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Equinox Cleaning -Helping the Community survive in Covid-19

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Equinox cleaning

NUTLEY, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 08, 2022 – Covid-19 changed the world altogether. Life isn’t the same as it was before the pandemic. Work from home and lockdowns have become the new life. It has prevented many from performing normal tasks without being equipped with masks and gloves and, of course, the maintenance of social distancing. It led to many problems for the world. Many people had to begin working from home. Hence, the home became the new office. At the same time, people who had regular house help before Covid had to leave work to further prevent the spread of Covid. These problems are still there, and it has become hard for people to clean their homes despite the busy schedule. Equinox Cleaning is a home cleaning service for people like these. It offers complete cleansing of the house yet follows all the Covid protocols.

Equinox Cleaning is expert in cleaning the house and has the best professionals for this purpose. Keeping in view the current covid-19 situation, they strictly follow all the SOPS. They provide you with a neat and clean home yet are mindful of the safety from the virus. They work and ensure safety by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintain social distancing. The staff is highly trained and equipped for this purpose.

In addition to following all the Covid rules, they also have adopted different techniques to disinfect the place from coronavirus. For places exposed to corona, they offer deep cleaning of that place and disinfecting the entire place with SaniMaster6. It is considered best for removing enveloped viruses. Hence it is highly best to remove coronavirus from any surface.

Recent studies show that the coronavirus can stay on the surface for eight to nine days, which is a lot! In this case, one must be very cautious and get a regular cleaning. Equinox cleaning is very efficient in thoroughly cleaning the house and workplace. They give equal importance to all the surfaces, from doorknobs to shelves to under the sink areas that are mostly neglected. Hence they ensure virus-free cleaning and relieve all your virus-related worries! Equinox cleaning also believes in the best interest of the people. For them, the satisfaction of their client is very important.

Moreover, If someone finds their work interesting and wants to relieve themselves of any Covid related worries, they can contact them through their social media platforms. These cleaning experts are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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