We at Equinox Cleaning are known for our sheer dedication and commitment to providing the best cleaning services money can buy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the products we use to make your home spotless are simply the best in business. All of our products are eco-friendly and are entirely safe for you and your family while also providing numerous benefits over our competitors.

In light of this, Equinox Cleaning is proud to announce the EPIX360 Cordless Handlet TruElectrostatic™ Disinfectant Sprayer. It is currently the best handheld disinfectant sprayer in the entire world. The product itself is extremely durable and robust. Due to its eco-friendly construction, it delivers less waste and better results.

Moreover, the EPIX360 is entirely cordless, which makes it extremely easy to operate and carry around. The device’s portable nature also helps it get to tough-to-reach areas that conventional Sprayers would have a hard time cleaning. The TruElectrostatic™ Disinfectant Sprayer weighs much less than its competition at a measly 3.0 pounds when fully loaded.

The EPIX360 uses Electrostatic spraying or EPA techniques to ensure thorough cleaning of large indoor spaces. This cleaning method applies a series of positive charges to liquid disinfectants, which help attract negatively charged surfaces. This ensures that no droplet is lost and no body remains uncleaned. The EPIX360 takes this principle to the next level by employing their proprietary EPIX Charge Detect™ Technology.

The Charge Detect™ Technology allows the EPIX 360 to use 75% less chemical and have 75% faster application than other disinfectant sprayers while giving you the freedom to choose any water-soluble chemical as your disinfectant. Moreover, it can cover about 4000 square feet of area with no need to ground the device when charged. The battery lasts quite a long while, and you can be stress-free when using it.

EPIX’s TrueDisinfection™ and TruElectrostatics™ puts them a league above the competition with their enhanced performance, eco-friendly procedures, and a low cost of overall ownership as it is easier to use and also needs less chemical. These patents ensure the safety of whoever uses them while furthermore guaranteeing the best results in the world.

Their patents also ensure that proper EPA standards are met, and the droplet size always goes higher than 40 microns. This ensures that the droplets are not so small that they drift away from their target. Our product’s average droplet size is 75 microns, which is much bigger than the competition.

The EPIX 360 ensures that every surface it touches is entirely free from any sort of bacteria while also automatically adjusting itself to the polarity of the user. It succeeds in creating a layer of coating around the surface, which ensures that the chemical is sprayed evenly on the entire area.

The device’s packaging includes a sprayer, tank, two batteries, a charger, a case, a training toolkit, and a 1-year warranty. While it has a higher price than most other Disinfectant Sprayers, it merely is worth every penny due to its extraordinary list of features and its terrific durability and efficiency.

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