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Aiding the community around: Equinox cleaning

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Equinox cleaning

Cleaning is a basic life necessity because it is hard to live in a dirty and smelly place. However, with very busy schedules and fast-paced life, it is hard to take time out and do a thorough cleaning of the house. Moreover, cleaning the house is not an easy job. It is very tiresome work to clean the entire house for a spotless outlook in the end. In addition, considering the current Covid situation when one cannot call the regular house cleaners to clean due to the fear of contracting Covid. It leaves one with no choice but to try Equinox cleaning. Equinox Cleaning is a professional cleaning service that ensures to provide great help to their consumers.

It is an online cleaning service. It is a trusted service and is dedicated to the goal of providing the best domestic cleaning facilities. Furthermore, it consists of various services at the most affordable prices, and mostly everyone can pay it. The cleaning staff and the management cares for its customers a lot and always try to give their best. They offer to revisit if the consumer is not happy with their work and hence abide by their motto, “if you are not happy, we are not happy”.

Equinox has hired a trained and expert team to meet customer’s expectations. They deeply cleanse people’s homes without the worry of stealing belongings. They are equipped as well as skilled individuals. They ensure dustless cleaning of the house, leaving no cobweb or coffee stains on the table.

Alternatively, in this hard time of Covid-19, lives are heavily impacted. Everyone is staying in their home. Hence, Equinox Cleaning ensures that staff follows all the necessary precautions and SOPs to keep them and the clients safe. During the cleaning, the staff uses Sani master 6, which is a suitable sanitizing product. It is used in hospitals, schools, and food preparations. They have recently introduced their fogging technique to help fight Covid. They ensure safety for the betterment of people.

To add on, Equinox Cleaning has various cleaning services, for example, commercial cleaning, recurring seasonal window, carpet, and one-time deep cleaning, and much more. They offer different packages so that every consumer can use the facility according to their budget and needs. 

However, if someone wants their house or workplace to look its best on a small budget, they should visit their website. Moreover, they have social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. One can surf these also for reviews.


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