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How to remove cat urine smell from Wood, Couch, and Carpet?

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Having a pet animal in the house means mess, everywhere all around. How to remove cat urine smell from Wood, Couch, and Carpet? Especially if you have a cat that lives with you in your house, you are in the right place because we will discuss some serious cat urine smell issues in our today’s article.

One of the biggest issues that a cat owner has to face at least once is the Cat Urine Smell. If the cat urinates somewhere in the house’s living area, getting rid of that bad smell becomes a hard nut to crack. Before diving into the solution, here are a few suggestions to avoid this bad problem in the future.

First of all, try to know the reason for such behavior by your pet cat, that why she has urinated outside her litter box, there should be some reason, always keep the cat bath area or litter box clean, make sure that it is big enough that your cat is comfortable while refreshing in it, and keep it somewhere safe and good.

Usually, the favorite areas of your cat can be your lap, for sure! The couch, the lounge’s cozy carpet, or the wooden floor where she can enjoy her lazy sleep. Let’s look and see if we can have a magical cat urine smell remover out there.

Cat Urine Smell from wood:

Wood is a highly socking material; it absorbs the liquids in it with its order; you can’t even begin to imagine the bad order that will stay in it for a long time if not treated timely. Well, the combo of cat urine smell, wood floor, and delay in cleaning isn’t that good.

Immediately put a towel on the area and don’t let it sip into the wood; if somehow the urine has penetrated the floor, you can use Hydrogen peroxide. Get a towel soaked with the hydrogen peroxide solution and place it over the affected area. Put some pressure on it to stay on the place; let it sit for a day or more as needed.

If the stain still doesn’t go, you can use the mixture of Baking soda and vinegar, but beware as it may damage the wood.

Cat urine smell from the couch:

Cats love to sleep in the couches, so the discussion about removing cat urine smell from the couch is important. The Upholstery cleaner can help remove the cat urine smell from the couch; you can use the cleaner’s desired cleaning attachment to scrub the stain and clean along with some cleaning detergent/ deodorant solution. Then vacuum to dry out the couch.

Another good option is an enzyme cleaner. Mix vinegar and water in three to one ratio and put it in a spray bottle; your DIY enzyme cleaner is ready that is going to be super effective in removing the cat urine smell from the couch. Use this solution and a towel to clean the place and let it sit for long enough to eliminate the smell.

Cat urine smell from carpet:

For removing the smell from the carpet, you can use the Upholstery cleaner. If not Upholstery cleaner, you can use the same enzyme cleaner to remove cat urine smell from the couch.

Immediately dry the urine from the carpet, spray the enzyme solution good enough on the area and cover it with a damp towel. Put some pressure over it and let it sit overnight.


Cat Urine smell is one of the hardest to get out of Carpet, Wood, and Couch if you let it sink. Many people have trained their pets to urinate at a specific place like Cat couch or mud to avoid all the trouble, but sometimes they still face the smell issue.

You don’t need to worry about Cat Urine Smell anymore, as we have mentioned the top and most used methods to get rid of Cat Urine Smell from Couch, Carpet, and Wood.


How do you get dried cat urine out of the carpet?

Use an old towel or a piece of cloth to absorb as much of the cat pee as possible.

Sprinkle some baking soda over the affected area and let sit for about five to ten minutes.

Pour vinegar on the exact spot and let it sit for a few seconds before blotting the liquid with a fresh rag.

Will cat urine smell ever go away?

Cat urine contains uric acid, which can last in carpets, couch, and wood for years! Although baking soda, soap, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide may neutralize the odors, for the time being, a humid day can cause the uric acid to recrystallize, which can cause the cat odor’s return.

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