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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning & Maintenance

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning & Maintenance

Reliance on heavy-duty cleaning chemicals for effective cleaning and disinfection is all in the past now. Nowadays, sustainable cleaning programs are the trend. And it doesn’t just apply to small spaces; you can use it in mega working spaces like warehouses. And that’s because traditional cleaning products with synthetic additives are harmful.

They can negatively affect your health and pollute the air, water, and the environment in general. Thankfully, the advancement in cleaning technologies makes it easy to accommodate environmentally friendly cleaning practices.

Further, sustainable cleaning is now an all-around solution. It doesn’t just eliminate dirt, but also pathogens from surfaces. And at Equinox Cleaning, we’re at the forefront when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance.

There are more than 100,000 different toxic chemicals found in commercial cleaning products

At Equinox Cleaning, we believe that safety at work should be the same as at home. As such, we are fully committed to providing environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance services. Therefore, we’ve set up a thorough, ultimate-performance green cleaning solution that applies to all our clients’ properties.

Working closely with our partners, we’ve got a list of green products and cleaning procedures that target low environmental impact. This cleaning program cares about your health and that of the environment. Also, we are constantly researching and designing innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact even further. And as we do so, we still strive to deliver spotless cleaning.

Green Cleaning

Equinox Cleaning has a green cleaning policy that shows our commitment to environmentally sustainable cleaning practices. And this program not only applies to indoor spaces but also outdoors.

Further, Equinox Cleaning has a line of green cleaning products that we use. And all our cleaning supplies are ‘Green’ certified or come with a ‘Green Seal’. Most importantly, they are safer choices recommended by the EPA.

Besides the Green cleaning products, we also have a sustainable cleaning plan. This sustainable cleaning programs aim at delivering the best outcome while being energy efficient.

Our Equipment

There’s more to Green Cleaning than the use of sustainable cleaning supplies. To boost our efforts, we use Green Cleaning Equipments certified by CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute). Further, we train all our technicians on how to use these pieces of cleaning equipment properly.

And that includes microfiber cloths, cleaning chemicals, and proper recycling techniques. Also, we source all the consumable cleaning products like paper towels from industries with sustainable practices.

In simple terms, our cleaning program is sustainable. And it guarantees a safe and healthy environment for our clients to occupy. Also, it protects the environment for future generations.

Experts in Property Maintenance

Equinox Cleaning has years of experience in cleaning and maintenance of properties. And with our new sustainable approach, your building will not only look good but also become healthy for occupation. We offer property maintenance services at competitive rates. And through our proactive approach, your facility will be in a perfect state, both in functionality and appearance.

With our eyes on future generations, we are employing the best sustainable maintenance approach. Talking of that, we’re fully committed to LEED certification regulations. Allow Equinox Cleaning to maintain your facility as you focus on other important businesses.

Why Equinox Environmentally Friendly Cleaning and Maintenance

Solid Background: We have years of experience providing cleaning maintenance services on various properties.

Fast Services: Contact us day or night and we will dispatch cleaning technicians to your property. If it’s an urgent cleaning service you need, we will help.

High-Quality Services: For years, we’ve been providing world-class cleaning services and meeting our clients’ expectations.

Peace of Mind: hire us for expert cleaning services and top-notch cleaning technology.

Sustainable Cleaning Strategies

To foster a clean and healthy environment at home or in the office, consider these practices:

  • Replace Harsh Cleaning Supplies

You might be having cleaning products in stock with harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. Therefore, it’s important to review the list of cleaning products you have, especially their ingredients. For starters, avoid a product with a long list of unfamiliar ingredients. Thereafter, research the safe ingredients in cleaning products, and use that list as a reference point. Also, check the labels if they indicate it’s a green cleaning agent.

  • Procure Environmentally Friendly Equipment

Once your list of cleaning products is safe, the next step is reviewing your cleaning technologies. Are your pieces of cleaning equipment environmentally friendly? Well, you can choose equipment that doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals to be effective cleaners. Some only use water to clean surfaces effectively.

Also, the power consumption of the equipment is important to consider. Remember, environmentally sound cleaning technologies are energy efficient. Luckily, you can avoid this expensive step by contacting Equinox Cleaners. With their eco-friendly pieces of equipment, you can still achieve your sustainability goals.

  • Vetting your Cleaning Service Providers

Not all companies provide environmentally sound cleaning and maintenance services. Therefore, vetting a company before hiring them is vital. Ensure the information and promises they are providing are not misleading. You can check whether they’ve got green clean certification from credible organizations like the Green Seal. Also, if you want your building to be LEED-certified, consider that during the vetting process.

  • Use Sustainable Consumable

Consumables like non-reusable plastic products require almost half a century to break down. And even by then, they still leave behind toxic chemicals in the environment. Thus, to avoid being a source of unnecessary waste, encourage the use of reusable products. During cleaning, the maids can use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.

Your staff can use reusable water bottles instead of disposable plastic bottles. Also, energy and water consumption in your facility demonstrated your commitment to a sustainable future.

Getting Started

Are you ready to learn more about environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance? Well, at Equinox cleaning, we’ve got more insight for you in our blogs and articles. And if you are ready to employ a sustainable cleaning approach, let us help you. Reach out to Equinox Cleaning, and we’ll prepare a green cleaning plan that fits your space.

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