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Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of House Flies

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House flies are one of the most common insects that we bump into daily. They don’t bite but are persistently annoying as they are always found buzzing around. And the strange thing is that they do not usually come alone they take hold of the whole place in hordes or groups.
Houseflies usually hang around garbage, open food, and unhygienic areas from where they pick harmful bacteria and transfer them to your food as they sit over it. These little creatures carry millions of bacteria along with them with their tiny hairs and can cause diseases like cholera, dysentery diarrhea, and typhoid.
Home Remedies for:
If you are thinking, how to keep house flies away by natural remedies, then here is the list of home remedies to keep flies away:
Do not leave your food uncovered:
Make your surroundings less attractive to them, and for that, you have to know about what scents they like and what smell do flies hate.
Replacing large bins with smaller ones is another effective step for how to keep house flies away.
Make sure to seal your doors and windows from holes, tears, or gaps.
Keep garbage covered and dispose of properly and timely.
Turn off unnecessary lights at night.
Search what scents do flies hate and spray them around the house.
Use net doors and windows for ventilation.
Don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter for long.

Natural Traps for House Flies:

Herbs and flowers:

To get rid of house flies, it’s necessary to know what scents do flies hate. There are plenty of herbs and flowers that help keep flies away, including marigold, lavender, catnip, basil, mint, rosemary, and insect-eating plants such as Venus flytrap.

Dish soap and vinegar:

There are plenty of home remedies to keep flies away. A mixture of dish soap and vinegar is very effective. Take a tall glass, mix an inch of vinegar to a few drops of dish shop, and cover it with plastic wrap with small holes in it. Flies get attracted to the smell of vinegar and fly into the traps, and then the liquid dish soap weighs down their wings, and they sink in the mixture.

Water and Cayenne pepper:

What smell do flies hate? A mixture of Cayenne pepper and water is also a helpful home remedy to keep flies away. Mix pepper with water and spray around the house to get rid of flies and stop them from coming in.

Lemongrass Oil Fly Repellent:

Flies do not like the smell of lemongrass. Take half a hot water cup and mix 20-25 drops of Lemongrass oil, put in a spray bottle, and spray around the house.

Citronella Candles:

House flies really hate the smell of citronella and usually don’t like smoke, so citronella candles are the best home remedies to keep flies away.


Houseflies are seen buzzing around daily, and they are not just super annoying but also very dangerous for health as the diseases and infections caused by them can be life-threatening. To get rid of them and avoid getting infected by these flies, you must take necessary safety measures.

Above, we have mentioned all the useful and most commonly used remedies to remove house flies permanently. Read the methods as discussed above and remedies thoroughly, and start applying them in your routine to make your daily life free from flies and infections.


What smell do flies hate?

There are plenty of undesirable scents for flies, such as lavender, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass essential oils, eucalyptus, and citronella. These sprays used as room fresheners will help you keep house flies away.

How Did I Get House Flies?

They usually breed on rotten or uncovered food, garbage, sewage, or unhygienic places and are also attracted by light. They enter our houses directly from open doors and windows or indirectly from cracks, holes, small spaces left by the side of windows or doors, etc.

What is the fastest way to get rid of flies?

The fastest and easiest home remedy to get rid of flies is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Mix an inch of vinegar to a few drops of dish shop and cover it with plastic wrap with small holes in it. Flies get attracted to the smell of vinegar, but they sink/die in the mixture instead of landing on vinegar due to dish soap.

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