How to Remove Mold from Drywall

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Mold on drywall is dangerous and may lead to some severe disorders such as respiratory disorders. It is crucial to remove mold from drywall as soon as it starts growing. one of the well-known methods is to clean mold with vinegar, and the baking soda method to clean mold off the wall depends totally upon the type of fence as it’s simple to remove mold from the painted wall.

Still, it is tough to pull it off unpainted drywall. in such a case, you can remove the drywall and start again, but before doing that, take a look at some easy methods to remove mold from drywall.

How to Remove Mold From Drywall painted?

Step 1: Select A Cleaning Agent.

Depending on black mold severity problems, you can pick your cleaner. The main options are:

  • Baking Soda: Mix water and baking soda into a paste and apply it over the area for mold mildew removal. this is the easiest and most natural mold killer
  • Vinegar: Cleaning mold with vinegar is also an effective method for a natural mold killer. Mix vinegar with water, and it will serve as a powerful and effective natural mold killer. It is entirely safe and natural.
  • Detergents: using detergents as a natural mold killer is entirely safe and effective
  • Bleach: Bleach is also an option while considering what kills mold and mildew, but this is not highly recommended as it is difficult to breathe with bleach presence. however, it is a very useful natural mold killer and gives good results in mold mildew removal
  • Concrobium Mold Control: this is the most preferred method of mold mildew removal apart from cleaning mold with vinegar and baking soda. This not just removes the mold but also creates a barrier to growing again.

Step 2: Cleaning Solution Into A Spray Bottle:

Take your selected solution for mild mildew removal in a spray bottle.

Step 3: Ventilate The Room Properly.

In case you are using strong chemicals for mold mildew removal, then ventilate the room first to avoid any breathing issues.

Step 4: Protect The Surrounding:

make sure to cover the floor and surrounding areas as splits of chemicals might harm other things in the surroundings as while cleaning mold with vinegar, bleach, etc.

Step 5: Spray The Solution On The Mold:

Now take your spray bottle and spray over the affected areas for effective mold mildew removal.

Step 6: Use a Brush:

Use an old toothbrush, hard side of a sponge, or soft brush to scrub the affected area. And clean till you see no mold around that area anymore.

Step 7: Dry The Place:

Dry the area after completing the whole process of mold mildew removal

How To Remove Mold On unpainted Drywall?

Removing mold from an unpainted wall is a lot more complicated than the painted wall, but it is impossible. Here are some of the effective ways for mold mildew removal off the dry unpainted wall:

Step 1: Protect The Surrounding:

It is essential to check electric wires, pipes, or other things that might damage the process. Ensure covering the floor and surrounding areas as splits of chemicals might harm other items in the surroundings while cleaning mold with vinegar, bleach, etc.

After making sure of safety, then knock the affected area off with a screwdriver.

Step 2: Clean The Room With A Vacuum:

Clean the whole room with a vacuum to make sure there are no spores left in the surroundings.

Step 3: Carefully Evaluate Doors & Windows:

Evaluate doors and windows around to seal any area from where moisture may enter.

Step 4: Fit The New Drywall:

Cut a new piece of drywall and fix it over the affected area.


Removing mold from drywall is difficult, especially from unpainted drywall but indeed not an impossible one. There are many effective ways of mold mildew removal, such as cleaning mold with vinegar, cleaning mold with vinegar, and baking soda mixture. We have mentioned several natural mold killers above that might help you get rid of mold.


Can I clean mold by myself?

Although it’s better to hire a professional for proper cleaning, yes, it is also possible at home by yourself using any of the above-mentioned methods.

How can the growth of mold in my home?

Mold generally grows in areas where there is a presence of moisture. Block the location from where moisture is coming and use above mentioned methods to get rid of mold and prevent its growth.

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