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A New Way to Clean with Equinox Cleaning

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Equinox cleaning Services

Keeping households squeaky clean isn’t easy. It can be immensely difficult. Especially if one has a party at their business premises, looking at the arrangements, managing caterers, and the Company, in general, is hard. On top of that, making sure that the surfaces are so shiny that one can see their reflection in them is even more cumbersome to achieve. It is in these desperate times that call for an effective solution. Here, Equinox Cleaning is what one needs to alleviate their pains while simultaneously providing a luxurious, outclass cleaning experience.

The Company is based in its hometown of New Jersey and has an ardent customer base following. It is particularly renowned for the excellence and finesses it offers in terms of cleaning services. Equinox Cleaning focuses on wiping away even the most stubborn grease mark and keeping those dust balls at bay. 

Equinox comprises individuals who are committed to making their customers’ homes a safe, clean place. Equinox promises to offer its consumers an opportunity of a lifetime with its services as a family-owned business. For Equinox, customer satisfaction is imperative. If the Company’s consumers are not pleased with its performance, they are willing to cross all lengths and records of hard work until they are acknowledged. 

Equinox relies on its innovative products such as the “EPIX360 Cordless Handlet TruElectrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer,” which is their one-of-a-kind spray. The Company prides itself on this product as it is manufactured with eco-friendly ingredients. Moreover, the product is robust, and its results are long-lasting. It gets rid of the most stubborn dust particles and stains on surfaces vividly.  The aim Equinox has is to promote sustainability by the use of eco-friendly products that are in alignment with their strategy of “Going Green.”

For Equinox Cleaning, the job is more important, and they provide a range of services such as Last Minute Cleaning, Seasonal Cleaning, and much more. They strive to make the world cleaner, and that noble mission begins with their client’s premises. 

Equinox Cleaning has several cleaning enthusiasts. It is no surprise that such a company will surely have customers who are passionate hygiene lovers too. Therefore, to accommodate them, the Company has strategies on effective cleaning solutions posted on social media. They operate on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Equinox also has blog posts on its websites for people interested in knowing how the Company at hand executes its cleaning process and what chemicals it employs.


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