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Make your household intact by cleaning in Covid-19

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As we know, the world was hit by a virus called the Covid-19, because of which we are taking extra care of hygiene and cleaning. It is advised that due to the current outbreak of the Covid-19, you should clean and disinfect your house more effectively and regularly as this is an air-borne disease and can quickly settle on the surfaces. Cleaning in Covid-19 is a vital precaution to lower the risk of getting infected by the virus. 

Cleaning the home: 

Cleaning in Covid-19 is necessary now; therefore, we should disinfect everything in our home regularly.

  1. Cleaning of general surfaces:

Make sure to clean all the general surfaces around the house, such as the doorknobs, chairs, tables, phones, switches, buttons, remotes controllers, and anything you think can get contact by the virus. 

How to clean and disinfect:

You need to clean the surface if it has dirt with a damp cloth or towel. After removing the dirt, it is recommended to use any surface cleaner with 70% alcohol or bleach. Using vinegar or any other home products is unaffected. Leave the surface cleaner on the surface for 10 min and then wipe it off. Ensure you are wearing gloves during the cleaning process to reduce any transmission of the Covid-19 virus. 

  1. Cleaning clothes:

It is essential to wash and clean your clothes during this time of the pandemic. According to the researches, it is clear that the virus can survive on the fabric; therefore, it is compulsory to disinfect and wash your clothes. Washing your bed sheets and towels every day is also very important so that you can reduce the chance of getting infected by the Covid-19 virus.

How to clean and disinfect:

First, you need to make sure that there is less movement of the dirty laundry so that there is less dispersion of the virus in the air. After that, use antibacterial soap or detergent to clean your clothes and use hot or warm water for the process as hot or warm water helps to kill the virus. Also, make sure to clean your hands as soon as you are done with your laundry. 

  1. Kitchen hygiene: 

Although there is no sign that Covid-19 can be transmitted through the food, it is still essential to take precautionary measures while you are in the kitchen or preparing food. Ensure that all the utensils and crockery are disinfected and washed correctly before the food is served in it. Make sure your hands are washed properly before touching the food. 

How to keep your kitchen clean: 

Make sure that you are using the antibacterial dishwashing soap to clean the dishes. It would help if you disinfected your sponges and dish towels regularly. Place your sponges in hot water for 1-2 minutes and allow them to dry. This step will kill any virus that might be on the sponges. Also, make sure that the kitchen countertop is cleaned and use an alcohol-based spray to disinfect the countertop surface. 

  1. Bedroom cleaning:

Regular bedroom cleaning in Covid-19 is very important, as it is the most used room and hence it is easy to access dust particles and the virus particles. So make sure you are deep cleaning your room once or twice every week. 

How to clean bedroom:

Make sure you are removing all the bedding once a week. Also, make sure to vacuum your room every other day to remove all the dust particles. 

  1. Bathroom cleaning:

Washroom can be the primary place for viruses and pathogens to grow, so you need to clean your bathroom regularly. Cleaning your bathroom is a must as it allows the growth of various bacteria and viruses as well. 

How to clean your bathroom: 

Make sure that you are using alcohol-based disinfectants. Target the toilet handle, the bowl, and the seat and clean them properly. Therefore, make sure that your bathroom floor is also clean, remove all the molds and fungus, and keep the floor dry. 


As the world is suffering from a pandemic, home cleaning in Covid-19 is very important. It decreases your chance of getting infected by the virus. According to the research, this virus can survive on surfaces for days and months, so it is essential to disinfect all the surfaces and countertops in your house. Make sure you disinfect your house daily so that the virus does not infect you. 

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