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How to clean and disinfect toys properly?

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How to clean and disinfect toys properly?

Nowadays, Cleanliness has become a serious matter of concern for everyone worldwide due to the spread of many dreadful diseases like COVID-19. And when it comes to the kids, the concept of cleanliness and health seems like a great challenge to achieve.

Especially with the kids during their growing age are a real-life project to the moms, because you can’t control them anymore. You cannot stop kids from exploring the world in their own way. They want to play, learn, and grow in their own exciting ways that include new adventures every day.

You can try to do only one thing, which is that you can make their journey to the new world clean and healthy by adapting to the high standards of cleanliness and safety measures without compromising on the health of your child!

Disinfect Kids Toys:

The kids in their growing age touch everything in their sight and eat everything that they can hold. The toys act like new friends to them, and they enjoy touching, holding, eating, and licking them off more than they enjoy playing with them. And this is the red alarm for you to get more alert than ever. Yes, this is the time to disinfect Kids Toys.

Agent to Disinfect Kids Toys:

You can disinfect kids’ toys with medicated cleaning and sanitizing agents available in the market, which is safe for babies. You can also use:

Wash the Stuff Toys:

The disinfecting process would be different for different kinds of toys. It is always preferred for the stuffed toys to wash in the washing machines with hot water and detergent. See the label for washable or hand wash instructions before washing. Dry the stuffed toys in hot dryers and let them stay in sunlight for a while after.

Bath Toys:

Bath toys are as easy to keep clean as they are easy to get dirty! Wash Bath toys regularly with hot water and cleaning agents after every bath and keep them out of the bath area in a basket or net pouch while not in use.

Rubber Plastic Toys:

Rubber Plastic Toys are the favorite ones for the kids, and this type of toy can be a perfect home for germs. To disinfect rubber plastic toys, wash them with hot water and dishwasher, dry them and spray the sanitizing solution, let it sit on the toy for at least 2mins. Now rewash them.

Non-Washable Toys:

Clean the non-washable, electronic toys with a damp hot towel, remove batteries first, and spay the water-vinegar solution to disinfect kids’ toys. Preferably avoid non-washable toys.


Kids are the most sensitive among Humans, and that is why we need to take extra precautions. Kids’ toys are the most common ways of bacteria and disinfection, so make sure to clean Kids’ toys from time to time.

While you disinfect kid toys, always use a clean, soft towel, damped in hot water, and brushes to clean out the curved surfaces, edges, and details of rubber plastic toys.


How do you disinfect baby toys naturally?

Soak Kids’ toys in a bowl/tub of hot water and liquid dish detergent for five to seven minutes. In another tub/bowl, mix white vinegar and warm water to soak the teething toys for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing clean with cool water.

What is the safest way to disinfect baby toys?

Use diluted bleach to disinfect washable toys. Wipe down excess grime and place the toys in a tub or bucket with a half cup of bleach and a gallon of water for five to seven minutes. Rinse the toys with water and cloth and let them fully dry before giving it to kids.

How do you sanitize and disinfect toys?

If you are only washing/cleaning toys, consider adding a half cup of bleach to your tub/washing machine. But if you are soaking your toys in the kitchen sink, add a half cup of bleach per gallon of distilled water. Let the toys completely soak for about six to seven minutes, rinse, and then air dry before using.

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