Industrial Cleaning Services

Cleaning Other Industries

Irrespective of your workplace cleaning needs, Equinox Industrial Cleaning services have all the tools and competence to serve you. Furthermore, we also deliver higher-grade cleaning to exceed your expectations. But most importantly, we serve all industrial cleaning needs you may have. Thus, whether you need us to clean up an entire stadium or work on a local salon, we’re at your disposal. Just call us and let us know what type of cleaning you need.

Equinox Industrial Cleaning Services​

Equinox Industrial Cleaning Services

Hotel and Resort

Are you running a hotel or resort and need help with janitorial services or general cleaning? Well, Equinox Cleaning is a perfect fit for this job. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a roadside dinner or a mega-size resort; we’re here to serve all the industrial cleaning services needs. With a clean environment, your guests will be most pleased and willing to stick around even longer.

Equinox Cleaning is trustworthy when it comes to service guarantees. We not only provide spotless results but also seek to surpass our client’s expectations. As a result, we pay more attention to detail during cleaning and we’re fully committed to our work.

Due to our experience in cleaning various industries, there’s no challenge that’s beyond us in your facility. We will deliver professional commercial cleaning services to all the spaces in your facility. That is, we’re fully equipped to clean the kitchen area, hotel rooms, hallways, washrooms, and social amenities, among others.

Thanks to our reliable disinfection system, you don’t have to worry about cross contaminations. In addition, our disinfectants are universal, non-toxic, and friendly.

Stadium Cleaning

When it comes to stadium cleaning services, there’s no limit on the size of space we can cover. Starting with the smallest arena with a handful of seats to mega stadiums with over 50,000 capacities, we have you covered. Also, we provide janitorial services if you need cleaning services during an event.

Further, Equinox Cleaning Company covers various aspects of the stadium including locker rooms, bleachers, and lobbies. Thanks to our disinfection strategy, we’re able to eliminate all germs including bacteria and viruses. And most importantly we prevent their transmission through contact. As a result, the spectators plus athletes or performance will be safe and well protected from health hazards.

Cleaning a Movie Theatre

From popcorns to spilled drinks, it can get messy in a movie theatre. Not to mention those who can’t stomach certain scenes. Luckily you can resolve this issue with a hand from a local cleaning service. Equinox Cleaning, New Jersey will help you maintain your movie theater clean throughout. We will empty the mess, clean it, and make the place hygienic.

Also, the size of your theatre doesn’t matter when it comes to our services. Whether it’s big, medium, or small, we will design a cleaning plan that suits it. Therefore, with our help, you can win the battle with spilled snacks, dust, and dirt in your theater.

And More

Can’t find your commercial enterprises among the mentioned ones? Well, that shouldn’t bother you. Equinox Cleaning covers a wide range of industries including yours. And it doesn’t matter the type or size of the facility your business is in. Just give us a call and we will develop a custom cleaning plan just for your business.

In addition to Cleaning stadiums, movie theaters, hotels, and resorts, we also offer industry-specific cleaning programs. And these programs cover a wide range of industries including school cleaning, industrial cleaning, and office cleaning. And if your industry is not on our list, it doesn’t mean we don’t offer those services. Simply, contact us and we will organize a cleaning plan for your company or business.


Can you clean Biohazards?

Equinox Cleaning at the moment only deals with regular waste. Unfortunately, we don’t have the necessary certification to clean and dispose of biohazards. However, if you need medical-related cleaning and waste disposal, we’re at your service. We have the necessary certificate for such kind of cleaning services. For more information, reach out to our office.

What size of the facility can you manage to clean?

Through technology and innovation, Equinox Cleaning Services is not bound by the size of the facility. Therefore, there’s no industry too large for us to manage or too small to consider. Even when it comes to daily cleaning services, we can service your facility irrespective of the size.

When do you offer your cleaning services, after or during working hours?

Now, the times we report to clean your facility rely on your preference. If you feel daytime is best for cleaning, let us know. If you feel you need the place clean every night, we can also do that. However, we would recommend the least busy time of the day if you need cleaning services during working hours.

Which area or region do you cover?

Well, our commercial cleaning services are mostly for clients within New Jersey. Therefore, if you are from this region and you need commercial cleaning services near me, give us a call. Also, if your facility is nearby New Jersey, give us a call for a way forward.

Why should you hire Equinox Cleaning Services?

Well, you’re looking at the top industrial cleaning service in New Jersey. Offering standard cleaning services and custom plans, we’re very reliable. Also, we work with international cleaning supplies to prevent the probability of irritating fumes and scents. But most importantly:

  • We provide impeccable cleaning services
  • Expert crew
  • Service guarantee
  • Spotless pledge
  • eliminate pollutants
  • Offer deep cleaning
  • Prioritize safety
Equinox Industrial Cleaning Services​

Apart from hygiene, there’s a presentation aspect of your business that has a significant impact on the client’s preference. Therefore, cleaning your company or business professionally is essential. It determines the sort of impressions your business impacts on the clients.

With a call or online booking of Equinox Cleaning, you can uphold a good reputation for your business. Also, you’ll improve its hygienic state. With that said, reach out online or contact us directly.

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Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey

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Equinox cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning Service in New Jersey