Keeping Bath Toys Sanitary

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If you’ve got kids in the house, your bathtub is probably overflowing with squirt toys, rubber ducks, and tiny sailboats. These products have proved to be lifesavers when it comes to getting your kids Toys Sanitary to take a bath.

However, you need to know how to clean bath toys to let your kids play with them. If not taken care of, the bath toys provide the perfect home for bacteria and mold to settle in. While the outside of the rubber animals may look squeaky clean, the inside is another matter. With no air circulation and no light source, these bath toys‘ interior makes the perfect spot for growing mold.

Confused about how to clean bath toys?

Bath toys are frequently exposed to water, and most even forget to take them out after a bath. Consequently, providing the perfect breeding ground for germs to settle in and grow further. But, if you follow simple steps on a daily, you can prevent this from happening. The following provide effective techniques on how to clean bath toys:

  • Make sure to take the bath toys out and squeeze out excess water. Proceed to let them dry.
  • Another useful technique is hot gluing the open end of the bath toys to prevent any water from going in at all.
  • Load your dishwasher with all your kid’s bath toys and run a cycle once a week.
  • Once a week, take ¾ parts hot water with ¼ parts vinegar. Soak all your bath toys for 10 minutes. Proceed to let it dry. This effectively kills all the germs allowing your kids to be completely safe while playing with their favorite bath toys.
  • Once a month, take 1:10 parts bleach to water and soak all bath toys in the solution. Proceed to rinse well with soap and water. You can use a toothbrush to clean the crevices that are usually hard to reach. Squeeze out any excess water and let them dry.

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How to keep your kid’s bath toys sanitary?

It often gets confusing when you think about how to clean bath toys. The answer, however, is closer than you think.

  • Heat

Killing off all those accumulated disease-causing germs and bacteria with heat is one of the most effective ways of going about it. The easiest way of sterilizing bath toys is by loading them on top of the dishwasher, as discussed before. If a dishwasher isn’t available, place the bath toys in a sink filled with hot water sprinkled with dish soap. Proceed to submerge them for a couple of minutes and let them dry.

  • Bleach

Bleach helps the bath toys with a deeper cleanse. Though, this might be a bit tricky. The trick is to ensure you use enough to kill all the bacteria and germs present but not enough to risk any harm upon your child who might chew on the toy in the future. Use one tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water you use for this cleanse to be on the safe side.


Keeping your kid’s bath toys sanitary is a compulsion that should be practiced in all households. Keeping bath toys for too long to save money can lead to being deadly for your kids. Instead, opt for throwing out old bath toys past their prime and showing signs of molding. Every parent needs to know how to clean bath toys to ensure a healthy life for their kids.


How often should bath toys be cleaned?

It would help if you internalized that your children frequently use bath toys and chew on them. This means that sanitization is crucial. Dirt and impure particles can accumulate from the surroundings and the bathwater as well. Most experts recommend cleaning bath toys thoroughly at least once a week. They also suggest preventing children from putting toys into their mouths.

What is the black substance coming out of the toys?

That substance is mold. This is very alarming. It is best if you thoroughly cleanse and disinfect every single bath toy as a precaution. Methods to remove mold are similar to the methods of disinfecting toys mentioned above; however, you have to be very careful about this. If you aren’t sure how to get rid of the mold, it’s best to get rid of the toy to prevent any health hazards.

How to clean toys that can’t be washed?

The best way to disinfect these toys is to use any disinfectant spray or wipes all over the toy. If you don’t have that on hand, rub a cloth soaked in soapy water all over it, then let it dry in the sun. Even if they are electronic, you must sterilize all children’s toys.

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