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Welcome to the green team

Welcome to the green team

Want to join the green team? Welcome to the green team! You’re just on time. It’s one of the robust ways to fulfill your green goals. Green teams exist in some companies that champion a green lifestyle and businesses. And if your company is one of them, then you’re lucky. But once you join the team, what’s next?

Welcome to the green team is a blog about how you can make a difference in the world by living a greener life. Do you want to join the race now?

In most institutions, a green team refers to an environmental program within the company promoting environmental protection and conservation. It doesn’t just exist in place of work but also higher learning institutions like Universities and Colleges. A good example of such institutions is Harvard University and Massachusetts Schools, among others.

What’s a Green Team?

They are groups that enlighten people on how to conserve the environment, prevent pollution, and slow climate change.  They inspire people to protect their environment by following an eco-lifestyle. They also implement solutions that help companies move toward sustainable operations. Some of the things they address include waste recycling, composting organic waste, and avoiding disposable utensils, among others.

Further, the focus of some green teams is constantly evolving. Now they don’t just focus on improving the company as an entity. But they also inspire employees to adopt sustainability in their personal life. Some are taking a step further; they’re promoting the green initiative among their clients. With this approach, they’re expanding their reach when it comes to corporate sustainability goals.

But why should you join a green team?

The benefits of joining a green team or creating one are vast. Of course, the primary one is reducing the company’s carbon footprint. And that’s by reducing the over reliance on fossil fuels for energy and proper utilization of natural resources. Some of the benefits of taking this route include cost reduction because of paperless transactions. The use of solar energy means lower electric bills.

What does a Green Team do?

The green team helps foster cultural change within the company or organization. And this is something that’s happening in some companies. They do so by promoting an initiative that helps their company run sustainable operations. Such operations include water conservation, switching lights and devices when not in use, and others. They also educate colleagues on sustainability.

Education from a green team can evoke a great impact on their colleagues as well as clients. It can inspire them to implement their knowledge about sustainability at home. When it comes to the extent of ideas that the green team can employ, there’s no limit. They’re free to go full throttle as long as it’s within the values of the company.

The following are some of the works of a green team to help you understand what to expect:

  • Deploying a recycling program in the company and encouraging everyone to take part.
  • Run energy-saving campaigns that encourage colleagues to save on energy. For example, encouraging them to switch off their computers when it’s idling. Switch off lights when there’s daylight.
  • Encourage colleagues to conserve water or use it efficiently.
  • Invite guest speakers to give talks on sustainability topics
  • Organizing recycling of e-waste from the company
  • Promote sustainability gifts for employees or use them as a marketing technique.

Advantages of Joining a Green Team

  • Creates Leaders

Joining or creating the green team provides an opportunity for employees to explore their leadership skills. Therefore, if you have inborn leadership skills and you want to demonstrate them, the green team presents you with that opportunity.  If you were an introvert in the company, here is a chance to speak out and express yourself. Being a member of a team allows you to interact and speak freely with your colleagues. It allows you to share your ideas without feeling shy.

  • Benefits The environment

A green company means the environment is safe from pollution. It means both the company and individuals are fulfilling their sustainability goals. Therefore, joining the green team means you’re helping to drive your company towards sustainable operations. And that’s the primary role of green initiative, – for both individuals and companies to adopt sustainable operations.

  • Greener Community

When the organization switches to green, especially their primary operations, the community benefits. That means they will be employing green operations that pose no health risk to the community. They will e tapping on greener energy that promotes a healthier environment. Most importantly, there will be no toxic emissions from the company, therefore, their relationship with the community improves.

  • Become Industry Model

It takes time to incorporate green into the company’s operations, especially if it has been around for years. However, when it’s a success, this is an opportunity for your organization to shine. It’s a chance to become a model in your niche industry by inspiring other businesses to follow the same course.

Starting a Green Team

Besides joining a green team, you can start one. And if you’re wondering where to start, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of your position in the company, you can start the green movement. And research shows that such teams are successful like management-driven programs. What you need to start the Green Team are:

  • The desire to promote environmental sustainability
  • The ability to create a team by bringing different people together
  • The passion to make a difference

If you have the above qualities, then you should start a green team in the company if none exists. To make it a success, you can consult the head of similar programs in organizations.

Welcome to the green team

 Welcome to the green team

Getting Started

If you’re a green team leader or a member of one, then congratulations. It takes commitment and self-drive to follow this noble course. As you pursue a sustainable future as a green team, it’s great to create a partnership. As a team, you can do much. But, as a network of teams promoting green business, you can do a lot.

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