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They say time is a precious element in life. While it’s free for all, time is priceless, once it’s gone, you can never recover it. With Equinox Cleaning Gift Card, you’ve got an opportunity to award this precious life element to your family and friends.
Through a delightful home cleaning by experts, you’re offering them the free time they can spend on crucial matters. After all, who wouldn’t mind house cleaning as a gift?

With Equinox Gift Card, the recipient will receive it instantly and appreciate the moment. Using email as means of reaching out, it’s both fast and convenient. Further, you get to decide whether it reaches the recipient via you or directly from us.

Whichever way you prefer, the gift will clearly outline you’re the sender. For flexibility and a wide range of options, you can offer any of our cleaning services as a

Time is Running out – Gift your Loved Ones or Friends Today

We have over two decades in this business, offering residential and office cleaning services. As such, we are masters in delivering the best cleaning service and an excellent choice for Gift Card. When your loved one or friend uses their gift card, they’re bound to love it.
On that note, reach out to our friendly office team if you have any questions about Gift Card. They’ll be happy to serve you and provide the right answers.

On what Occasions should you offer this Gift Card?

Well, there are no boundaries as to when you should offer this gift card to someone. However, it makes a perfect gift when you offer it as a gift of honor to somebody. It could be you’re commemorating their achievement, or perhaps a special moment in life like Mother’s Day. Also, you can just offer it to make someone happy without commemorating any event.
Of course, you can decide to flow with the crowd and offer flowers or a gift basket. Or you can choose to stand out and offer a special gift that will feel them with joy. House cleaning, in this case, is the best gift that will create a lasting moment.

Take them by a Surprise

If you went back in time and remember all the gifts you’ve received, you’ll see a common trend. For men, it’s always a watch, a tie, or a nice suit on most occasions. To women, it’s usually flowers or jewelry on most occasions. As a result, people tend to predict what they might get and they always get it right.
However, you’ve got an opportunity to take everyone by a surprise with a gift card. It’s the least gift anyone would expect. And the best part is that you’ll be the only one providing it. It’s a perfect surprise that will lift the celebratory mood during the occasion.

Why this Gift Card is a Remarkable Present?

Offering someone a house cleaning gift card shows you consider them special. And it’s not a present they would expect from anyone. It just shows how you appreciate their presence in your life. Just think about it, what other gift takes you by surprise and offers you the most precious element in life?
Also, it saves them money and provides a clean and fresh home to appreciate. Therefore, if you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone, Equinox Cleaning Gift Card will do.

Benefits of Gift Card Certificate

House cleaning is a time-consuming job that can take several hours or days. Further, it’s not a task you do once and that’s it. You’ll probably do it countless times in your entire life. Professional cleaning services on the other hand save you from such hassle. Therefore, when you gift someone a house cleaning gift, it provides them with spare time to spend. For a given period, they’ll be free from cleaning duties. As such, they can invest that time in other important things.

Choosing a gift is among the tough decisions in life. And that’s because there’s a lot to consider when finding a perfect present for someone. Luckily, a cleaning gift card can save you from that frustration. This is a perfect present for everyone and on all occasions.

The recipient of the gift will be free from spending their cash on cleaning services for a given period. Thus, in addition to free time, they will also have extra cash from their budget to spend.

Gifting flowers, jewelry, and watches, among others, is becoming a norm. Luckily, a gift card provides you with an opportunity to make the moment special.

Apart from hygiene, there’s a presentation aspect of your business that has a significant impact on the client’s preference. Therefore, cleaning your company or business professionally is essential. It determines the sort of impressions your business impacts on the clients.

With a call or online booking of Equinox Cleaning, you can uphold a good reputation for your business. Also, you’ll improve its hygienic state. With that said, reach out online or contact us directly.

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Redemption Information:
Once the recipient receives the gift certificate, all they need to do is simply contact the local Equinox cleaning office to discuss details and schedule service.

Refund Information:
Gift certificates are non-refundable UNLESS recipient lives in a non-serviceable area.