall with painted geometric designs. It will quickly add dimension to your entire room.

Perfect striped accent wall:

Stripes have always remained in trends. You can add a perfect striped accent wall to your bedroom. Moreover, it is fun and a cheap way to make your home appear unique. Best to grab anyone’s attention. You can never go wrong with stripes.

Ombre styled wall:

If you have a slight artistic streak, this type of wall design will be perfect will be the best match for you. It will create a misty and ethereal look in your room and naturally alleviate your entire home style.

Abstract wall painting:

This type is the trickiest as this wall painting has meaning for everyone yet is different for everyone. It includes various shapes, forms and gestural marks and colors. Strokes of paint or random paint splashes are mainly seen in this.

Funky colorful wall:

It will serve as a beautiful feature wall. This type includes the use of various colours. It is best for the kid’s room as it will complement the toys in the room.

Feminine styled walls:

Women love to have something that adds a touch of feminine their room. Feminine theme walls bring peace to women, as they are their reflection. It surely can be a wall painting depicting a bold, classy woman, or it could be a woman dancing in the rain, free of all the worries of the world, personifying freedom and liberty.

How to select a design?

You can choose from the types mentioned earlier, keeping in mind the space and overall theme of your room, because only then will it compliment the entire house and match the vibe.

Color palette:

Choosing the right colors for your room is very important. Look for the colors that go with your room and adjust perfectly. You can always go with pastel colors like sky blue, baby pink, and mauve. Moreover, if you want to go in dark colors, you can also go for blue, green, and red.

Equipment you need:

You can hire a professional worker to do all the wall painting to avoid unnecessary mess. But, If you are someone who loves DIY, then you should have the following equipment with you to create your magic:
* Paintbrush
* Plastic basket
* Rollers
* A tape for covering edges of the wall

5 Wall Painting Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home


Wall painting plays a vital role in the beauty of your home. It changes the whole aura of your home. Since it is a recurrent trend, you should also jump on the bandwagon to experience it and amp up your whole home style. Keeping in view the designs and types mentioned above, you can improvise according to your taste and needs.

In conclusion, interior design can help us create a more empowered personality by providing us with a sense of well-being and happiness that comes from living in what we love. You can find out more about what you could do and even better, see our blog for more design ideas! “5 wall painting ideas to spruce up your home.” It is a list of articles and tips that will help you get the perfect feel for having a fresh new look.


What should be the first thing to do before painting a wall?

You should always determine the amount of paint you need and test the paint color before using it. You can also use a water-based primer on the drywall.

What should a beginner paint first?

A beginner should always start with something small. Before painting the whole wall, the first thing one should consider is drawing out all the outlines. Flowers, leaves, starry sky is something good to start your painting skills on the wall.

5 wall painting ideas to spruce up your home, is a blog on different paint designs with some color schemes. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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