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The King of Cleaning in New Jersey – Equinox Cleaning

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Equinox cleaning

New Jersey is home to the best cleaning company that many have vouched for since its launch. Equinox cleaning has boasts this popularity, and these titles solely because of their tireless efforts to satisfy a customer’s every need. This has made them “The King of Cleaning” in New Jersey.

The variety of options it provides is highly commendable. Equinox Cleaning will have a solution! A wide variety of cleaning products and equipment to get it done no matter what the problem is. Whether you want a deep clean of your old couch or general cleaning of your whole house or company, Equinox Cleaning will get it done.

What makes them stand out?

They offer a series of services and packages which have a checklist. These lists are based on their professional opinions on how an area is to be cleaned in that specific scenario. For example, in “move-in cleaning,” which is the cleaning and disinfecting process in a house before moving in, their checklist includes things such as a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen cleaning. This differs from their “move out cleaning” option, which consists of a deeper cleaning of each of the above. Moreover, they always suggest what extra things you can add on for the perfect in-depth cleaning. This of course, will depend on your needs and home. They will make sure to make everything spotless regardless of the situation.

They also cater to more intensive and specific needs. Moreover, this will be able to thoroughly cleanse your carpets which need professional cleaning because dirt, dust and other impurities often get trapped in them. Equinox Cleaning will make them look brand new. They also have a commercial cleaning option which includes tile cleaning, mortar cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, window washing, and more. It has everything one needs for a commercial area.

Are they available 24/7?

Even their timings are immensely flexible to suit everyone’s needs. Some of their options include last-minute cleaning for everyone who needs things tidy. Other options entail seasonal cleaning for those who often forget to call in services regularly. They also offer recurring cleaning services for those who aren’t at home often but need it cleaned or one time deep clean. In this, Equinox Cleaning cleans absolutely everything in your house to literally make everything look like new. Each room, piece of furniture and appliance will be free from all germs, impurities and dirt.

If your home or company needs a good clean, you are at the right place! Additionally, if you’re looking for someone who can come in regularly to keep things tidy, Equinox Cleaning is here! After the first time you work with them, you’ll understand why they got their title.


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