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The mistakes we make while cleaning our home

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Cleaning your home is necessary to remove any dust and germs from the house. You spent a lot of time and hard work cleaning your home and making sure that no dirt is left in the house. But most of the time, we are using the wrong methods to clean the home and hence make many mistakes in cleaning the dirt and germs from home.

Five common mistakes we make when cleaning our home:

You can avoid the following mistakes while cleaning your home to spend less time and effort while cleaning your home and get a perfect result.

  1. Using the same Cleaning Rag around the house:

Using the same cleaning cloth for the entire house is the biggest mistake you make while cleaning your home. Even though you are spraying the cleaning solution on the rag, using the same rag for multiple spots around the house can spread the grime all over the house. So it is important to keep multiple rags for different spots in the house so that the grime from one surface cannot spread to another surface, or you can use microfiber cloth as you can easily clean it in the laundry. 

  1. Using Feather Duster for cleaning:

Feather dusters are well known to spread the dust all over the surface rather than removing it. So using the feather dusters for cleaning purpose is a big no instead, you can use a disposable paper towel or microfiber cloth with a cleaning spray to wipe the dust from the surface:

  1. Using dirty vacuum:

It is seen that people use vacuum even when it is not cleaned. It is necessary to clean your vacuums after a while because if they are not cleaned, the vacuum does not perform properly and does not vacuum the dirt properly as the suction power is decreased. A dirty vacuum also blows back the dust in the air and causes more dirt in the home. Therefore, it is essential to clean the vacuum bags and canisters and also wipe the vacuum attachments with a microfiber towel to remove any dirt that might be stuck on the attachment.

  1. Placing the Toilet Brush immediately back in the holder:

After cleaning the toilet with the brush, do not put the brush back in the holder. If you put the brush immediately in the holder, it will allow the trapped moisture and the germs to breed and multiply. Therefore, it is crucial to let the brush completely dry before placing it back in the brush holder. 

  1. Cleaning from Ground and Upwards:

Mopping or vacuuming the floor before cleaning all the higher surfaces is the biggest mistake you make while cleaning. Dust and crumbs of food can fall from countertops or couches to the floor, and then you have to re-clean the floor. Therefore, it is always said to first clean the higher surfaces such as the windows, couches, countertops, and other areas before cleaning the floor. 

  1. Spraying cleaner directly on the surface.

If you are spraying the cleaner directly on the surface, this is the biggest mistake you make while cleaning your home. Spraying the cleaner directly on the furniture or windows makes the surface greasy, and it also lets more dirt stick on it. Thus, it is suggested that you should spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth or a disposable paper towel and then wipe the surface. 

  1. Wiping tile cleaner immediately:

If you remove the tile cleaner immediately, it will not remove all the dirt. Therefore, you should always leave the tile cleaner on the tile for few minutes before wiping it off. Leaving it for few minutes will give the cleaner time to work and dissolve all the grime that is present on the tiles. It will also reduce the effort of scrubbing the floor. 

  1. Ignoring the Rubbish Bin:

Ignoring the rubbish bins is the biggest mistake while cleaning your home. You should regularly remove the trash from the rubbish bins and still if you notice an unpleasant odor, you should wash the rubbish bin. 


cleaning your home should be one of your priorities. Keeping your space clean ensures that your place is safe and non-hazardous. Cleaning your home helps keep any dust and other allergens out of the home, and it gives your home an organized look. Therefore, avoiding the mistakes mentioned above will help you speed the cleaning process and will help you clean properly. 

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